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Steve spanking Tony's ass, watching it move, then proceeding to kneed it so Tony can feel the burn underneath Steve's firm, rough, calloused hands. Steve rewards him with let him suck his dick, and pulling off right before he comes only to lift Tony up and gaging him with a giant dildo and telling him to suck. He then fingers him, while pumping himself and then shooting his load all over Tony's ruined hole.



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"Aoba, are you angry?" Koujaku asks after the dance ceremony of the maidens finished. Aoba continue stomping his way and went down the garden. Unmindful of his dirtied robe. "Tonight’s event is to celebrate your success over the enemy camp. I need to do my divination, leave me." But suddenly he felt strong arms embrace him from behind, "Aoba, I’m sorry I made you feel lonely in there." he hugs tighter. "and… thank you for the Mamori charm. It really protected me at the battlefield. Thank you."

Aoba sighs softly “Don’t mention it…and welcome back, Koujaku.” as Aoba closes his eyes and accepting Koujaku’s embrace. “It’s good to be back.” Koujaku hugs him tighter. “After you’re done with your prayer, please get some rest, you must be really tired.” Confused, he looks at Koujaku “Huh? What do you mean?” Isn’t it him who needs to rest anyway? “Well, you must be tired because this morning you gave me en-musubi omamori (love charm) instead of the battle protection one.” Feeling the heat rising to his head, Aoba releases himself from his lover’s embrace. “It-It was just a mixed up!! I made it for a villager who asked me yesterday! I gave you the right one afterwards, didn’t I?!” Seeing the shrine priest getting redder, makes Koujaku eager to continue teasing him. 

"But you know, that love charm, can you also make one for me? For us, i mean." Aoba gives him a disapproval look and begins to stammer "N-NO! Why would we need that anyway?!" He doesn’t understand where this conversation is heading to and after a short silence, Koujaku walks closer to him and cups the smaller man’s face "Oh? We don’t need it? So you love me that much that we don’t need the love charm. I’m so happy Aoba." His face is totally red now as Koujaku gives him a big smile "I-I’M LEAVING!"


Credits to Summer anon who sent me this. I added a little afterscene because i REALLY love this headcanon. Your HCS are always perfect and you have no idea how much i love them THANK YOU. 

as requested from this post, have some dancing stucky ;u;

reserve i know its not fanart but i hope this is an acceptable substitute?

fic: revision - harry/zayn

by gravitycentered
8,340 words, nc-17
(canon au, first time, bottom zayn)

"I was gonna, like… Try something. Maybe.”

“Try something like what?” Zayn asks. “What have you even got left to try? Ladies’ pants? Bondage?”

“Something like that. No though, like. With a bloke,” Harry says.

Blankly, Zayn repeats, “With a bloke.”


Lost and Found

prompt by a very very lovely anon: Hi Em… I’ve recently made the decision to adopt a little girl, and to quell my nervousness, I wondered if you had words to describe the feelings Dean and Cas would feel bringing their daughter home for the first time, and how it amplifies and strengthens their own bond together.

Dean was sitting on the sofa, his hands clasped behind his head. It had been an incredibly long day, and yet it had all gone by so fast – it had been a day of opposites like that, a rollercoaster of excitement and nerves and happiness and terror and wonderment and mundanity. It was as though today had been so special that not one single emotion had wanted to be left out; Dean had felt them all, every single one. And now he was sitting on the sofa, wrung out and dazed, basking in the quietness and the dim glow of the easy lamplight.

Dean couldn’t quite believe that the day was over. He’d been so nervous about it for so long – his stomach didn’t feel quite his own without the familiar weight of anxiety lying heavily over it. He’d spent weeks and weeks obsessing over every tiny detail of their preparations – which colours were best to decorate the baby’s room; which foods would be most healthy and nutritious; how many stories they should be reading to her every day; which toys would be most fun for her to play with. What his first words to her would be when he picked her up and held her for the first time. Which room he’d show her first when they got her home. What their first meal as a – as a family would be.

And of course, beside him throughout had been Cas; Cas, in his soft-scratchy sweaters and scruffy stubble, always calm and outwardly relaxed. Cas had listened to all of his diatribes and doubts and deliberations with the same gently solemn expression, occasionally interposing a quiet, “we could always buy both brands of diaper, Dean, and see which one works best”, or “perhaps we could add a little honey to her morning porridge, too”. It had been Cas who had soothed Dean’s terrible nerves, with quiet words and wordless touches. And it had been Cas who had talked Dean down from the stepladder in the baby’s room at three o’clock yesterday morning, when he’d been poised up there with a roller loaded with blue paint, ready to go over the mint green emulsion they’d originally chosen because he’d read an article that said blue was the most intellectually stimulating colour for young children.

