She takes a step out of the
dark corners of this world, and
the sun lights up her body.
Freckles are planted on her skin
like seeds of life,
like stars in the night sky.

She paints experience on her body.
Draws laugh lines on her heart.
She is a masterpiece.
—  Anthea Y., Typewriter Series #127

gentle reminders:

  • everything is temporary and that is both a blessing and a curse. 
  • the human body is fragile, remember to take care of yours. 
  • this moment is as fleeting as the next so take it all in before you lose it forever. 

The Detective’s Club - No Mystery Too Big or Too Small: We’ll Solve Them All!
Book #13 - Death at the Pool!
"There’s a horrific accident at the school pool. Poor Carl Powers! The police don’t seem to think there’s foul play, but a mysterious bundle of ‘evidence’ is left for the DC. Can the teenage sleuths solve the case? And what does it all have to do with the mysterious new boy at school? Tall, dark, brooding, and exceedingly clever…could he outsmart them all?"

commissioned piece by Anon for ladiesofsherlock Sept/Oct 2014 challenge: School Days.