Honestly guys if you don’t fucking like a fic because the boy who gets it in the ass isn’t who you want just close your eyes, press the big red X in the corner, and don’t come back to the fic. Don’t comment shit on it, don’t tell the author to write other stuff. Just close your eyes and walk away and find a fic where the person you prefer gets a dongle inside them. Just don’t fucking comment.

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OH YEP YOU GOT IT. I'M SO SORRY.. (Kind of) but I bet iwa asked kindachi for advices once on oikawa. And God kindachi tried so hard to get legit advice, encourage iwa, and smile. "I think I like oikawa..." Iwa says, and kindachi digs his nail in his own skin so deep, he's sure he's drawing blood. "Yeah? It's quite obvious" kindachi lets out a choked out laugh. "w-what? Do you think he noticed?" And kindachi wants to say "no." But instead says "he likes you back. So don't even worry about it."

Kindaichi probably even encourage Iwa-chan to go and finally confess to Oikawa. “It’s obvious you both like each other just do it Iwaizumi-senpai” and he smiles while ignoring the pain in his heart and the urge to cry. The next day during practice he notices Oikawa and Iwaizumi acting super blushy with each other but Kindaichi tries to ignore it. After practice Iwaizumi goes up to Kindaichi in the locker room and tells him, “I took your advice and told Oikawa how I feel. um, yeah, now we’re together.” Kindaichi doesn’t turn around to meet Iwaizumi’s face, “I’m really happy for you!” and oh his voice starts to crack a bit and Iwaizumi notices. “Hey is everything ok Kindai-” “Iwa-chan hurry up~” Oikawa yells out. Iwaizumi quickly thanks Kindaichi, “you’re a good friend, thanks again” and walks out. Kindaichi doesn’t move from his spot, he can hear everyone leaving, he’s probably alone now but he still can’t move. He balls his hands into a fist and trembles. Kindaichi slams his head on the locker when he hears Kunimi’s voice behind him. “If you want to talk about it, talk about it. I already kinda knew” And as if those were the magical words Kindaichi needed, he turns around and hugs Kunimi unexpectedly and cries. Kunimi doesn’t say anything and pats Kindaichi on his back. “You’ll be ok.”  


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The man craned his neck down to plant a full bite on her's, giving her an accidental opportunity to look back at the still-raging crowd. “Wait!” she said, making him snap his head up. “I don't want anyone to see.” He looked annoyed and horny before he yanked her through the back door and into the backseat of the expensive black car he owned. Shoving her onto the seat, he took the thick leather jacket off of his shoulders and cast it onto the floor.


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fic- Rose sighed softly as her long golden hair fell perfectly onto her shoulders as she lifted up her body from her unmade bed, twisting her head slightly to see John sleeping peaceful next to her. she stocked his hair smiling to herself , she didn't want to wake him but she knew if she didn't he would be late for work. "raise and shine doctor"She whispered with a soft smile. John's eyelids crunched up and he moaned. "Ten more minutes" John replied back pulling Rose in for a morning kiss.


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hi so i just think it would be cute if your otp was arguing over what type of ice cream to get or something along those lines.

“You’re insane,” Korra said. “Obviously, the best flavor is mango.”

“Nope,” Asami said, popping her lips on the ‘p.’ “Chocolate for me, please, thanks.”

Korra scowled at her girlfriend over the table. One of their first stops after their spirit world venture had been to Asami’s favorite ice cream shop.

This was entirely new to both of them.

Clearly there were still kinks to be worked out.

“Mango,” she grunted.

Asami leaned over the table and tapped Korra’s nose. “Chocolate.”

“I don’t think I will ever understand you.”

“It was my father’s favorite,” Asami looked down. “We used to come here for ice cream whenever one of my projects succeeded.”

Korra went hot. “Oh.”

“It’s fine,” she said. “Why mango?”

Korra shrugged. “Mangos don’t grow in the south pole, and I was never allowed to leave until I came to Republic City. I guess it taste like freedom.”

Asami smiled, then put her hand on top of Korra’s on the table.

“I guess we still have a lot to learn about each other.”

“I guess we do.” 

send me a sentence and a pairing and I’ll write you a ficlet

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"aight motherfuckers listen up, this is your boy lamar davis, and imma about to spit a freestyle for my homie franklin.. here it is.."

Lamar slurred heavily, nearly deep-throating the microphone with how close it was to his lips. Franklin’s face was already in his hands.

“Fuck, Lamar, get off the stage! It’s karaoke, not fuckin’ freestyle—“

“Man-!” Lamar hiccupped; the microphone screeched. Next to Franklin, Michael winced, scrubbing his face with the back of his hand, the whiskey in the other slopping over the edge and onto the floor. “Man, I’m tryna—I’m tryna show you my love, homie, ‘n you gotta be all… be all like this.”