And yet, after all that anxiety and stress and downright fear, the first day with their new baby girl had been… just that, just another day, only with one extra person in it. They’d fed her and changed her and soothed her when she cried at the strange new place with its strange new smells and sounds. They’d wiped her mouth clean and read her a story and jiggled her in her bouncy chair. They’d taken care of her, and it had been – simple. And terrifying. And amazing. And fun. And mundane. And perfect. Dean’s bones ached.

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Normally Gabriel entered the Winchester motel rooms with flare, gusto, or at least some finesse. But one morning, Sam didn’t realize Gabriel had appeared until he was tapped on the shoulder as he was researching their current case. He looked up, maybe expecting to see Castiel, because appearing silently was his thing.

“Gabriel?” Sam blinked, seeing his heavy eyelids and a flushed, or even green shade, to his face. “You don’t look so good.” Gabriel gave a half hearted smile.

“I don’t feel so good. Must have been something I ate,” Gabriel said, arms folded over his vessel’s stomach, which gave a disturbing whine in protest. “Hush you.” Sam raised his brows.

“Did you actually eat too much candy or something?” Sam had joked about Gabriel eating too much chocolate before, but Gabriel always said the perk of being an archangel was that he got all of the good taste and none of the belly aches.

Gabriel shrugged and plopped down on Dean’s bed on his back. “Or something. I think I was poisoned.” Sam waited for the punchline but Gabriel just let out a painful groan.

“Y-you’re serious?” Sam stood up from his research, ready to call Poison Control or take Gabriel to get his stomach pumped. Though he paused, wondering if poison effected archangels. “You’re susceptible to poison?”

“Certain kinds.” Gabriel muttered, his eyes closed and his hand waving about sluggishly. “Magical or cursed poisons. I do have a long list of enemies. I mean, it probably wasn’t Kali because she’s more likely to leave a burn mark. She likes to destroy people in person. Maybe it was Odin. He’s a spiteful asshat.”

“Do you need something?” Sam asked, because poison was not something to take lightly.

“A place to rest,” Gabriel said. “Can’t really do anything except wait for my being to heal from it. It’s like the worst case of indigestion in the world. Only an angel sword can really kill me, you know.” Gabriel then sat up, sounding thoughtful. “I bet it was Baldr, or even Frigg. She never did forgive me for nearly killing her precious, perfect little princess. Seriously. Do you know how tired I was? Hearing how perfect he was? Perfect little momma’s boy more like it…” Sam sighed, figuring Gabriel was being dramatic. If he was energetic enough to rant about Baldr, he was well enough to heal on his own. Well, that’s what he thought until he saw Gabriel cover his mouth, and then a second later he disappeared, only for Sam to hear him in the bathroom retching.

It was lovely timing when Dean came in with breakfast and heard an archangel puking in the bathroom. Sam sighed, having to explain that Gabriel had to stay for a while. Dean is not happy with this fact but he at least grimaced when he heard Gabriel the second time, with a bit more of a choking sound.

Then Gabriel said, “Oh, well mystery solved. It was Frigg. She’s the only one that would send me mistletoe.”


Sam loaned his bed to Gabriel and left a bucket for him beside the bed. Not that Gabriel couldn’t make it to the toilet, but it was the thought that counted in Sam’s opinion.

“TV…” Gabriel bemoaned in a zombie like fashion. Sam rolled his eyes when the motel room’s brick television became a plasma widescreen… -what ever it was- on the wall and turned to the nearest cartoon channel. “Hey, hey, don’t mock the healing power of Television.”

“You’re a grown angel, I would think you’d chose something better than Loony Tunes.” Sam adjusted his tie because he and Dean were going undercover again.

“Old ones or the new ones?” Dean asked, finally finished in the bathroom and ready to hit the road.

“Classics, of course,” Gabriel said. Dean made a face that said that was an acceptable answer before he jiggled the keys at Sam.

“Okay, okay.” Sam looked at Gabriel. “You have our numbers, and we let Cas know that you’re here and not feeling good. Are you sure I can’t get you anything? There’s not some spell that will help?” Gabriel have him a smile.

