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I'm thinking about becoming vegan but I really love cheese like all types of it. I don't know what I'm really trying to say but I can live without everything else but I love cheese a lot

I probably loved it more. I was cheese obsessed my whole life. It’s not like an internal struggle every time I see cheese, in fact the smell alone turns my stomach now. 

  1. Cheese is addictive (x)
  2. Dairy is unnatural for humans (x)
  3. Dairy industry in 60 seconds. (x)
  4. Taste buds change
  5. You get over it, I promise.

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Do you ever bathe and not want to put your clothes back on? 'cause I have this problem.

I took a shower an hour ago and im still not clothed right now

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I think it's funny how you say reverse racism is real when you're clearly judging the whole race of white people. reverse racism is real. but reverse oppression is not. white people are definitely not oppressed, but there are people who judge white people as a whole.



get away from me. 

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hi you said you used to self harm and i really want to start can you tell me what you used to do like what you used to use?

Before you self harm in any way, you should probably know what youíre getting into.

Before you make that cut, please keep in mind that you will find the pain release and blood strangely addictive. 

You may think to yourself that you’ll be able to control it, that you won’t let it get out of hand. 

You may think that you can just stick to a few small, shallow cuts here and there that wonít be deep and that will heal quickly and easily.

But youíre wrong.

You canít control it, itís impossible to control. It controls you. It ís an addiction.

The cuts will get deeper, theyíll scar. Theyíll take weeks to months to heal and years for the scars to actually begin to fade. 

You’ll find that soon, you depend on it. You canít go more than a few days without cutting. You’ll go crazy as your skin itches and burns, your hands shake, your head pounds, your vision goes blurry as you try to keep your mind off of it, try to hold back from giving in. But you will. 

If you think you can limit the cuts to just one area of your body, you better think again. Itíll spread slowly but steadily, like a deadly virus. Itíll spread as you run out of skin, from your wrists to arms, past your elbows, up your shoulders down to your stomach, across your hips and waist and soon will cover your every inch of your legs right down to your ankles.

I hope youíre prepared to withdraw from others and live in a constant state of shame and guilt. Even if you have been the most honest person to ever live, you will lie to your friends, family members, everyone around you who you care about. 

You’ll find yourself jerking back from the touch of someone, as if their fingers and hands have been bathed in a toxic, burning poison. You’ll be terrified that they will feel a scar or cut from beneath the fabric of your shirt or because it just plain hurts so much to simply be touched.

Be prepared to become your own worst enemy. You’ll fear yourself, your head, the urges that taunt you every minute of every day. You’ll come to fear the next time you cut because you donít know how bad itíll be. 

Wait for the 10 cuts to turn into 20 then 50 then 100. You’ll be covered in scars and cuts. 

Your entire life will begin to revolve around your addiction. You’ll constantly be thinking about cutting, covering up your cuts, how you’ll hide your blades, scissors, bobby pins and the other objects you use to destroy your body. 

And then..the first time that you cut ìtoo deep.î The bleeding wonít stop and youíre gasping, shaking, panicking, fear takes over you. You pray and hope that the bleeding will stop. Your purpose wasnít to die, you wonít ever go that deep again. Right? Wrong. You’ll go there again, and deeper.

But donít worry. You’ll learn how to take care of your cuts so you donít have to take a trip to the hospital every night. The better you get at treating your wounds, the worse they become. 

You’ll lie to yourself and try to justify it when you go to the pharmacy and drug store, finding yourself spending 20, 30, 40 dollars on dressings, gauze, alcohol wipes and sterile strips. 

You’ll tap your foot impatiently, hoping that no one stares and asks you why youíre buying all of these things. But at the same hope someone asks, so you know they care. 

Be prepared to spend even more money on an entire new wardrobe. Long sleeved shirts, hoodies, long pants, boots, bracelets, wristbands. The list goes on forever.

You’ll keep scanning other peopleís bodies for signs of self harm, hoping that there is someone else out there who feels the same way you do. Hoping, praying that they will be like you. But thatíll never happen. You’ll see clean, uncut, unmarred arms and feel even more alone and ashamed than before. 

You’ll do a lot of things alone, be prepared to kiss your social life goodbye. You’ll always be doing your laundry, always in private so no one sees the blood stained towels and clothes. You’ll be spending hours scrubbing blood from the bathroom floor, and wiping dried blood off of your keyboard. 

You wonít be able to make it a day without cutting. You’ll carry an emergency kit in your wallet or purse. A key, safety pin, a needle, a paperclip, even a pencil. Everything around you will become a weapon. It doesnít matter what it is, as long as it gives you that feeling that sends you reeling. 

Next thing you know, youíre in the bathroom stall at your school or work, picking open the scab of an old cut with a needle. 

Say goodbye to all of the things you took for granted. Shorts, sandals, tank tops, swimming in the summer, going to the beach. All of these things will be a far off memory. 

I hope you like itching and scratching non stop. You will itch and itch and itch. Itíll be so much that itíll look like you have some sort of flesh eating disease. 

You will become an expert on your body as you carefully destroy it, taking it apart piece by piece.

You will dream of cutting, dreaming of getting caught. It will haunt you day and night, in your dreams and when you are awake. Cutting will take over your life. It now has itís hold over you, it controls you. 

You’ll hate yourself, hate yourself for making that first cut that threw you into this vicious, neverending cycle. 

You’ll wish you never made that first cut. 

