The signs’ annoying traits

Aries: Talks shit about people behind their backs
Gemini: Vain af
Cancer: reALLY judgemental
Leo: Gets mad over LITERALLY nothing
Virgo: Takes way too much ketchup for their fries and ends up wasting half of it
Libra: Leaves their old friends for new friends
Scorpio: They live to just annoy the FCUK out of you
Sagittarius: Never stops talking about how cute their pet is
Capricorn: NEVER pays attention to ANYTHING
Aquarius: Wastes things
Pisces: Jumps to conclusions


うざい勘違い男…that annoying moment…(w/腹ぺこリリィさぷり )〜 innolifetachiいのらいふ

That annoying guy who misunderstands…that annoying moment…(w/腹ぺこリリィさぷり )〜 innolifetachiいのらいふ

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Your Sign is Annoying Because:

Aries: apparently no one defined the word “no” to you when you were little
Taurus: for once, listen to me, and acknowledge that what you’re doING IS A HORRIBLE IDEA
Gemini: just shut up and calm down for once
Cancer: you’re like all over the place emotionally honestly calm down
Leo: stop claiming you’re heartless when you were crying five minutes ago
Virgo: you’d be cuter if you weren’t trying so hard to be cute
Libra: you’re still singing uptown funk and it’s just annoying now
Scorpio: your moral debates can stop because like its my opinion and you can leave tbh
Sagittarius: you’re impossibly calm and like have emotions please
Capricorn: you need to take like an exciting pill because you’re super lame
Aquarius: you’re crying all the time and stop making weird noises
Pisces: you want someone to love but you don’t want the one who loves you??

You’re not really black.

Things people need to stop saying to me/any POC.

Stop defining my blackness based on your preconceived notions of what being black means. The degree of melanin in my skin, my hair pattern, the way I talk, the music I listen to, the things I like, the people I associate with, the people I date - none of that defines my blackness. You sure as hell don’t define it for me.


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The Signs as Relatable Annoying Habits

Aries: slamming doors when people are sleeping

Taurus: forgetting to turn off the oven after making something to eat

Gemini: texting and driving

Cancer: being loud when you’re supposed to be quiet

Leo: forgetting to lock your house when you leave

Virgo: forgetting to turn off lights/tv off when you leave your house

Libra: forgetting to plug in your phone at night

Scorpio: biting your nails

Sagittarius: only doing makeup on one eye and getting sidetracked

Capricorn: accidently saying curse words in a formal setting

Aquarius: popping joints in public

Pisces: walking around while talking on the phone