“Just your tender love and affection,” Gabriel said, which was good for getting a gag reaction from Dean before he left the motel room. “At least give me a kiss before you go.” Sam gave a glance at the closed motel door before he leaned down to kiss Gabriel’s brow, completely missing his puckered lips. He was not kissing that mouth when he’d seen the black sludge that had come out of it.

“You focus on healing up,” Sam said, walking towards the door and ignoring Gabriel’s childish pout. “And no pranks.”

“Oh sure, take the fun out of everything,” Gabriel muttered. Before Sam closed the door he asked, “Still love me?”

Sam sighed but nodded. “Yes, still love you.” Then he shut the door and tried to focus on their case.


After some useful information had been gathered, Sam and Dean stopped by a corner store for some supplies. Sam found himself looking at the pharmaceuticals for more than a couple minutes, trying to figure out how much activated charcoal an archangel would need to purge the poison in his system. He would probably need a whole county’s worth; but it wasn’t magical, so he wasn’t sure if it would work on cursed mistletoe.

Sam grabbed the only 3 bottles that were left on the shelf and as he passed by the drink section he picked up a box of cheap chamomile tea because it was supposed to help with everything; magic induced stomach aches included.

Dean gave him a raised brow at the checkout line before he asked, “You going to make him homemade chicken soup too?”

“Shut up,” Sam said, he wasn’t just going to sit by and do absolutely nothing while his lover was suffering.

“I think he’s faking it,” Dean said. “Seriously, mistletoe? People use that for kissing.”

“It’s also a very deadly poison,” Sam informed him as they were getting their order rung up. “In Norse Legend, it was the only thing that the goddess Frigg had not asked to never harm her son Baldr. Loki used another god to shoot mistletoe to kill Baldr.”

“Then who was the guy walking around that hotel?” Dean asked, remembering Baldr and Kali had had a thing.

“I think that’s why Gabriel said ‘nearly killed’ Baldr.” Sam paid for the groceries and his things for Gabriel. He was eager to get home and check on the archangel to see how he was doing. “Gods can be spiteful.”

Making it back to the motel room, it was eerie to Gabriel still in the same spot he’d left him in that morning. Gabriel looked half dazed as Sam walked over to the bed and sat next to him. Gabriel’s face was flushed and there was a shine of sweat on his skin.

“Wow, you look like crap,” Dean said from the doorway.

Gabriel scoffed. “Well thanks, Dino. Remind me to return the favor when your insides are molten lava.”

“Stop it you two.” Sam opened the bag and showed Gabriel the bottle, but didn’t get any recognition to it. “I figured it couldn’t hurt to get something for poison. It’s charcoal.”

“Bleck,” was Gabriel’s only response.

“Don’t be a baby about it,” Sam told him.

Gabriel’s head rolled back as he rolled his eyes and slowly pushed himself up. “How much did you get?”

“They only had three left,” Sam said.

“Three cases? Three pounds? Three tons?”

“Bottles. Three bottles.” Sam shrugged.

Gabriel sighed and pinched the bridge his nose for a moment. “Better than nothing I guess.” Gabriel popped off the bottle cap and Sam got up to turn on the cheapest coffee maker on the motel room table to make hot water with. Dean was doing his best to ignore them and was changing from his crisp suit to more comfortable hunting clothes. Sam went back over to join Gabriel when he had a paper cup of hot water with two teabags starting to steep. Gabriel had already emptied the whole bottle down his throat and Sam blinked.

“I wasn’t expecting it to go that fast,” Sam said.

“Well if it’s going to have any effect, might as well down them all.” Gabriel closed his eyes, still sitting up. Sam pressed his hand lightly to Gabriel’s fevered brow but immediately pulled back, as though touching the red coils of a stove.

“Ow…” Sam’s hand went to his mouth and Gabriel blinked tiredly. “You’re… literally burning up.”

“Oh great.” Gabriel groaned, his face sinking into his hands. “I hate this part.” It was obviously not the first time Gabriel had been poisoned like this, but it didn’t ease Sam’s mind.

“Um, I guess hot tea wouldn’t help at the moment then,” Sam muttered. Gabriel seemed to realize Sam was holding the cup in his hands.

“You made me tea?” Gabriel asked and a smile creased on his face as he rested his chin in his hand. “You’re sweet.” Sam shrugged and tried not to be aware of Dean making faces in the background.

