@anonreum: hey loves. Congratz on your comeback (/hands you a small box) just a small present, something that you’ve earned for all your hard work. [inside is a rose gold bracelet with places for charms] I want to build this bracelet just as we build our relationship together. yeah i know, greasy, but you’re the one who makes me like this (/pouts;puts it on you) here’s your first charm, a single unique snowflake, because, Areum, that’s what you are to me…one of a kind. (/pulls you in for a hug; whispers) ;2013/04/29; our date.

Happy 3 months loves~

To my dear Areum,

how hectic is our life that we can hardly talk with each other. It gets frustrating when I can’t hold you like I want to, however this doesn’t stop either of us. 3 months later and we’re still going strong. Babes, I love you heaps. Still as much as when I was dying for you to love me back, maybe even more. I want to reassure you of my love sweets, and her it is. I love you Areum, now and forever.

Love your Myungie.

anonreum-deactivated20131125 said:

Ohhh. /nods before grinning, pinching your cheeks; Good luck on your exams baby~ /chuckles; Study Hard but-- don't stress yourself too much. B( okay~?

Ok my loves (/kisses briefly) goodnight now. sleep tight sweets x

take care okay, I know I’m not fit to do so now but I promise I’ll be yours after this stupid exam period.

love you

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hate anons and other people don’t support you two? don’t worry i support the two of you! ^^ hey people! don’t you dare to ruin their relationship or i’ll strangle you all to death!

ahaha you’re so sweet. thank you for your support. It’s okay btw, it’s not as bad as some other couples get (/eye smile) hey we’ll catch up one time yeah? you me and little reumee (/laughs)