of course, they blew it.


4-0 for the series.  5-0 shutout.  

couldn’t even get ONE goal.  

Figure it out. 

4 players left or got kicked out of the game. 

Half of them looked like they had given up.

Why am I their fan.  legit.

so, my season is now done.  and i am back to no life on weekends.  

and I blame it all on Zalewski, and the fact the can’t fucking FIGURE IT OUT.   

on the bright side, its been a pretty good season.  

Chirped a lot of players, learned how a lot of them played, had some good times with my girls.

on the bright side of losing; I have a lot more time for my horse.  and the winning team gave my little brother the puck they won with. hhahahahahahha.

sorry for polluting your news feed. 

Ah man, this really sucks. (I have a joke involving other teams but I’d take a shitload of flak for it which I don’t have the energy for so nevermind.)

We’ll be back soon, motherhuggers! Haters, wear that smug smirk for as long as you can ‘cause you won’t get to next season ! :)

Not Buck Wild Enough To Match Wild

Despite my actions and enthusiasm in my video post before this post, it was not enough, nor were the Red Wings enough, to match the skill and urgency of the wild Minnesota Wild team.

After playing a pretty good 3-game road trip in Western Canada, going 2-1, the Detroit Red Wings had a couple of days off to rest up, get back to neutral and focus for last night’s game. However, Minnesota put the puck in the back of the net - plain and simple. Detroit managed to pepper the Wild’s goalie Niklas Backstrom in the first, with shots being 18-5, and overall being 38-19.

The Finnish goaltender was solid all night though. He came to play and gave the Wild a chance to win throughout the entire game. Devin Setoguchi (2), Kyle Brodziak, and Mikko Koivu all scored for Minnesota, while Gustav Nyquist, who was re-called from Grand Rapids, and Drew Miller scored the only two goals for the Wings. Even though Detroit outshot their opponents severely, it was the Wild who scored on the power plays, (2/3) and Detroit barely got one, going 1/5. For being one of the top teams on the man advantage on home ice, the Red Wings power play was absolutely disgusting last night.

This game was expected and they just didn’t anticipate it enough to come out with the win. The boys in the locker room knew what was going; a Wild storm of guys who are hot right now in the winning column. Now, Detroit is about to recoup and regroup, prepare for a nice, long 9-day road trip, with 4 games in California and Arizona. We need some serious points regardless of how strong these teams have been; it’s crunch time.