Trevor raised his beer, his eyes just as dilated. “Fffffuck the rules,” He growled, having some trouble with the letter F in his state of inebriation; he also had trouble standing, and yet managed to get to his feet, even as Franklin physically curled away and Michael insistently tugged at the hem of T’s shirt. “Fuck the police. They can’t tell you not to sing for your favorite brother, your real true legitimate G, dedicated to your ffffavorite friend—“

“You tell ‘em, T!” Lamar shouted, his voice cracking somewhat, shaking his fist in solidarity.

“Who you sometimes think of when you’re jerking your salami on the toilet ‘cause you’re takin’ too long to shit,” Trevor blustered onward without acknowledgement of Lamar’s initial support, and he kept on even as Lamar’s fist lowered and his face scrunched up in deep, confused thought, “that same friend who changed his fuckin’ name ‘cause he’s a big, fat snake with big, fat tits y’wanna just–“

Michael’s tugging finally toppled Trevor, replacing his words with a shout as he fell to the floor. There was silence for a few more beats before Lamar dropped the microphone, uttering a “Aww, fuck, wait, y’all talkin’ ‘bout you two–!”

Franklin stumbled to his feet, turning to look towards the small, speechless crowd at the divebar’s karaoke night. He rubbed a hand over his mouth, his other hand gesturing lamely as he cooked up a response. Franklin finally shrugged, glancing down at Trevor, who was trying to crawl up Michael’s leg as the other man vigorously tried to shake him off. “We uh. We gonna leave now.”

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erik + mats + "I thought you love her but it's me? I am the person you love?"

“I thought you love her but it’s me? I am the person you love?”

Mats chuckles at that question, while leaning back so he could sit on the wall, not that it’s anything but comfortable. 

“Do you think I’ll just flirt with anybody’s breathing and tell them I love them if I don’t?”

Erik looks away while hiding his smile (and blushing) before mumbling, “But you never looks so serious when you said that.”

Mats leans closer to Erik’s ears, “If you want it, I can be as serious as I want.” 

Staring back at Mats, Erik could see that the older means it and something stirs inside his stomach before he nods slowly to that invitation, replied by a grin on Mats’ face

(Send me a ship and a sentence, I’ll write the next five)

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The man hugged her, and she collapsed a few seconds later. Blood pooled on the floor. A knife stuck out of the girl's back. She had been stabbed. A blonde lady wearing a purple leather jacket quickly ran over and rolled Katherine over to see if she was still alive. Alas, twas not the case. RIP, Katherine


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"I..have we...met before?" The Do-John asked her slowly, unable to realize how much the words pained her. She licked her lips, suddenly wondering why she hadn't walked away to spare herself, wondering why she had stuck out her hand and forced her lips to curl up into a smile. She also wondered, on a much smaller scale, if he could see that her smile was hardly real. "No, we...haven't. Rose Tyler," she greeted him politely. He took her hand with a small frown, not believing her. TBC


Let Me Know

 In which Sangbae and Juhyeon are mates but they’re just too stupid to do something about it. Wolf!Au and High School! Au
rating: teen and up audiences
pairing: mooffy
words: 564
warnings: unbetad, a/b/o dynamics 
ao3 / aff

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the swicheroo two au prompt // the creation of charlotte's batch (bonus points if it lines up with what happened in obspec)

[NOTE: I still don’t know what I want to do with Sarah and Helena’s fertility or with the idea of harvesting them to make more clones; this is just me playing around with this idea and is not necessarily AU Canon™]

[warnings: medical procedures, brief violence mention]

They’re twenty when a batch finally succeeds.

It’s been years and years of being harvested, eggs and cells and anything else the DYAD can think to take from them, and the only cold comfort has been the absolute lack of success in cloning them, cloning the clones. At night Sarah and Helena would curl up in the big bed in the bedroom, look at the two folders on the bed, and pick one to open. Bad news or worse news, and which one was which?

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"In time, Rose." Jackie sighed and adjusted Tony on her hip, moving forward to kiss Rose on the cheek before stepping away as Pete called. Rose thought it ironic, time being involved in healing the time lord, but she prayed to every deity she knew that it would actually work. She closed her eyes and let out another breath, trying to compose her facial expression. She opened them up, only to meet <i>his<i> eyes which echoed with puzzlement. "Hello?" The Doctor, or John for now, asked slowly. TBC



So to aide in the evident healing process I need to embark upon, I will be writing short, humorous tales all based around themes YOU suggest. That’s right, send me an Anon, or even something off Anon, hell I don’t care, with ONE WORD (or two, I’m very lenient) that will be used to inspire a story. It could be a name, it could be your favorite fruit, it could even be a word that you saw scribbled in a bathroom stall that you pray to god was written in pudding. IT COULD BE ANYTHING!!! and I’ll write a story based off that one word. Since I just started this today, I have no word to play off of. So send me some suggestions and I’ll get to writing. I promise this will be worth it I go to school for writing shit. So yeah. That’s it, peach pit. Keep it real and I’ll see you on the first installment of SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME STORY BOOK HOUR.  

