Earlier at his house a mouse was caught in one of those sticky traps and everyone was saying we should drown/kill it. The poor thing kept screaming and I could see the fear in its eyes.

Please if you use those sticky traps use vegetable oil to help them get free! Just take them outside and pour a little onto their feet so they can free themselves.

Please do not drown them or hurt them further. Its cold outside and they were just trying to get warm. Please I beg you do not make them suffer more.

SNH48 Best 30 Request Time Concert Recap

On January 31, 2015, SNH48’s 2015 Request Time concert took place.

News and Annoucements
  • The fourth generation of SNH48 was officially introduced! The 4th gen has 18 members. Please check out the members page to find out more about all the new additions to SNH48.
  • SNH48’s 2015 General Election will take place on July 25, 2015!
  • SNH48’s Team HII will get their very first music video! The MV will be for 悬铃木 (鈴懸なんちゃら / Suzukake Nanchara)!
Opening Set

The show started off with performances from SNH48’s 6th EP, “GIVE ME FIVE!”:

01) Team SII & Team NII - 青春的约定 (GIVE ME FIVE!)
02) Team HII - 万有引力 (重力シンパシー / Juuryoku Sympathy)
03) Team NII - 因为喜欢你 (君のことが好きだから / Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara)
04) All Teams - 告白趁现在 (心のプラカード / Kokoro no Placard)

The Top 30 countdown, as voted by the fans:

30) Team NII - To be continued
29) Team HII - 悬铃木 (鈴懸なんちゃら / Suzukake Nanchara)
28) Mo Han, Xu Jiaqi, and Li Yuqi - 不眠之夜 (パジャマドライブ / Pajama Drive)
27) Dai Meng, Chen Si, and Qian Beiting - 纯情主义 (純情主義 / Junjou Shugi)
26) Team SII - 爱的幸运曲奇 (恋するフォーチュンクッキー / Koisuru Fortune Cookie)
25) Team HII members - 雨中动物园 (雨の動物園 / Ame no Doubutsuen)
24) Team SII - 借口 (言い訳Maybe / Iiwake Maybe)
23) Team NII - 二期生首推之歌 (2期生推し / 2nd Gen Oshi)
22) 徐晨辰 Xu ChenChen - 流着泪微笑 / Nakinagara Hohoende
21) Xu Jiaqi, Xu Zixuan, and Wen Jingjie- 心型病毒 (ハート型ウイルス / Heart Gata Virus)
20) Chen Guanhui, Li Yuqi, and Shen Zhilin - 黒天使 (黒い天使 / Kuroi Tenshi)
19) Kong Xiaoyin - 神魂颠倒 (今度こそエクスタシー / Kondo Koso Ecstasy)
18) Team SII - 黑白格子裙 (ギンガムチェック / Gingham Check)
17) Team NII members - 仙人掌与淘金热 (サボテンとゴールドラッシュ / Saboten to Gold Rush)
16) Team HII members - Blue Rose
15) Team SII - 开拓者 (BEGINNER)
14) Team SII- 生命之风 (風は吹いている / Kaze wa Fuiteiru)
13) 李宇琪 Li Yuqi - 夕阳下的约定 (夕陽を見ているか? / Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?)
12) Wu Zhehan and Qiu Xiyni 禁忌的二人 (禁じられた2人 / Kinjirareta Futari)
11) 鞠婧祎 Ju Jingyi - 都是夜风惹的祸 (夜風の仕業 / Yokaze no Shiwaza)
10) Feng Xinduo and Li Yitong - 燃烧的道路 (炎上路線 / Enjou Rousen)
09) Wan Lina, Huang TingTing, and Gong Shiqi - 初恋,你好 (初恋よ、こんにちは / Hatsukoi yo, Konnichiwa)
08) 林思意 Lin Siyi - 虫之诗 (虫のバラード / Mushi no Ballad)
07) Mo Han and Yuan Yuzhen - 爱恨的泪 (てもでもの涙 / Temodemo no Namida)
06) Zeng Yanfen and Ju Jingyi - 任性的流星 (わがままな流れ星 / Wagamama na Nagareboshi)
05) 赵粤 Zhao Yue - 爱的加速器 (愛しさのアクセル / Itoshisa no Accel)
04) Li Yitong and Huang TingTing - 夜蝶 (おしべとめしべと夜の蝶々 / Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou)
03) 沈之琳 Shen Zhilin - 恋爱捉迷藏 (ロマンスかくれんぼ / Romance Kakurenbo)
02) Lu Ting, Meng Yue, and Chen Jiaying - 如果你拥抱我 (抱きしめられたら / Dakishimeraretara)
01) Gong Shiqi and Yi Jiaai - 狼与自尊 (狼とプライド / Ookami to Pride)


