It wasn’t surprising that Sebastian locked the hound outside, it was becoming more frequent however. The hound had started to get annoyed with the demon and merely turned his favoritism to Finny until the butler cooled down and wouldn’t react so harshly to Pluto. This time it wasn’t his fault! This time it was the other servants trying to catch yet another mouse that found it’s way into the manor. Though they mostly ended up in a pile, trying to process what just happened, while Pluto practically tore through the wall.

Despite how annoying Ciel and Sebastian found the hound to be, he was still a good guard dog. He would be friendly to people when needed but if it was a threat or intruder then he wouldn’t stand for it. There was never a time where he had been told to attack anyone, maybe one or two by Sebastian. But that was it. When Mey-Rin opened the door to let him in, he burst inside, knocking her to the floor. He simply crouched down, somewhat curled up on himself, and licked the wound on his arm as he looked over at the maid now being helped up by the others.

So… Today is “Sant Jordi” (George) and in Catalonia (Spain) It’s a very special day, a day that talks about a legend of a knight that has to save a princess killing a dragon, but that legend says, that the blood of the dragon transformed into pretty flowers, a flower called rose.

Since that, every 23th of April, boys give Roses to girls as a sign of love and girls give books to boys (this is less frequent).

So, since the girl I love the most it’s a bit far away (wich actually its a lot) and I can’t posibiliy send her a rose, I made this fanart about Karkat (as the knight) Nepeta (as the princess) and Terezi’s Lusus as the dragon. since she hates Terezi and KarNep is her OTP, i hope she liked it (I think she did)

So…yes, Feliç Sant Jordi a tots!

A close-up WIP of Calliope from Homestuck (Actually Callie Oophee) trying a new style I hope to finish it soon!

(I always wanted to make an album fanart for the bandcamp of homestuck. sempai why you don’t notice me ;_;)

And the Cherubim album, and the drawing I colored for my friend Julia inspired me for making this. ;A; 

Three men who stood in the same line in Auschwitz have nearly consecutive numbers: From left, Menachem Shulovitz, 80, bears B14594; Anshel Udd Sharezky, 81, was B14595; and Jacob Zabetzky, 83, was B14597.

“We were strangers standing in line in Auschwitz, we all survived different paths of hell, and we met in Israel,” Mr. Sharezky said. “We stand here together now after 65 years. Do you realize the magnitude of the miracle?”

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Anshell slaps Alord across the face rather hard, a tear falls down her cheek. "How dare you say such things!"

He turns with the slap, playfully almost. Then he turns back to her. “I was just kidding, Anshella”

"I’m sorry" he smiles at her

"The Unit 8200 (Israeli Defense Force) refuseniks are trying, for the first time, to establish a clear distinction between spying on Israel’s enemies – hostile states and terror organizations – and on ordinary Palestinian citizens."
—Haaretz+’s Anshel Pfeffer analyzes why the letter by members of the Military Intel Unit 8200 is so powerful compared to previous letters by soldiers refusing to serve.**
Middle East Updates / Egypt prosecutor orders seven men held for homosexuality

Middle East Updates / Egypt prosecutor orders seven men held for homosexuality

Haaretz’s latest analyses and opinions on the Middle East: Islamic State forcing the West out of its Iraq trauma (Anshel Pfeffer); The real threat from Islamic State isn’t in the Middle East (Anshel Pfeffer); Enough hysteria about European jihadists (Khaled Diab).


See Friday’s Middle East Updates

Latest updates:

10:30 P.M.Iraq’s air force hit a hospital in a town controlled…

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A teenager  stands in his bed, He seems worried about something, and in fact, he has reasons to be.

Because the recent experience he lived today his life will change forever.(a more interesting one awaits him indeed)

Thanks to that he will stop being a troublesome hikkikomori and flip his ass out of that room.

But before the flashbacks begin isn’t it fair to present him first?

His name is Alex Cane, and he has 16 winters, but he hates being called like that, but that isn’t strange this douchebag hates everything, quite a little hater we have there uh?