“I… dunno if it’ll really help, but yeah,” Sam said. Gabriel look the cup and Sam grimaced as Gabriel started to drink it. “It’s still… hot.” The temperature didn’t seem to bother Gabriel though, which Sam was relieved to see. Archangel, he reminded himself. Sam watched a puff of steam leave Gabriel’s mouth as he let out a partly relieved sigh.

“Trust me, it’s still a few hundred degrees cooler than what’s going on in here,” Gabriel told him with a tired smile. Sam returned the smile and Gabriel laid back down, seemingly to rest, but since angels didn’t sleep, Sam could only guess that Gabriel was resting his eyes and focusing on healing.

“Come on, Sam, we got us a chupacabra to catch tonight,” Dean said, packing the essentials for a good old fashioned monster hunt. Sam changed out of his suit, but he looked at Gabriel and felt conflicted. Gabriel was still sick, perhaps even vulnerable to attack in his current state.

“Maybe you should ask Cas to go on this hunt with you,” Sam said as the sun was going down; a good time to head out and start a hunt. Dean blinked, confused.

“Why? You and me can handle it,” Dean said.

“Because… I think I should stay with Gabriel until he’s feeling better,” Sam said. Dean looked betrayed. “It’s one night, Dean, I think you and Cas can handle one chupacabra.”

“That’s our thing though,” Dean muttered. Sam rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

“Come on, Dean. Gabriel’s sick. Gabriel, the archangel that saved us from Lucifer…”

“Jesus, fine.” Dean looked up, getting out his phone. Several seconds after Dean asked, “Wanna go on a hunt?” Castiel had appeared in the motel room and said in person that yes, he would like to go on a hunt. Sam found it amusing and resisted to wish them a fun first date as they both left.

Gabriel started stirring an hour later while Sam had pulled out a book to read. An actual, fictional book. Not another tome on monsters.

“Hey,” Sam said, sitting up on the other bed. Gabriel made a groan in response. “I keep trying to figure out if you’re sleeping or not.”

“Nah, there are just periods that I feel way too dizzy to do anything,” Gabriel muttered, blinking his eyes open. He let out a mild belch that didn’t sound too pleasant and Gabriel made a face that confirmed it, his hands over his stomach. “Sam, if you ever get a pie from an anonymous admirer. Do not, I repeat, do not eat it.”

“Noted.” Sam shut his book and moved over to Gabriel’s bed. He carefully touched his cheek and found it wasn’t actually scalding hot anymore. “At least you won’t be burning down the motel tonight.”

“Yay,” Gabriel said with the scariest lack of enthusiasm. Sam made him more tea and had Gabriel swallowed another bottle of charcoal. This time he actually let the tea cool and steep properly. Gabriel gave him a tired smile as he laid down again. “You’re too good to me.” Sam shrugged, face flushing ever so lightly.

“You’re sick. I don’t even feel like I’m doing much.” Sam took Gabriel’s hand and it squeezed back lightly. Maybe he was just worried. He’d never seen Gabriel like this. Never imagined an archangel to be immobilized by something like poison or anything less than a nuclear bomb.

“You’re doing a human thing,” Gabriel said, his eyes closed, looking peaceful for the first time in hours. “Caring about me.” It sounded so alien when Gabriel said that. It made it sound like angels didn’t take care of one another. Or maybe Gabriel was still somewhat delirious and he was talking about the gods he’d been with for so long.

“Is there anything else I can do?” Sam asked softly. He felt a bit useless and anything he’d looked up for normal mistletoe just told him to call Poison Control. The least he could do was to keep Gabriel as comfortable as possible.

“Mmm,” Gabriel’s one eye opened some, “belly rub?” It sounded like a joke. It should have been a joke. Sam wanted to ask of Gabriel was serious, but he really knew Gabriel better than that. The small smile told him he WAS joking, but the watching eye hinted that Gabriel really did want some more pampering. Sam sighed, glad Dean was gone.

“Only because you’re sick,” Sam told him. Gabriel looked pleased as Sam pulled down the sheets and pushed up Gabriel’s shirts. Gabriel’s skin was flushed even under his clothes but it was a tolerable heat. Sam’s palm started a circular, clockwise motion over Gabriel’s soft belly. Gabriel let out a relaxed sound, closing his eyes again. He smiled a little and laid over Gabriel’s lap to get comfortable, his freehand tucking under Gabriel’s side for someplace to rest. It was a comfortable quiet; intimate in a non-sexual way. After a time, Gabriel’s hand found Sam’s, their fingers knitting together at his side in a silent thank you. Sam at least felt like he was doing something to help, which made him smile.


Sam woke up, half curled on Gabriel’s lap and his legs had found space along side the bed. Gabriel was sitting up and his face had returned to it’s original color and his eyes had life to them again.

“Morning, Sleeping Beauty,” Gabriel said.

“Morning.” Sam returned, rubbing his eyes and ignoring the princess name. “You look better.”

“Much.” Gabriel leaned over and out of the bucket (that Gabriel didn’t actually use for vomiting) he pulled out a handful of green leaves and white berries. “It all started coming out this morning.” Sam blinked at the pile that was dropped back into the bucket. He could only imagine Gabriel spilling up foliage, but Sam was grateful that he hadn’t seen anymore mysterious black substance that had been purged the first time Gabriel had to use their toilet.

Sam stretched out and sighed, his back popping from the way he’d been laying. “How did you eat so much mistletoe without realizing it was in the pie?”

Gabriel shrugged. “Well it was really good pie. You try to not eat an entire Asgardian baked pie in one sitting.”

“I’ll tell Dean not to eat Asgard’s pie.” Sam said and looked behind him, seeing Dean sprawled out on his bed, fast asleep. “Hunt must have been successful.” Gabriel shrugged.

“Hunt, date, what ever you want to call it,” Gabriel said. Sam smiled and pushed himself up to kiss Gabriel’s lips.

“I’m glad you’re better,” Sam said.

Gabriel sighed in a dazed, happy way. “I feel like I should say something about mistletoe and kissing.” Sam rolled his eyes and kissed Gabriel, pushing him back down so he could, lay on top of him.

“No mistletoe jokes for the rest of your life.” Sam told him and Gabriel made a noise that was probably temporary agreement. They snuggled up together until Dean woke up and started complaining about them being all mushy while he was in the same room.

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oh gosh okay how about a cs neighbors au in which our cuties get stuck in an elevator and one of them ends up confessing their feelings for the other?

Dearest Anon, I hope you enjoy what I did with this! It was a great prompt, feel free to drop me another anytime! <3

close to you

If there’s something about Emma Swan that’s maybe a little unusual, it’s that she doesn’t know anyone. Not really.

She hardly lets people in, barely ever talks about herself to any extent. The only people in her inner circle are a handful of friends she has found trustworthy. 

The only reason she knows Killian Jones, her neighbor, is because one day, she’d run into him in the hallway with his toolbox and his face a sweaty mess from just fixing their old lady neighbor’s sink.

He’d smiled at her and winked, then rolled his accent out into the open space between them, and ever since she’s been a changed woman.

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AU MEME: Louis lives on the beachfront, and one morning after a particularly bad storm, he wakes up to find a very beautiful, very frightened mermaid washed up on the shore. Said mermaid apparently cannot speak a word of English and sprouts legs when pulled out of water for too long. Brilliant.

Anon prompt - "How To Train a Darren" - CrissColfer drabble

Pairing: CrissColfer
Length/Rating: ~860/ PG for swearing and bodily functions
Summary: Darren is not Brian’s favorite person.

The first day is a little rough.  Brian hisses at him when Darren walks through the front door of Chris’ place, swats at his ankle, and then promptly scampers upstairs to hide under the bed.

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Anon asked for: pregnant!Regina, miscarriage, Emma provides comfort

She hasn’t moved for hours, lying in her bed after they brought her home from the hospital, after the blood was gone and whatever traces of life she’d nurtured so carefully were taken from her.

Emma stands looking at Regina for a few moments, silence roaring in her ears before she gingerly climbs onto the bed and lies behind the other woman, a tentative arm sliding around Regina’s waist.

"I’m sorry," Regina whispers in a voice that’s hoarse from crying out for the child she’ll never hold, and she closes her eyes as she feels the warmth of Emma’s body against her own, wondering if she’ll ever be able to rid herself of the cold that’s settled inside her.

"No, I’m sorry,” Emma whispers against Regina’s hair, swallowing hard over the rising lump in her throat and the ache in her chest, “for not taking better care of you…I’m so sorry, Regina.”

A hand creeps over her own and Regina lets out a broken, ragged sigh as she clings on to Emma’s fingers because scant comfort is better than none at all, and that’s really all she has left now.

o'solo #15: the way it ought to be

makes things true
things like you,

you and i

"Do you like it?"

Kelley hears the door click shut behind her, the sound like a shot in the suddenly quiet hotel room. Hope is gaping at her, temporarily speechless, and this outfit has already paid for itself.

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(inspired by strife’s playthrough of slenderman, which is a thing of beauty you should watch if you haven’t, and these beautiful headcanons by catatodrawsblood and blackrain707.)

warnings for peer pressure, bullying, claustrophobia, panic attacks, psychological horror, vomit, and drug mentions.


“It’s only a harmless bit of enchantment, Will,” says Xephos – and Will isn’t sure how he’s so calm about it, about the prospect of Will allowing the upperclassmen to cart him off to the surface of the planet far below the lazy orbit of their college for some twisted initiation ceremony. “No one’s ever died from it or anything, it’s perfectly safe.”

Oddly enough, the comment’s not exactly comforting. “I’m not sure ‘no deaths’ is the definition of safety,” he says, slow and anxious, falling behind the familiarity of technicalities to try and calm himself. “I mean- what if there’s been illnesses, or maimings, or-”

Sips is less gentle in his attempts at persuasion. “Oh come on, Strife, you big babby!” he says, cutting across the other man effortlessly and grinning a troublemaker’s grin. “We’ve all done it, and nothing bad happened to us. Well. Xephos lost a toe, but…” He shrugs.

“I did not!” says Xephos indignantly, flushing luminous sky blue with indignation even as Will goes an unhealthy shade of pale at the mental image of severed body parts. “Honestly, Sips, stop bullying him.”

“You wouldn’t want to be a chicken, would you?” Sips railroads across Xephos effortlessly, doesn’t even look at him – just grins wider and claps Will across the shoulders. “Or… maybe you would.” His face falls, a carefully crafted act that doesn’t quite hide the amusement dancing in his eyes. “Perhaps you wanna be known as Chicken Strife instead. Huh?”

Will gapes at him, mouths silently for a helpless second, before finally spluttering, “No! No, I’ll- I’ll do it.”

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"heterophobic slut"

I totally understand why you’re upset, though. I mean, last time I did a Thanksgiving break prompt and didn’t even write the actual Thanksgiving break. Talk about not filling a prompt! It was barely even Scerek! I’m so sorry, I know how much you love Scerek, lemme fix that right now

(Part 1)


Derek really wasn’t kidding when he said his house was on campus.

Still, Scott kind of expected to walk or maybe skateboard down the road to get there, not trudge through the woods in the chilly morning air. “You live in the woods?

"Yeah, I know," Derek says. "It’s creepy as hell and really cliche for a family of werewolves. But my great-grandparents didn’t want to get rid of the yard when they built the college."

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fic- Rose sighed softly as her long golden hair fell perfectly onto her shoulders as she lifted up her body from her unmade bed, twisting her head slightly to see John sleeping peaceful next to her. she stocked his hair smiling to herself , she didn't want to wake him but she knew if she didn't he would be late for work. "raise and shine doctor"She whispered with a soft smile. John's eyelids crunched up and he moaned. "Ten more minutes" John replied back pulling Rose in for a morning kiss.


A Taste of Home || Fic Request

Set shortly after the episode ‘Dalek’…

Special thanks to my beta-reader: thatfantasyworldofmine

“Adam!” Rose shouted down the aisle of particularly dusty books. She’d lost the TARDIS’s most recent guest somewhere in the Ancient Greece section. “Adam, are you gonna help me or not?”

She heard his laugh first. That childish peal of glee. At first it’d seemed cute, almost endearing, but now Rose could barely suppress an eye roll as the sound wafted through the library. Adam appeared at the end of the aisle, a thick, leather-bound book in his hands. “Did you know he has an original copy of the Iliad in here? And the Odyssey! How is that even— What?”

Rose’s pointed stare was what made him question his excitement. “Where’d you get that?”

“That glass-covered section back there.” The pages rustled and cracked as Adam flipped to the center of the book, almost as if they were crying out in pain. “Why?”

Rose huffed. “The Doctor doesn’t like anyone touching the original copies.” She took the book and gently shut it, placing it as delicately as possible in a gap on the shelf. “Besides, we’re not here to browse. I asked you to help me.”

Adam’s shoulders visibly slumped. “Fine.” He ran his finger along the spines of the books Rose was perusing. They were decorated in swirling designs that Rose wagered even Adam’s genius-level intellect had never seen before. Some seemed to glow, others looked faded. Each of the books was large with yellowing pages and at the top of the shelf were bottles filled with purple liquid and labelled with the same swirling designs. “What are these circles?” Adam asked.