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I swear, if I don't get another part in that Cartson time travel fic, I will find you and I will force you to write it.

(Oh god how popular is this?!)

“Does the SSR still exist?”

Natasha shook her head, and Peggy’s shoulders drooped. “But something better came out of it.”

“So eventually, we’ll both be out of a job and into civilian life?” Jack asked, sounding equally disappointed while Natasha smirked at them.

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five

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He spread her young, slender legs with his knee, continuing to lavish her throat and jawline with sloppy kisses, and groped her blatantly through her jeans, cupping her ass and the back of her thigh. "Tell me you want it." he said to her heavily. She was confused. How did this happen? Then Katherine realized: This was not innocent. This was never innocent. She came to him as a sheep, and he was the wolf, the hunter. And she was too far into this to stop.


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Rose stood off to the side, wondering whether she could stand sitting in this room any longer as he walked past her and didn't even give her a glance. She closed her eyes, sucking in a painful breath through her mouth. How couldn't he remember her? She bit her lip and Jackie shot her a look, sensing the pain she must have been in as little Tony Tyler, now one year of age, made faces in her arms, trying to make his sister smile again. "Rose...He'll remember," Jackie told her quietly. "When?" TBC

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I'm sort of spamming you now and sorry for that, but I do want to say I'm sincerely sorry and I can delete my ao3 account. I didn't notice until now, so thanks for posting that. I like your works, but I don't read them too much so I didn't notice.

Like, I can unfollow you if you want. im really disappointed in myself for not realizing that. I am oike, so so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you of all people, because you’re a great person, and all. sorry! !!! Like I feel super bad. Is there anything you need that I’ll be able to do, I’ll be willing to Like I did not notice. If you want a drawing or something. So you have every reason to lash out at me, becuase I deserve it. Honestly, I’m appalled I did that, uncouncouisly or not. So don’t pity me, becuase I don’t deserve it, but you have every reason to block me, send me anon hate, the works, All I want to say is sorry.

I’m not going to send you anon hate (if there are people doing that, please tell me and also block them! Anon hate is never okay and if anyone of my followers are doing that, this is for you: Stop. I’m disappointed in you and you have no right to go after someone when I’m handling the situation. I’m not even going to say thank you for caring, because there’s nothing ‘caring’ about doing something like that. It’s harassment and that’s worse than anything this person could have done to me.) and there’s no point in blocking you. 

You don’t have to delete your account (I specifically didn’t file a report because I didn’t want that to happen). You don’t have to do anything other than just not doing it again. Just write your own stories and don’t put someone else in a situation like the one I was in. I didn’t like the feeling I got when I started reading that fic only to find that it was just mine in less words.

Everyone does stupid things. I’m assuming that you’re pretty young, so I can empathize with why you did it. Young people aren’t very proud of themselves; they don’t have the strength to let themselves be so vulnerable when posting things they worked hard on, because they’re worried about how their work will be perceived. It’s sad, but you’ll grow, get thicker skin, and eventually be ready to put your heart out by posting your own writing. 

You clearly want to write, so that means you should. Write, but do it for yourself and do it without taking from others. 

Writers in fandoms don’t get anything from writing. There’s no money involved here. We do it because we love it, we want to share it with others who would love it, and because it’s a creative outlet! Fanfiction writers spend their time (a lot of it, by the way. 3k can take hours to write, but only minutes to read) doing this, and it’s very disheartening to have your work stolen and then to watch it be praised when it’s yours and not someone else’s.

All I needed was a sorry and I have that. Thank you. I hope you can find it in yourself to write for yourself next time and to be comfortable enough to have it be your writing and not someone else’s.

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Hey, I wrote you an ereri oneshot because people have been mean to you lately with their comments. I hope it cheers you up a bit more! It's called Where Life Goes over at Ao3

Hey anon! Thank you so so much! I saw it yesterday, but I didn’t have the time to read until now and WOW! I love it so much I can’t even describe! Thank you! <3

Seriously, everyone should read this wonderful fic! Find it here

I think yesterday was the best day of the month for me (I mean, nailing my Swedish national test in Speech, something I‘ve been worried and stressed for since last week, and then getting an e-mail in the evening that someone gifted a work for me!) So thank you so much for making my day so wonderful!

I want to give you a hug, sweet anon and I’m sending all my love to you! <3

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Katherine pulled away for a moment. "Who are you?" she asked the handsome stranger. "Doesn't matter", he breathed, and their lips were one. To Katherine, everything was that man. The whole outside world existed no longer. All she knew were here fingers in his hair, his slender body pressed against hers.

#not sure if same anon because it’s all short but I’ll go with it