Heavy Gauge Circular Barbells.
All made from Implant Grade Titanium.
Custom Anodized in store.
Made by Industrial Strength
Stocked by ModScene
So perfect you can see outside our windows in the reflection.

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Stole this one from Facebook:

Courtney Jane Maxwell: “This is the end result of the biggest anodization ‘project’ I’ve done so far! We did 14 niobium continuous rings graduating in color from light pink to light green. I originally included more colors (for those of you who saw the post I made a while back of the jewelry prior to installation) but we changed a few things to keep it in the range of her favorite colors. Then we topped it all off with a pair of gorgeous earrings from Glass Heart Jewelry that had an amazingly complementary color scheme. The finished product is pretty freaking awesome!!! Her shortly cropped silver hair definitely provides a stunning backdrop for it all! (Note: these are all healed piercing that the client has had since she was a teenager. I am only responsible for the jewelry!)”


Please help us to spread the word about The Magic Cube!

The Magic Cube is a precision made logic puzzle cube that highlights six noteworthy number sequences. The cube may look & move like a Rubik’s Cube but the similarities end there. The Magic Cube has 3,000 times as many combinations as a Rubik’s Cube, is completely monotone & is inscribed with numbers.

Dr. Kinlay, the cube’s designer, says, “I invented the thing and I know the solutions - I have trouble doing it. It could take me all day if I just picked one up.”

More than just an intriguing puzzle; the Magic Cube is also intended to stimulate interest in fundamental concepts of number theory, serve as a beautiful accessory, or a tactile device to hone your logic skills.


We’re currently raising funds on Kickstarter so we can manufacture the metal cubes & develop an online solution software.

Thanks!!! - The team at Innovation Factory

Oh hey there sexy lady! Might you be my septum clicker from @industrialstrength that I’ve been waiting on?! Black, red and fire opals, with an 11mm adapter #anodized copper! Sepum clickers arent just for the little piercings. If you have a large septum, lets decorate it out! Thanks @tatermongo #athinlinetattoo #plainfield #finallyniceseptumjewelry #thankskevin #ISbodyjewelry #fahncee #titaniumbodyjewelry #stretchedlabret #stretchedseptum #stretchedcartilage #stretcheverything

Got another septum piercing done this past week! 18g CBR with a blue and magenta anodized titanium captive bead (: updated my nostril jewelry to 16g 1mm clear cz tops since I lost one of my flower tops from Anatometal and didn’t want to be lopsided. Will be custom ordering some jewelry for myself soon to replace the missing top for my nostril and will be sizing up my philtrum to a 12g! Pretty excited (: