I wish I didn't worry so much about what others think of me. I wish I was happy with myself. I wish I liked how I looked. I wish I was smart enough. I wish I had a better personality. There are lots of things I wish to change about myself, but my biggest wish is that I wish I wished none of it at all.
The Twerp Years
  • Mom:"I love you, but sometimes you're such a twerp."
  • Luke:[age 10] "What's a twerp?"
  • Mom:"A twerp is an annoying little person, like you were just being."
  • Luke:[with a big goofy smile] "That's me!"
  • Mom:"I don't know why they call it the tween years. It's really the twerp years!"

Leo : *bitch face* Yah… I didn’t even say a thing~ Why shouting at me??

Hyuk : Y/N Meaniee~ I’m just bored, why don’t you pay attention to me?

Ravi : *Step away from you* It’s like that huh? I see then…

N : *stops immediately* yah… why shouting huh? *shit I made her angry ><*

Ken : Omo…. What did I do? *runs away confused and a bit scared of you*

Hongbin : *stops talking* mi…miahne… *what just happened?*


ウザい店員part1 〜 ▽ミズキ

Annoying shop assistants part1 〜 ▽ミズキ

How many people, sir?

Just one.

Ah please cheer up, you’ll definitely find a wonderful partner one day! One loneeeer!


people who annoy the signs:
  • aries:people who to tell them what to do
  • taurus:people who rush them
  • gemini:people who are sensitive to their jokes
  • cancer:people who can't keep a promise
  • leo:people who never listen to what they have to say
  • virgo:people who mess with their things
  • libra:people who bring too many problems into their lives
  • scorpio:people who don't know when to stop talking
  • sagittarius:people who are easily offended
  • capricorn:people who think they're better than everyone
  • aquarius:people who are small-minded
  • pisces:people who belittle their dreams and aspirations
It’s hard to opening up to someone. When you show them your scars and all the horrible things you have been doing and thinking, you see their face change, like they weren’t expecting it. After it all comes out, they say it will be okay, and walk out of your life forever.
—  Source(keep it all inside)