“It’s his language,” Rose explained, chewing on her bottom lip as her eyes scanned the bookshelf.

Adam stared at her. “The Doctor’s language is a bunch of shapes?”

She sighed and countered, “Isn’t English just a bunch of lines? Dunno if you’ve noticed, but the TARDIS translation matrix has been translating books for you since you stepped foot in the library. All those ancient books you were gawking at? You could read those even though they’re not actually written in English.”

"But not these?" Adam asked, gesturing to the books in question.

Rose nodded curtly. “But not these.”

“Well, why’s that, then?” Adam asked, pulling a book roughly off of the shelf and thumbing wildly through its pages. “If the ship gets inside my head and translates everything else, not to mention is from the same place as the Doctor and this swirling language, then why—”

“Stop asking questions and help me,” Rose said a bit snippily, wondering vaguely if she ever sounded to the Doctor as annoying as Adam was, at that moment, sounding to her.

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Supernatural; Ace!Human!Lucifer enjoys having his hair pet as him and his partner unwind from their day and talk about how things went. (You're choice of Samifer, Deanifer, or Michifer)

Sam’s sat on the sofa a little oddly to accommodate Lucifer’s sprawling - back to the arm rest rather than the actual seat, legs crossed in front of him so Lucifer’s head can rest on them comfortably whilst his body stretches out across the rest of the sofa. It’s comfortable for both of them, though, and gives Sam the best angle of access to Lucifer’s hair, so he’s really not complaining.

"How did things go with Cas, today?" he asks, a little hesitantly, one hand smoothing over Lucifer’s temple, the line of his jaw, before sliding back up to his forehead. Castiel’s been more than a little wary, a little frosty, to his big brother since Lucifer turned up, and today he’d insisted that the two of them go for a walk together. Alone.

Although nothing had been on fire when they’d returned and neither of them had been bearing visible wounds, they’d both gone and shut themselves in their respective rooms for a while afterwards. Sam’s not entirely sure if that was a good thing or bad.

"Mmh," hums Lucifer, eyes slipping closed as Sam cards fingers through his hair, presses the pads of his thumbs hard against the ex-angel’s skull in a deep massage, uses his nails to drag lightly over his scalp. "We talked. It was… enlightening." He sighed a little, turning his head into Sam’s thigh and pressing his cheek against the warmth of it through Sam’s jeans. "He’s very lost. Very angry."

Sam had suspected as much, but it’s a little sad to hear so from Lucifer, of all people.

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The man craned his neck down to plant a full bite on her's, giving her an accidental opportunity to look back at the still-raging crowd. “Wait!” she said, making him snap his head up. “I don't want anyone to see.” He looked annoyed and horny before he yanked her through the back door and into the backseat of the expensive black car he owned. Shoving her onto the seat, he took the thick leather jacket off of his shoulders and cast it onto the floor.


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"I..have we...met before?" The Do-John asked her slowly, unable to realize how much the words pained her. She licked her lips, suddenly wondering why she hadn't walked away to spare herself, wondering why she had stuck out her hand and forced her lips to curl up into a smile. She also wondered, on a much smaller scale, if he could see that her smile was hardly real. "No, we...haven't. Rose Tyler," she greeted him politely. He took her hand with a small frown, not believing her. TBC


Up to No Good

I wrote a Hogwarts!AU and then my laptop died and I made a deal with the laptop gods that if I got my file back I would publish it. Guess what I got back?

Up to No GoodLight’s 6th year at Hogwarts was supposed to be his best. Then L appeared, his new DADA teacher on a search for a notebook that may or may not be in Light’s possession. Thus begins a year of miserable class periods, insomniac Aurors, pain-in-the-ass girlfriends, a mysterious horcrux, handcuffs, dementors, and a pair of weird looking second years who won’t stop following Light around. And who is this “Kira” everyone keeps talking about?

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I thought you already wrote the Geno leaving Sid scene? And Sid stepped into some sort of trap (like a pressure trap in the woods), and a group of zombies was about to overtake him and Geno?

Oh god anon I could kiss you, yes, that’s what I thought I wrote.  So I’m not losing it, I did actually write that.  It just appears to have been eaten, because I can’t find it anywhere.  Anyway, so if it ever turns up, there will be two versions of this scenario.