for the anon that requested a Dean x Reader fluffy imagine (there will be typos. js)

Dean x Reader
Lets Live Life
You squeezed your eyes shut when another contractions hit, sending a shock wave of blinding pain through your body. When the pain had passed, you slowly opened your eyes and immediately caught Dean in your sights. He was standing outside the labor room door-why wasn’t he in here with you?- running his hands through his hair and glancing through the small window every few seconds.
"Doctor?" you said slowly, your voice coming out a bit strained, "i want my husband in here with me. I want Dean in here." The Doctor hesitated only a moment before opening the door and telling Dean to come inside.
Dean rushed to your side and grasped your hand in his, bringing up to his lips and kissing your hand before holding it to his cheek. “I’m here, babe. I’m here.” he said with a smile and tears in his eyes. you had always known how much Dean wanted a family, even if he never admitted it. But you could see it clear as day now, and nothing could have made you happier.
And for the next hour and a half, Dean stood by your bed, consoling you and talking you through the pain when you finally realized, “It’s coming. Oh my God. He’s coming.” you said, and after that, you only saw blurs of the doctors and nurses, but the whole time, you felt Dean. You felt him standing beside you, you felt his callused hands, from year and years of hunting, grasping your smaller, softer ones. And you heard his words and his whispers of how much he loved you.
And then it was over. You heard crying, the beautiful sound of your baby boy crying. And clapping from a couple of nurses off to the right side of your bed. As the Doctors wrapped the baby boy in a soft blue blanket, and handed him over to you, Dean pulled a teddy bear the size of your new born baby from behind his back, and layed it on your chest next to where you were cradling him.
"His first toy." Dean said.
You could only smile. “A teddy.” you said, and smiled up at Dean just in time to see him wipe away tears. “Teddy.” you said. “that’s it. that’s our boy.Teddy.” Dean let out a bark of happy laughter.
"Teddy." he said. "I couldn’t imagine him being called anything else."
——— 9 years later. Deans POV
"Now, you hold it here, and be sure to support it with your shoulder, or else it’s going to send you flying." I positioned the shot gun -my old childhood shot gun- in my sons hands, making sure to keep my hands on his back, ready to catch him after his first shot.
"I know, dad. You have been teaching me this stuff since i was a baby. I’m not a baby anymore." Teddy smiled up at me. A smile so much like his mothers plastered on his face. Teddy turned away from me and slowly, carefully positioned the gun back on his shoulder before aiming and taking his first shot at the target.
The kick from the gun knocked Teddy backwards into my legs, my hands quickly catching his shoulders.
"You okay buddy?" I said, when he hadn’t said anything.
Teddy turned to face me with a smile on his face bigger than the one before he shot.
"I’m great dad." he said, smiling at me and hugging my legs.
I looked over my should and saw my beautiful wife standing on the porch of our small house in the woods. She slowly smiled at me over the distance, and I could almost see the tears forming in her beautiful eyes, as she watched her son take his first step towards growing up.
——- 8 years later. Readers POV
You watched as Teddy packed some tee shirts into a duffle bag and grabbed an array of hunting weapons and an exorcism book from the lock room.
"Are your sure you want to do this, baby?" you said. You had been worried sick from the time Teddy had told you and Dean a couple days before that he had found a small case, and was going to take care of it. On his own. Dean hadn’t been happy, and he and Teddy had gone into a screaming match that reminded you of the ones Dean always had with Sam.
You took Teddy in as he walked around the room, collecting the odds and ends for the job. He was uncharacteristically tall, compared to you and Dean, and had a thick head of dirty blond hair. He was a handsome kid, and you wished he would just try to get a date every once in awhile. You knew he could have anyone he wanted, if he would get out of the house.
"no, mom." Teddy said, shaking his head slowly. "I’m doing this.. I’m almost eighteen and I want to have at least one job under my belt before I’ve got to be on my own." Teddy lugged the bag of supplies onto his shoulder, and kissed you on the cheek. "I promise I’m going to be okay, mom. I know dad isn’t happy, but he taught me everything. and he is the best hunter around. I’m going to be fine." Teddy hugged you before turning to the door, "Oh. I wont have my phone, because it wont work where ill be. I love you mom." Teddy quickly walked out the door and to his car before you had the chance to say anything else, and all you could do was watch him drive away.
"he’ll be okay, babe." You turned around to see Dean standing behind you, a small smile on his face. "our boy will be fine." Dean gathered you into his arms, and hugged you tight, smoothing your hair with his hand before placing a gentle kiss on top of your head. "common, babe." dean said, leading her towards their bedroom, "lets get some rest."
—— 2 days later
You were sitting at the table with an old book in front of you when you heard the front door open. You shot up from your seat when you saw Teddy step through the doorway.
"Teddy.. oh my god, Teddy!" you hugged your son as tight as you possibly could. "Dean. Dean!" you yelled, and Dean came running into the room before stopping to take in his boy.
Teddy had bruises on his cheek and a cut on his forehead, but was smiling from ear to ear. “I told you I would be okay.” he said, “I mean, I did learn from the best.” Dean just laughed before taking you and Teddy up in his arms.
" I love you, son. And I am so, so proud of you."
You breathed in the smell of the man you have loved for over 20 years, and the boy you have loved since before he was born, and suddenly, you couldn’t imagine how your life would have gone, had Dean not saved you from a spirit in the woods all those years ago.