01) 缘尽世间 (Yuan Jin Shijian / Our destiny in this world) - SNH48’s first original song
02) 梦之河 (夢の河 / Yume no Kawa)
03) 後會無期 (The end of the world) - This was a cover song.

Australia’s Next Top Model Season 9 Premiere Date Annouced!

Australia’s Next Top Model is back with Season 9 of its search for the next big name in modelling!

Also joining the new team will be a weekly special guest judge including Allesandra Ambrosio, Kelly Osbourne, Kim Kardashian , Jean Paul Gaultier, Elyse Taylor, Linda Evangelista, Alexandra Agoston, Alyssa Sutherland, Coca Rocher and ANTM creator Tyra Banks.

Australia’s Next Top Model Season 9 starts April 30, Thursdays at 7.30PM EST only on FOX8.

Some more guest judges have been annouced: Kim Kardashian, Alexandra Agoston and Coco Rocha

PSA! Since i was 9 years old i’ve been doing everything i can with my mum to save the Tigers from extinction. And now it seems that in the near future Tigers will no longer roam this planet. Please if you can do ANYTHING to help it would be greatly appreciated. I know lots of you don’t have the money to donate, neither do i. So spread the word on social media, sign petitions, etc.

Here are some petition/website links 

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Signal Boost thing asap! 

Mass Effect 4 announcement inbound as Bioware is “pushing hard before the holidays”

Posted on, by: Jason Moth

The long awaited Mass Effect 4 trailer or some other important announcement regarding the game could arrive soon. Creative Director Mac Walters recently revealed that the upcoming title is “looking better every day” and that the ME team “is pushing hard before the holidays, and it shows.” This suggests that Bioware could be preparing to share some more details with us in the near future. We probably won’t hear anything official by the end of the year, but early 2015 seems like a good time to reveal something. Ideally, we would like to finally see the Mass Effect 4 trailer and learn about the game’s real title but any other news would naturally be welcomed as well…



!!!some of the stuff that’ll be available at AX!!!! (D10!!)
♡egg sweatshirt
♡peplin colourblock tee
♡teamok 3/4 long sleeve

very limited amount of certain sizes in egg/colourblock tee so if you want them please come earlyyyyy

(*^u^* otherwise, i’m v. excited!!

Things that are optional:

  • pickles on a sandwich
  • extra credit on a test
  • a free cup of coffee

Things that are not optional:

  • using someone’s pronouns when they’ve asked you to use them
  • using someone’s chosen name when they’ve asked you to use it
  • doing your best to insure the safety of  trans people
Hetalia Beautiful World - Nyotalia Cast!!!!

Brina also voices Chibitalia!

Alexis also voices Chibi Japan! (And Kumajirou…)

Luci also voices Chibi America! (And Hungary…)

Clarine also voices male China! (And Taiwan…)

Monica also voices England’s “Flying Mint Bunny”! (And Belarus…)

Stephanie previously voiced Maria Theresa and Juana of Castile

Ryan also voices male Latvia!

This makes me feel really sad.