Because my suite mate told me she was going to draw me a TARDIS with my crayons, and then she informed me it was going to be feelsy. She did not lie.

She also left me a secret message with the invisible ink nub of my sonic screwdriver pen. We tried to take a photo of the secret message while shining it with the sonic, but it didn’t work.

She is evil and the secret message said, “Does it need saying?” because she thought that she hadn’t killed me enough.

anotherodetosolitude hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: anotherodetosolitude hat gesagt: He did…I swear to…

The moment I went in and saw Yusuf just lying there a part of me DIED. It was just …NUUUUU :C Ubisoft are the worst …such a sad ending to the games…I hope III mends my broken hair *lesigh*

Me Too…I wait only the BEST for ACIII ..

Just. Can’t.WAIT! 


I just hope ppl dont forget Ezio or Altair…I still love fanarts of them.

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In case anyone was wondering what I was up to this weekend :D


Assassin’s Creed 30 Day Challenge

Day 04 - Character you are most like

So when I posed this question to my best friend, she said Leonardo, because (according to her) I’m creative, caring, excitable, and adorable (psshhhhh) but if I had to answer for myself, I’d say Desmond. Because I’m sweet…but rather stupid xD and I spend a lot of my time being fat and lazy too :P


Not sure if flattered, or…

Look, anon. If you thought I was going to cower in fear, delete these messages and run off to cry, you’re fucking wrong. I’m calling you out, right now, to tell you and your poor grammar and lack of originality to fuck right off. And guess what? I have your IP Address.

I have at least 14 of these messages in my inbox. Don’t you think you’ve made your point?

Don’t bother sending me anon hate, you guys. I will laugh in your faces. And my girlfriend will come right round and kick you all to the seventh circle of hell.

For my friend Rola on her birthday

    Rola, Rola,
    You are so cool.
    Rola, Rola,
    You’re the flyist kid in school.

    Rola, Rola,
    Though we are separated by the sea,
    Rola, Rola,
    We should take a trip down to 221B.

    Rola, Rola,
    Your hair is quite short.
    Rola, Rola,
    I love you, old sport.

    Rola, Rola,
    All that I have said is factual.
    Rola, Rola,
    You are pretty supernatural.
    (Sorry that one was bad.)

    Rola, Rola,
    If the Doctor ever came for me in the TARDIS,
    Rola, Rola,
    I would make sure that we picked you up so we could live in timey-wimey bliss.

    Rola, Rola,
    You are da bomb.
    Rola, Rola,
    I love your mom.
    (It’s true.)

    Rola, Rola,
    You are not a muggle.
    Rola, Rola,
    I think we should snuggle

    Rola, Rola,
    You are, in fact, a wizard.
    Rola, Rola,
    Gotta dash. Things happening. Well, four things. Well, four things and a lizard.

    Rola, Rola,
    What else can I say?
    Rola, Rola,
    I hope you have a great birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROLAAAA!!! I love you and I miss you so much. I’m posting this late, so I hope you had a wonderful day!

Lovely followers~

Thanks to my lovely girlfriend, I’m sure most of you know this by now, but in case you missed it…

I was inactive this past week…because I spent it with her in New York ♥ and I literally JUST got home from the airport about an hour ago. I didn’t say anything cause I didn’t wanna jinx it…call me superstitious :P

I can’t believe none of you unfollowed me though! Thank you all so much ♥ ♥

I’ll now return to your regularly scheduled blogging. And maybe a few pictures if I can find the cord that connects my camera to my laptop e____e

Oh and Happy Holidays! Whatever you’re celebrating this season, I hope it’s amazing ♥

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Benedict Cumberbatch on Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Crying because he’s so beautiful ;~;

Tagged (again) by my idiot girlfriend :P


  1. State two of your guilty pleasures
    Animorphs books
  2. Two songs you’re ashamed of liking :D
    I’m not ashamed of liking any songs :/ I’m proud of everything I like and fuck people. The Pokémon theme song and Violent Pornography —System of a Down
  3. Phases you’ve been through in your life
    Emo and prep and weeaboo omfg I’ve been awful.
  4. 4 actors/actresses you’d sleep with without a thought
    None because I’m fucking dating you, stupid.
  5. Absolute favorite meal
    You know what I ACTUALLY want to reply to this with, but I’ll just say country-fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes, peppercorn gravy, and steamed veggies omg *q*
  6. Finish the sentence. “I’d rather be a(n) ___ than a(n) ___ in a(n) ___”
    I’d rather be an octopus than an orangutan in a thong.
  7. Do you curse?
    What the fuck do you mean, do I fucking curse? Yes I fucking curse. Especially when we’re doing certain fucking things where cursing is fucking awesome if you fucking know what I mean. 
  8. What’s one thing you regret?
    I’m a no-regrets person :L
  9. Coke or pepsi?
    Coke, not like you, you Coca-Cola traitor >.>
  10. Stance on Egypt?
    Full of people with sexy accents and amazing historical shit that the people don’t appreciate -______-
    No way, go away


On schedule for tomorrow when I’m home alone (~1pm (est)): The Angels Take Manhattan.

If I mysteriously go missing after that time, it is because I am dead and I bequeath my blog to anotherodetosolitude

Great. 11 hours 47 minutes until my death.


[There is no reaction gif that accurately and seriously portrays the emotions I am feeling right now]

cmajalislolz said:

Dear hello-desmond-go-away,I really really like you. You have a nice blog. You make me want to fangirl about AC. You should visit Turkey. Someday I will draw a pic for you. You + me = BROS. If I saw you now I’d be extremely excited. I want to write Altmal crack with you. I would build a n AC AU just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be Perfect World from Emperor's New Groove. We could talk about Altmal under the stars. Love, Lily (P.S. Your gf can come too!)


LILY!!! This is just the best thing ever omg let me squish you in a giant-ass hug ;____; we can definitely do all of the above and yes we are TOTALLY BROS and we should write AltMal crack and have an AU and talk about AltMal under the stars shkdsjfh laskf I love you ;___;

  • Essay Writing Time With My Roommate:
  • Hannah:Wouldn't it be really weird if you could lick any part of your body?
  • Me:
  • Hannah:Like, what if you could lick the back of your head?
  • Me:
  • Hannah:
  • Me:
  • Hannah:
  • Me:Write your essay, Hannah.