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Why do u let AoS off the hook. Jeff has failed miserably (truly terrible) at lgbt rep but at least he tried. Marvel has 10+ story threads, a hundred characters, and yet queer ppl do not exist in any incarnation (u didn't even know Vic was gay) as if we don't exist AT ALL. I'd rather Teen a Wolf's attempt and train wreck failure than marvel who won't even bother (DC Gothan has bi/lesbian, Sara was bi, Flash will have a gay couple. It can be done) demonise TW, but at least they tried

No, Teen Wolf didn’t try. They sat here and lied to us, telling us that Teen Wolf would have queer representation. They told us that Teen Wolf would be a world without homophobia, but what’s the point when gays basically don’t exist in that universe?

Stiles was hinted at being bisexual, not because Jeff wanted there to be proper bisexual representation in television, but because he knew fans wanted it and he knew he could keep us watching and getting him views. 

Jeff sat there and told us that it was possible for Stiles and Derek to get together in a romantic relationship. He lead us on, making us believe that we could see two prominent male series regulars in a romantic relationship.

But how did it play out?

  • Jeff has erased Danny.
  • He refused to show Dethan with actual relationship development.
  • He has refused to let Danny be a series regular.
  • He has denied Stiles being canonically bisexual.
  • He has placed Stiles with Malia to “no homo” his character.
  • He has placed Braeden with Derek to “no homo” his character.
  • He has erased anything even remotely Sterek.
  • He refuses to have queer characters in the show that aren’t tokens. He refuses to show queer couples as equally as he shows heterosexual pairings. 

Teen Wolf didn’t try. They lied. They played on our desperate want to see ourselves reflected in television and then spit in our faces. As far as I know, Agents of Shield hasn’t done that.

Sure, they don’t have queer rep. It’s shitty as fuck. But at least they didn’t promise that they would, pretend like they actually cared, and then refused to actually deliver. 

I’m not denying that Marvel has a serious problem. It does. There’s no excuse for keeping all the big time superheroes heterosexual. However, Marvel is the one that’s trying. Not Teen Wolf.

Marvel isn’t doing as much as they could, but they’re taking bigger and bigger steps, pushing against their borders. At least they’re not standing around, pretending like they’ve accomplished something while stepping on all the people that had hope. 

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Actually its sort of a silent mutual agreement among the teen wolf fandom that the show started sucking after season 2. it got slightly better 3b because hello dark stiles and then it sucked major b*lls season 4 cause of useless new characters and forced romances. tmr fans should not waste their breath past season 2. and if they love thominho they'll love sterek and sciles. stick to fics and fanvids


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(all striders) I'm guessing Bro(derick) and D(ouchebag) don't get along?


oh heavens no i love my little brother 

He smells weird. Like minestrone and ham.

……………….. what did you fucking say

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beautiful words that andrew said about emma?

There are so many of them, but here are a few of my faves:)

"She’s incredibly sweet, funny, down to earth, genuine, doesn’t take herself seriously in any way shape or form. Which it’s the most honorable quality that I love in anyone. I look for that. And she has that in buckets. I think she’s really gone deeper than I’ve ever seen her. She’s the kind of person who brings in cookies and banana bread."

“It was like I woke up when she came in. She was the last person to screen-test, and I was so bored of it by then… And then she came in, and it was like diving into whitewater rapids and having no desire to hang on to the side. Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting. I couldn’t help but try to stay with her, keep pace with her and not let her get away.”

“She’s just the sun, and she’s got such depth, she can do anything, you know, she’s magic.”

“Working with Emma was like diving into a thrilling, twisting river and never holding on to the sides. From the start. To the end. Spontaneous. In the moment. Present. Terrifying. Vital. The only way acting with someone should be.”

“I can watch Em in anything. I can watch Em read a phone book and I’ll be entertained. She’s a genius. I’m stoked on watching her in anything and do anything.”

“I will write a book one day about how I feel about every aspect of Emily Stone. She’s a full genius. She has found her genius and is giving it all so fully and beautifully. I think everyone who works with her, brushes shoulders with her, or even makes eye contact with her, gets a shot of sunshine.”

“I thank my lucky stars that we’ve been able to be on this ride together. We all need companions in the mystery to get you out of your head and into your heart, to moan to and to take the piss out of it all with.”


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tw: rape, CSA. I was molested at 8y/o by a man who jumped in front of a car and broke his legs to save his daughter's life. He was also a boyscout leader and "local hero". He went to court for raping a disabled boy and only agreed to plea guilty to "assault" (not sexual assault). He abused many kids and got away with it. Even though he did "nice things" in the community he's still a horrible person. You don't have to give abusers any credit for their "good side". Good people don't rape.

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can you please explain me all this hayley williams drama? like i'm not understanding anything

she basically tweeted this:


and its just really immature and uncalled for and just plain idiotic because plenty of other bands and artists use very similar beats and chords for their music 

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George grew up in Seattle?? Whaaattt?? Do you know what age or how long ? Thats so weird thinking he lived in the US he acts soo british!

#SEATTLESQUAD He (and matty) have passingly mentioned it in a couple interviews. It was when he was a kid, he said 5 in one of them. He was born in Belgium and lived here and from what they’ve said previously didn’t move up to the Manchester area till right before they started a band when Matty had just moved there from Newcastle as well xx


// Aah~ Mainly, Touka’s fashion style is more of a Tomboyish style.She's really stylish~ that's what I like about her! Her closet probably has a lot of hoodies and sweaters. Also, she has TONS of short shorts. That's her favorite, probably hahahaa. And boots for shoes. But if you want a solid reference, you could wear her normal Anime clothes or her school uniform xD

You should scan the Manga for Touka’s clothes since the anime doesn’t depict her fashion sense very well ; u ; im kind of disappoint about that lol But yeah~ 

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Have you ever gotten in trouble for getting a piercing? I recently got my nose pierced and my parents said if I don't take it out, they'll take it out themselves. Is there any way to try to assuage them?