You’ll wish you had read something like this, or that someone had told you what would happen.

But as much as you hate your addiction and self harm, you love it and canít live without it. Youíd rather die than go just a few weeks without cutting.

Now, Iíll tell you what you want.

How to cut.

Here is where I tell you how to successfully cut yourself.

Put down the blade.

Put down the pair of scissors.

Put down the knife.

Put down the needle, safety pin or paper clip.

Because you are so much better than this.

And believe me, you don’t want to get involved with this.

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There is no logical argument for saying dairy is not natural for humans. The only evolutionary benefit of evolving lactose tolerance past infancy is to consume non-human milk. Dairy is as natural for humans to consume as anything else the human body can digest.

Oh no, there’s tons and this one being the most obvious -


It’s natural and logical to drink breast milk when we’re babies yes, from our human mothers. To drink another mammals breast milk all throughout our lives? Especially when calves can’t, so we can? 100% natural. I think you forgot that most bodies cannot handle dairy. It’s abnormal if you can digest lactose. I’m not even gonna get into the health risks with dairy. Googles there c: Some photos for you - (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

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You have every right to think white people are bad and all, but that was plain mean to say you hate your white "fan base" like seriously not every white person is bad.

i love my white fans 

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could you write one about napping with harry you know how he sleeps with his arms crossed on couches anywhere? :)

When you found Harry, he was propped up against the back of the sofa in a sitting position, his chin tilted back against the cushions with his mouth hanging slightly open, his arms folded neatly across his chest. Underneath the blanket that you had earlier spread over him (which had slipped to one side of his body), he was wearing the green plaid button down, and the sight of him in comfy clothes with his hair mused against his forehead was enough to stop whatever else was going on in your day. You had just started to pull back the blanket when he roused himself, sleepily murmuring about a cold drift of air, but his arms stayed crossed against the front of his body. 

"Don’t you ever get a kink in your neck when you nap like that?" you asked in a soft voice while situating yourself in the spot next to him, although you hadn’t reached out to touch him quite yet. 

"You would know all about my kinks, wouldn’t you?" Harry shot back, the banter between you quick and witty just like it always had been, regardless of how tired he may have looked. 

Humming back an irrelevant reply, you hooked your hand around one of his forearms and lifted it out of the position from his chest, curling underneath the hard muscles of his arm when he lifted it high enough for you to cuddle in. You fit perfectly in the crook of his elbow and were close enough for his warm breather to wash across your face. 

Harry noticed you trying to mime the position he was in earlier before, and he frowned, being the one to stay upright while he coasted you down into a much more comfortable position, spread out across his lap before he propped a pillow underneath your head. “None of that,” he scolded gently, “Don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” 

"Then why do you do it?" 

Harry shrugged, but took a few moments to get back on responding to you as he made sure you were all set, lying most of the blanket over your body. He skimmed a gentle pressure of his fingertips against your cheek and leaned over to kiss your forehead. 

"I’m used to it. I can fall asleep anywhere," he informed you, keeping one arm hoisted around your waist while the other rested against the back of the sofa.

You turned towards his stomach and kissed the bottom portion of his shirt, trying not to frown. 

"Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, Harry, yeah? Even if it’s as simple as lying down when you need to."

"Alright, love," Harry said, mostly to please you, before he cracked his neck from side-to-side and ran a hand across your arm to soothe you. "Alright."

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5 things that u think about or do to make you feel better when you're in a crappy mood?? not been feeling too great recently and wondering what makes you happier

i got v specific mood lifters. but i will do my best!

the films: the intouchables, city island, the grand budapest hotel

the following artists/bands: joni mitchell, alt-j, nina simone, the cure 

i really like googling places to get food in a ten mile radius and then walk there and get something really nice! like it becomes a bit of a mission to get a brioche or a sandwich or both and it feels so nice and you can do it by yourself and take photos along the way (bring an ipod)

get a little bit drunk tbh

fuckin around with paint

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Sakura, did Sasuke ask you to rebuild his clan with him? What are your feelings towards this?


"O-Oh. W-well.."


"Tch. Of course I haven’t. Because that’s not how I see her."




"When we have kids, it won’t be because I have to revive my clan. Besides, I never meant it that way—I only ever wanted to renew the honorable name of my family. So when we have kids… it’ll be because we want to. Not because we have to."


"It always surprises me how confident you are in our future, Sasuke-kun…"



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I know you're busy and not accepting requests but when you are could you maybe write something about admiring someone from afar and them never noticing how you look at them? Thank you:) I love your writing<3

Hah. I’ve already lots written. No need to write more for now. Here’s a few:

Unrequited Love Poem #3978601 (But Who’s Keeping Track, Anyway?)

Looking at You is Like Looking Directly into the Sun

A Vivid Description of What You Do to My Innards. Because You Don’t Just Set Butterflies Free Inside My Ribcage Anymore.

If I Were a Fiction Writer

Theories on Why my Skin Turns to Fire

And thank you for your kind words. :)

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I remember, years ago, finding this Tumblr. I remember hating my body. I remember hating myself. I don't remember when those things became past tense, but they did. Time and self care heals a great deal of things, and if I had the strength, you absolutely do. My confession is I thought I wouldn't make it this far. But I did.

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whispers but bisexual duality loving sollux

sollux is the straightest straighty mcstraighterson of them all i’m so sorry but I just need sollux covered in ladies all the time getting awesome girlfriends left and right like it was his goddamn profession.