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"Hm... Something smells good!"-crafterscrusade

Wide eyes darted to look over his shoulder out of his peripheral, he was surprised someone managed to sneak up on him. “Oh. Uh…” He struggled with the sack he held, which was filled with several pies, “Yes, yes… the bakery is cooking up a storm this morning!”

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Truth Serum ask: Would you have a threesome if you could with Ira and Keke?

His face contorted to a frown that slowly fell agape.

Valek shook his head, vigorously.

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How'd You get your copy of the Hobbit?


when i was in 4th grade we had ssr (silent sustained reading) after lunch and we could sit anywhere in the classroom where we wanted we could sit over by the little bookshelf or under a table or wherever

and my friend had this spot she always went to under a table in a cozy corner and i wanted to try sitting there once so i sat in that spot with the hobbit that i got from our school library and its like a hella old book with no sleeve on it and a faded sage green and its just like a cool antique lookin thing 

so i sat with that and started reading it

my friend comes back from the bathroom

is fucking furious i took her spot

she grabs a big cardboard atlas book and smacks me in the face with it

my nose starts bleeding and i get blood on the hobbit

i took it back to the library when it was due and told the librarian what happened and she was like thats kind of gross just keep it

and thats how i got my copy of the hobbit

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<3 you're v cute


Thank you so much! You gave me quite the scare. My phone said I had an anon message and I was scared it might be someone getting angry at me again.
Thanks… And thanks again! You’re very awesome!

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[My muse shows up at your muses doorstep in the middle of the night. Without saying a thing, they collapse into your muse’s arms. Put your muse’s reaction in my ask box.] Jerran reached out on impulse to catch the man who had shown up at his door. "Uh... Are you okay?" he asked awkwardly. The man wasn't necessarily big. He wondered if anyone would miss him... (thevoiceofredmesa)

Blood is not a thing that often paints Elliot, so the sheer amount of it covering him would be a horrible sight…
If this wasn’t a completely different town. Despite working for the town and not Strex, he’d been pulled into this town and their headquarters to fix a small rodent problem. That had been simple, and hadn’t really caused him any issues. What had was his car, which was a smashed up mess nearby. Being electrocuted by your radio isn’t in the list of things one really expects when they’re driving, and one thing lead to another, lead to him trying to knock on doors. What was this town like? Would they help? would they bother?

He thought he could hear speaking, but Elliot couldn’t really reply. Adrenaline from the crash and pain did nothing for his silenced throat.

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"That iddy-biddy bun o' yours looks mighty tasty." ~ fxraldxgs

"Yes, but shoulder bunnies have very sharp fangs, horns and bones. Widget would be your last meal," Elliot pointed out. "Besides, he’s mostly fluff. If you’re hungry, then I can help… Widget just ain’t the answer."