another stupid draw


Okay I really like this crossover…. Combination of mostly tf prime designs with some idw bits thrown in.

Me as the “Black Lion” of House Lannister.

I always thought my ASOIAF House would be Martell, but a test says I’m a Lannister, and I really can see a lot of me in them. They are proud, ambitious, fight for their interests…

Yeah, I’m probably would be a Lannister. But physically I’m soooo different of them! I think I would be a very disloyal bastard who wants become the heir of House Lannister. I bet Lord Tywin would love me so much as he loves Tyrion.

Another stupid doodle. It’s a personal/inside thing again. Also I’ve decided I no longer want to use colored pencils in my art. Looks better black and white IMO. That is all.

928 followers! that’s a huge number guys and it makes me so happy that there are so many Jack and Daniel fans out there wuw sorry have no mood to make any gifsets or edits to celebrate …
and i feel so sorry that i don’t update this blog often… but im srsly not in the mood of making gifs or edits, no matter how much i love our boys, i will express it in another stupid chibi drawing of them than make another gifset. and Jack x Daniel tag is not updated… my dash is full of trash (im sorry but lately there’s rarely anything i like-i reblog posts about cats and stuff like that and sometimes star trek :D) and there’s no Jack and Danny at all :( I don’t want this blog die like many others Y-Y
I am thinking about making someone a member of this blog so they can post and update this blog…there’s only one problem, the list of rules what they can post and reblog is… well, it’s about what i like and i reblog things i like, not things about jack and daniel in general :D  but im seriously thinking about makings someone a member… and maybe if i leave they will not let this blog die….
I don’t check stargate tags anymore, too much of those things i don’t if there’s anything Jack and Danny related you think i might like feel free to write me about it and about fanfictions that are posted on tumblr, i will be glad to reblog fanfictions so maybe there will be something new and good to read :D  can’t say i will reblog every edit or gifset, cause im so picky ugh :D no unedited caps pls… i reread fics on area52 sometimes but i ahve already read all nc17 ones and let’s face the truth, i just scroll down anything that is not nc17 :D
and feel free to write me about Jack and Daniel anytime you like, I may not post anything or reblog but I am checking if there’s any messages here almost every day ;) it can be anything srsly, even what you think of them, the scene you would like to see or any Au scenarios that will be great for them :D 
I am sure one of those followers might like the idea and write for us some cool nc17 AU :D