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So there's wifi at Hogwarts now, right?

Yes and no. One of the 5th year Hufflepuffs set up a hot spot but you have to see them in order to get a password to connect. You can meet them in the library in the left corner between classes. They charge but are open to negotiations.


There’s a rumor that the new password is “TellMyWifiIWllFindHer” since their previous one (GoodFinders) was leaked


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Do you think Harry and Louis actually want to be out with their relationship with the level of fame they are currently at? I go back & forth about it,but somedays I'm convinced they don't want to be open about being together because the level of scrutiny and attention it would get from fans might make them feel suffocated. I fear once they are out fans will have this obsession to STILL dig for details about their life & whereabouts even after the truth is out,& that must be worrisome for them :(

I don’t know how you want me to answer this question.

Do I think they want to come out? Yes. Do I think they want to come out now? Yes. Do I think they want to come out with their level of fame? No. How do those things coexist? They just do.

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If you had to pick only one bias in exo that you would live with foreverrr, who would it be? c:

Kris. I would try to cheer him up when things get tough. I would encourage him to do what’s best for him and remind him that he is a strong person and deserves all the love in the world for making it where he is right now. I would give him massages whenever he is tired and cook his favorite food. I would cuddle him when watching one of his silly movies while eating junk food. I would always support him and be there for him. I will always cheer for him that being in a movie premier, concert or even when he tries to cook a simple noodle soup. I would love for him to realize how much people love him. And not one day will pass without him being reminded of how brave and strong he is.

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Not surprising someone with fucked up enough views to defend Shae would deny that Cercei is a psychopath and instead claim she's a badass

Not surprising at all, I should be ashamed of my terrible ways and my fucked up morals. Thank you so much for giving me something to think about.


(I also ship Cersei x Jaime, so you can add incest to the list. By the way, would you please show your face next time? So I can block you. That way you won’t need to deal with me, and I won’t have to deal with you. Win-win.)

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Do you have any blog recommendations? I'm only following around 30 blogs and I would want to find more!

Sure, I can recommend you plenty, hopefully I don’t recommend you any you might be following though, anyway, here goes~

-blunt 0ci0 afterstories alphastigma117 angeljas audinosquad b-bakashinji banbabutt banbascest celestial-winter clafster clubic-hebdo coalgirls dashingicecream deadecchi doctortonychopper dogmainergosphere eviloo fluffyshiena freecss-gon gasaisyuno gigapig gookgod gurikajis gurrenlagging hanokaze harukinky hiraganja hisokan ibuki-ing ihoshiku inushige iris-ashbery isucifer isuke-inukai izolus jolte0n katahane kiirokuri kirishii komikan kyomado leankuwata lietspol lilium lolibloodsucker makotokikuchi mangafascination mangastories mazuisubs mikihoshii moetherfucker mokacheer monochrome-kissu mypx naganohara no-soda-umi ohayocelestia ominous-misaka oogoediamondd otoshie oujij pastelremedy piyox22 reifaun ryuko s-indria sagaeharuki sailor-sylveon scissormeotoya scolipede seilfie setmefreeharuki silent-shanin silvertsundere takasquid thugderelife tsunglasses uchiigatana winkuchan xpw zwampert

Given that I wasn’t sure exactly what you might be looking, I attempted to make a diverse list for you~

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Please, improve your English pronunciation, you know you can actually search some synonyms, don't you? Stop using 'so' 'like' 'I don't get it' and so on, and also search how the 'h' is pronounced in different words (when you say 'hello' it's not 'ello' or 'through' it's not however you said it) because it shows how poor your spoken English is. This is an advice so your videos have some more quality as you have great potential, don't take it as a bad thing.

you know being the only person who speaks english in my family + not having anyone teaching me anything for 2 years and learning it from youtube videos/movies it’s really not that bad. it may seem easy for a native english speaker but it’s not.

and i am improving it. also why would i stop using those words? last time i checked it was english? (and you can’t really change someone’s accent love

p.s. this isn’t meant to sound rude

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50 years into the future it will be discovered that Moffat and Gatiss had ao3 accounts or tumblrs in which they posted alternative headcanons and aus of their au. Particularly Moffat, with his "marrying Holmes and Watson" kink.

No but like, this is 100% real 

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Pet names that karasuno boys/oikawa/kuroo/bokuto would give to their partner?

Daichi and Sugawara would call their partner either daddy, mommy or honey. Though Sugawara would probably call his partner mommy, regardless of their gender.

Asahi and Yamaguchi would call their partner angel or snowflake. Yamaguchi would also shorten his partner’s name.

Nishinoya and Tanaka would call them empress/emperor, king/queen, or even god/goddess.

Ennoshita would call his partner princess/prince or sweetheart.

Hinata would call his partner sunshine or sweet pea.

Kageyama would call his partner his better half or darling.

Tsukishima and Kuroo would call their partner babe/boo/bae, or anything that struck their partner’s nerves like shortie or something.

Oikawa would call his partner honey or sweetie.

Bokuto would definitely call his partner gorgeous or beautiful.

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That wasn't exactly an answer... I find it kind of funny how every time someone asks you for proof or anything you just answer with 'BECAUSE I SAID SO / THESE OTHER PEOPLE ALSO SAID SO' or something sarcastic that's not an answer lmao

I don’t feel like listing everything Jeff has done. However:

  • Out of four seasons, there’s been ONE gay scene, yet countless heterosexual sex/make-out scenes
  • He refuses to make Stiles bisexual (although that’s biphobia)
  • He refuses to give Danny an actual purpose besides being a token
  • He treats queer characters as tokens
  • He refused to acknowledge that Kali and Jennifer were romantically involved in canon, yet confirmed it once they were both dead.
  • He has separated Stiles and Derek from interacting anymore because fans wanted them to be together in a romantic way, but he has tried his best to make them appear straight
  • He refuses to have queer series regulars, yet brought Malia in to have her only make out with Stiles.

Why is Malia a piece of worthless shit?

  • Because she was brought into the show as nothing but a love interest. She exists solely for Stiles. She abuses Stiles. She’s gross. She’s unwanted. She doesn’t make sense. 

And am I heterophobic? No. I just have grown tired of heterosexual couples being shoved in my face when they don’t even make sense. 

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For that anon: at least she speaks more than 1 language, and good for her that she learned it alone (you probably dont know how hard it is to learn a language alone) and also she could have spoken in her mothers tongue but then you wouldn't understand! and she cute so who cares :**

i cute so who cares