why making leo fitz forget everything would be a poor decision

so, in the time since the season finale most of the speculation (and fiction) around Fitz has been to do with him being in a coma and waking up with no memory of the team and of Jemma. Personally I believe this is the worst route they could possibly take with Fitz’s character (as well as being almost Scientifically inaccurate). Full explanation (including science! under the read more)

Firstly, let’s look at what we know.

- His brain was without oxygen for several minutes. We do not know the extent to that, but we can gather he is suffering from Hypoxia/Anoxia. Hypoxia refers to a lack of oxygen in a general or specific area (in Fitz’s case, the brain) and Anoxia is complete and total lack of Oxygen (most severe). Prognosis depends on whether he experienced Hypoxia/Anoxia. I myself am taking the worst case scenario of Anoxia.

- Severe anoxia will result in coma. Longer the coma, more severe the consequences will be on waking. Some patients in a coma can move in to Persistent Vegetative State. They are highly unlikely to ever to achieve higher functions above a vegitative state. But considering comments by Iain and other cast members I don’t think this is likely.

- Anoxia can have several consequences that all depend on the severity of the condition. Several specific brain areas are more vulnerable to Anoxia leading to some distinct characteristics.

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1. Favourite memory of your first year of high-school  not in high school yet

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linachristina said:

I have borderline, and have had anoxia and been depressed for 7 years. You just feel so fake, attentionwhore, kinda. Thats why i said "just cheer up". Whats up with your dad? Why are you keep writing shit about your family when he obviously think its embarrassing that your 24 and writing like your dad is a pice of shit, when he obviously cares about you so much. HE'S YOU DAD, HE RAISED YOU. How can you do that to your family? All i can say is grow up, your a grownup.

You’re so fucking stupid it’s unbelievable. You are clearly the fake one, and the attention seeker here. If you were truly depressed, you would not tell someone with depression to “cheer up.” If you actually had any of the problems you’re pretending to have, you would have some empathy for other people, who have been suffering for far longer than you have by the way.

You clearly know NOTHING about my life. Nothing. I’m not just some little depressed girl with borderline who thinks she’s fat. It’s not a matter of “growing up.” I assure you, I grew up way before I ever should have had to. But having physical disabilities that make it so I am not able to take care of myself, have to use a wheelchair, am bedridden for the majority of the time, not to mention bulimia since age 13, other eating disorders long before that, and a host of other psychiatric disorders that i wont even bother to go into with you because you don’t care anyway, you’ll just think i’m telling you to get attention and frankly i don’t think they’re any of your business. but it’s not something I can just “grow up” and snap out of.

You are just lucky you haven’t had to experience anything like that. You’re just lucky your little problems haven’t led to what mine have.

And you have no idea what my family life has been like, nor who raised me. In fact, my dad lived 5 hours away from me from the time I was 5 years old up until now. So no, you’re wrong. And I don’t think he’s a piece of shit. He does things that upset me sometimes. He does things that are flat out wrong sometimes. But I don’t think he’s a piece of shit. Not like I think you are. So you go on and think you’re an expert on other people’s lives, go on and judge them, see where it gets you. But I promise you’ll get further if you work on your own problems, if you actually have any apart from being a mean person.

Now get the hell out.

Concept art for the “Euthanasia Coaster”
This coaster was designed to kill all 24 passengers aboard each train.
The Euthanasia Coaster would kill it’s passengers by prolonged cerebral hypoxia. The ride would inflict 10 G of force on its passengers for 60 seconds that would lead to G-force induced loss of consciousness. Depending on the tolerance of the individual, the first or second inversion would cause cerebral anoxia, rendering them brain dead. All inversions after that are used as insurance against unintentional survival.
The design shows a potential 3 minute 20 second duration, 2 minutes of which would be climbing the 1,670 foot climb. The coaster would reach speeds of over 220 mph, with 7 slightly clothoid inversions. After a sharp right turn, the train would enter a straight, where the unloading of corpses and loading of new passengers could take place.

Science > Humans

In class today we had this guy with aphasia and anoxia due to a stroke come in and talk to us and it was really interesting because even though he was only able to say two or three words at a time he’s able to communicate really well and he’s overcome a lot of things and it was pretty inspiring and it’s making me consider working in neuro with adults rather than working with children but maybe I’ll do both who knows

There was a lot of volcanic activity in the late Permian, but how this translated into the extinction remains a matter of debate. Global warming caused by increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is a suspect, as is cooling from sulphur oxides and ash clouds, and ocean acidification in Arctic regions (Geological Society of America Special Papers, doi.org/wfg). "Every mass extinction was the result of multiple factors, such as climate, sea level, anoxia and ocean acidification," says Gerta Keller of Princeton University, who has shown that eruptions in India were also a factor in the extinction of the dinosaurs.


Mister Yun here. Regarding my dansou experience, I have been into it for almost 2 years now. I mainly specialize in the Host style, thou I have tried different ones too. I assume the Host style is the one I fit the best.

Most of my inspirations are from actual Japanese Hosts as well as old school ( new too) Vk and Jrock ( bands like Malice Mizer, Lareine, D-shade, Buck-Tick, Existtrance are my favourite ). I also like 17th and 18th century fashion trends.

My hobbies include reading books( manga too), travelling, fashion and styling hair. If you have any questions you can also find me on my ask, ask.fm/Anoxia.

I am very happy to work with my gentlemen and promote the famboyant dansou style across the world!!