I feel like I get one of these every few months or so, so I’ma keep this one simple. If you still live under your parents’ roof, if your parents still buy your food, if you are dependent on your parents and they don’t want you getting a piercing, don’t get the damn piercing. I cannot stress enough how disrespectful I find it when teenagers assume they’re entitled to do shit their parents have forbidden when they literally rely on their parents to live. Sorry kid, I was as ~punk rawk~ as the next pink-haired sixteen year old, but I’m not gonna condone you being a piece of shit until you’re an adult. You have your whole life to have a nose piercing, chill out for a while.

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your grace ain't gone, I know how to get it back." Those words were from a man supposed to be dead two years. A man who was himself--but not. "An' I need some help from you."

Castiel’s head shot up and his eyes widened. “Bobby…”, he breathed, blade in his hand without even thinking about it. “How did you get back?”, he asked cautiously, squinting at him. Something was… not right.

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did you know that there is a website that has alphabetized AND indexed all of the known phobias? Unfortunately, the fear of alphabetizing was not on the list

You know, I think I may have looked through it before, because I was curious to know if there’s a name for the slight discomfort I experience around large versions of things that are supposed to be small, like those giant silk flowers they sell in hobby shops.  (Hint: there isn’t)

SO, needless to say, there are probably plenty of unknown fears awaiting in hell.  Things from the darkest, furthest reaches of the depths of our psyche.  Things we never imagined we’d even fear, like alphabetizing… or giant silk flowers.

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would you find me rude if i love you your blog and your videos even though i dont find you pretty?

no because i don’t find myself pretty either so at least we agree in something

i just find it rude that you had to send this ask because i think if you don’t like something in someone you should just keep it to yourself instead of spreading that negativity, you could have simply said you liked my blog/videos. just think twice before you send something to someone because words do bring people down too. just spread the positivity and love you have and forget the rest :)

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Tho I mean can't you see where she's coming from? Like its not like her and sungmin can just date normally or meet up a lot. And she's got a lot of pressure on her from the media and from his fans.

thats what im saying if that was her problem why is she still hanging on if it’s such a burden for her? Saying that dating Sungmin is a ‘burden’, is terrible!

I can see where she is coming from, I understand, but revealing without discussing with Sungmin, and then saying he is a burden.. no it doesn’t sound right.

And she said it publicly, how would you feel if your boyfriend said that behind your back? Would you feel loved by them? Wouldn’t insecurities clash you?

And I know Sungmin would blame himself for this: ‘I am not good enough’ NO he is GOOD enough for anyone. He just need the right person. Nothing is wrong with him. In my opinion it seems like she is not handling this well.

I am sorry but if you truly love someone, you would accept everything about him, and go through even the hardest times just to stay together.

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Men are pigs my ass. Women do the same shit. You're gonna be a feminist, that's fine but don't be a fucking sexist. There are good and shitty people no matter what their race or sex is.

are you pulling the “not all men” card? i was specifically talking about this man being a pig, and there are many other men like him. im not saying its exclusive to men, obviously, but do you honestly expect me to be like “oh yeah men are pigs but so are women” in a rant about MEN??? get the fuck off my blog

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mmmm you’re right, he’d look so hot with his face smashed underneath my shoes as I grind his nose into the cement.

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Molly Hooper :P

Thank youuu <3

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod: As well as a string of happy, sweet sounding pop songs (including “Pack Up” and “She’s So Lovely”), I’m pretty sure she’s got a fair few musical songs hidden amongst her iPod, including “Defying Gravity” and she’s often found by the interns in the morgue passionately belting out the lyrics.
  • The one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to: At work, she’s known for catching a few snatches of sleep in the storage cupboard. At home, she sometimes, when watching telly, will drop off to sleep on her sofa. On those times, she’s usually woken up by Toby’s purring as he snuggles against her and licks at her hand.
  • The game they’d destroy everyone else at: Just Dance—she’s got some killer moves, which annoys Sherlock. He’s made it his mission to beat her at least once.
  • The emoticon they’d use most often: She uses the heart emoticon a lot in her texts to her friends, but Sherlock is unaware of that because she uses the smiley face most with him. On the day he finds out, John finds his friend in a huge, mysterious sulk.
  • What they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep: Babbling. She babbles, breaking off only to yawn widely. But if you call her adorable, she’ll kill you.
  • Their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights, or mornings, or whenever: She really likes a nice, milky mug of tea.
  • How they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump: She engulfs herself in her favourite hoodie (an old boyfriend’s that he donated to her during their relationship, it’s warm and toasty and smells really nice), ties her hair up and reads her favourite book with music playing. When she gets bored of that, she switches on the telly.
  • What they wanted to be when they grew up: She entertained the idea of being a tap dancer, and even attended lessons (accounting for her Just Dance wizardry), but she became enchanted in science class one day in primary school and soon forgot that idea.
  • Their favorite kind of weather: Sunny, with a cool breeze. She loves the colours of autumn however.
  • Thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?): She’s good, quite high but modulated. She isn’t embarassed by her voice, and when people walk in on her, she often just laughs and throws them a greeting.
  • How/what they like to draw or doodle: She’s a fairly good drawer, good enough for people to ask her if she’ll draw their portrait, but she always refuses because she’s only good on anatomical stuff—not portraits. She will draw landscapes though, if the view’s pretty enough and the mood takes her.

If anyone wants to send me another character, or set of characters even, feel welcome to do so!