didn’t pilar and ashleigh agree that they couldn’t let their showmances control them in the game and that they wanted to stick with the girls and not ever nominate one. didnt the two of them have a final 3 deal with willow.

what happened to that.

what happened to this.

did i imagine that.

was this not factual.

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For months, I can barely make myself to read a book. I find everything boring, uninteresting, gloomy. I can't finish most of them, I tried. I don't know how to re-interest myself in reading again. Any advices?

Don’t overthink this, it’s useless. Wait. Learn how to wait. It comes back. Do not force it. It might take a while but if you’ve ever felt that reading does it for you then chances are you’re going to feel like that again

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Please, could you suggest how to dye hair harmlessly and send some pics of straight hair with fringe colored in dark green/emerald green color :>

Read the instructions that come with your dyes well, not above. Indications may vary by manufacturer! Wash your hair with your normal shampoo. Wash it or rinse, no matter how you do it, as long as your hair is clean at the beginning of your transformation.

Rinse the shampoo out of your hair until the water runs clear. Do not use conditioner! Only dry your hair with a towel. Drain the hair until you have removed all the water possible. Do not drip! If this occurs and also using dye without hydrogen peroxide, will result in a big mess.

Drain your hair again with a towel, just to make sure no leak. Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb to remove knots to untangle. There should be no knot during dyeing!

Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Paint or applied with a spray dyeing your hair. The semi-permanent, usually come in a gel or foam presentation, so you can directly drop into your hair like you would with shampoo. Then massage your making sure you cover every inch hair.

Take off the gloves and sets a timer as directed recommended by the manufacturer. The processing time may vary by company and can range from 10-40 minutes. So, choose your favorite magazine and relax fashions.

Rinse your hair with warm water. Rinse and continue flushing until water runs clear. Then apply conditioner to your hair, but no shampoo. Already you applied before coloring, remember? Blow dry and style as you always do. Voila!

“What is it?”


“Call me ‘Thrandy’ again and discover what happens, mortal.”

“We’re sorry. All Lokis are currently busy trying to failing to conquer Midgard, but will connect with you as soon as the Hulk is done beating the crap out of him. Please remain on the line for the next available representative or try again later. Your kneel is important to us.”

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In my opinion I think Eto had rougher life than Kaneki I think that's why she's so twisted and sadistic she had so much morale pain in her life

I absolutely agree.

And I actually think this is a really important aspect of their relationship and any interactions they’ll have in the future.

sans-san said it really well in our conversation about Eto and Kaneki parallels and their goals the other day: “he did the same as her: he became cruel in order to defeat the wrong in this world.

I think that’s ultimately their biggest parallel, and it’s why Eto is so interested in him after the Aogiri arc. She sees him going through the same stages she did: realizing the cruelty of the world, the necessity of becoming strong, consuming others to gain that strength, and then ultimately enjoying the power over others.

But, the difference is, whereas Eto was alone, Kaneki had friends who supported him. He had Anteiku (and Yoshimura telling him not to throw away his human side), and he had a lifeline that tied him to the human world, even after everything he went through: Hide. (When he thinks about losing his place in the human world, he literally just thinks about not being able to be with Hide anymore.)

And then when he starts the serial cannibalism, the revenge, the cruelty after the Aogiri arc, he abandons Hide, and he abandons Anteiku: the place that allowed him to be a ghoul and also be with Hide.

So I don’t think it’s an accident that Hide, Kaneki’s tie to the human world, shows up in V14 when Kaneki hits a low, and that when Kaneki starts to lose his grip on himself, Hide’s voice is the one that talks him through V14. And then ultimately Kaneki’s descent into the ghoul world is halted.

So basically V14 ends up being a good thing for Kaneki, if the alternative is losing his humanity like Eto. Or, like the half-ghoul Eto made specifically to replicate Kaneki, Seidou.

I also think Seidou is proof that this was the path Kaneki was on, and the path Eto already walked. And that Eto probably wanted Kaneki to end up the same way.

Woops this got a little longer than I intended.

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what if, after finding out about dan liking his hair pulled, arin just does it randomly all the time. like when theyre out in public and dan says something kinda out of line and arin just grabs a fist full of his hair and gently tugs on it, watching his best friend immediately bite his lip and blush like no other. and after he gets ahold of himself again, danny gets exceedingly pissed off at arin but in a playful way. Like, "Don't touch my hair you asshole!" but they hug nd make up

dude I have loved this headcanon for so long and when Danny said he liked it… ??? seriously, or when they’re in a relationship, Arin pulls his hair a ton when they makeout or have sex and ahhh Danny is so sensitive to it and it makes him just melt.

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why do pants in particular weaken magic?

Magic has just started to entering society, still struggling to be an accepted part of it. The scientists who are focusing on magic and such has a very hard time getting money for their work, and has yet to uncover the secret of pants. So far all they can do is really to study and do research, gathering documents etc.