anonymous said:

jim telling spock that humans call sex "the skidily didily doo" and spock believing him so that one time bones had to ask spock "so, have you ever . . . you know" spock just shakes his head and confidently says "No, Doctor. I have never done the skidily didily doo."

imagine bones just nodding once and being like ‘okay then’ and slowly walking out of the room

anonymous said:

I was reading the novelization of 'The Wrath of Khan' and at one point when they were hanging around in the underground Genesis place, Jim started making a flower crown and gave it to Carol when he was done. The important thing to note here is that it's canon that Jim Kirk knows how to make flower crowns.

space nerd, i thank you for bringing this to my attention

i feel like i should spread this information to all

jim kirk can make flower crowns

go forth and tell the children

anonymous said:

Imagine Spock saying "but i'm half CANADIAN!!". Scotty angrily eating haggis "No one celebrates St. Andrews with me this much". Chechov removing his universal translator and refusing to speak English standard the whole day. Someone asking Sulu why he isn't annoyed about 4th of july like everyone else, imagine Sulu saying "i was born in san fransisco, excuse you!!" Imagine jim and bones telling them "You all had eurovision! this is our time to shine" Imagine Spock repeating "I'm half CANADIAN!!"

imagine spock sitting at his station and angrily firmly spitting facts about canada to whoever will listen

scotty gets drunk in his quarters by himself 

jim accidentally shoots a firework at bones who spends the rest of the day chasing him around the ship

anonymous said:

Imagine Spock tho, when Jim won't stop dropping hints about getting married and Spock continues to be on the fence, and Jim finally just asks him one day, point blank, and Bones just yells from medical JUST SAY YES ALREADY YOU HOBGOBLIN while echoed by the entire bridge

imagine when spock finally does whisper yes and the entire ship EXPLODES like people are screaming 

sulu and chekov are jumping up and down

bones is crying

anonymous said:

So Spock Prime is pretty careful about not telling the AOS kids anything about their potential futures, but Jim always asks him for hints. One time Spock decides to indulge him and gets all serious about it, which leads Jim to believe it's really important. With a completely straight face, Spock simply says, 'Whales,' and then walks away.

imagine when they actually do encounter the whale mission and jim has this big dorky smile on his face the entire time cause this is it this is what hes been waiting for

anonymous said:

Imagine for April fools day Jim gets everyone to pretend like Spock is and always has been captain and that Jim is and always has been the science officer/first officer.

imagine spock not being it on it so when he wakes up and sees only command gold shirts hes a bit confused

everyone keeps addressing him as ‘captain’ on his way to the bridge and hes long since stopped trying to correct them

he sees jim in a blue shirt at the science station and feels the intense need to meditate on why he joined this ship of illogical beings in the first place

anonymous said:

imagine bones booping spock when hes bored becoming a thing. like going onto the bridge and walking behind spock and being like "hey spock" and spock turns around and is like "yes doctor?" and bones just dramatically thrusts his arm out and very lightly pokes the tip of spocks nose with his finger "boop". and then he walks away into the turbolift silently and everyone is just like "???" and spock is like "boop?" and then he starts doing it back so the next time it happens spock is in the sickbay

((cont)) and bones has just finished patching him up from some away mission gone awry and then he boops his nose and makes the noise wit it. spock just nods solemnly before he too dramatically thrusts his arm out and pokes bones’ nose “boop, doctor. boop.” and bones just stares at him for a few seconds before dying of laughter

imagine that becoming spock and bones’ thing, whenever they see each other, with a perfectly straight face, they boop each other on the nose

nobody understands it

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the crew flirting with jim whenever spock's around trying to make him jealous. he doesn't notice at first but starts to catch on and asks bones about it. bones doesn't want to get involved and says he hadn't noticed. it continues until one day sulu sits on jim's lap right on the bridge and is being all flirty and sexy and jim is smiling back at him and everyone can see spock turning green and his hands shaking hard. then he sees sulu give jim a vulcan kiss and spock loses his shit.

and spockers expects everyone to be afraid because he totally lost it like he was screaming and at one point he threw a chair

but everyone just looks relieved and when spock finally picks up jim and carries him off the bridge you can hear uhura mumbling about how ‘dear god it took him long enough’

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au where old married spirk live at and run a little bed & breakfast after retiring from starfleet. whenever a touchy-feely couple walk in jim laughs and nudges spock like 'oooh, remember those days?' to which spock replies 'jim, you touch me approximately thrice a minute. those days are now'

imagine jim just laughing and wrapping spock in a hug and declaring three as too low of a number

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Imagine househusband Jim bringing Spock his lunch one day when he rushed out the door and forgot it. And Jim runs in and hands him his lunch and kisses him on the cheek and Spock's students watch as their hardass Vulcan professor softens momentarily and accepts affection. Then he gives Jim a vulcan kiss and resumes the lesson.

imagine the entire classroom just bursting out with an ‘awwwwwwwwwwwhhhhh

imagine that the worst of spocks’ death glares couldnt get them under control again

not after that level of cuteness