All three canon (as in non-Elseworld) comicbook versions of Catwoman are LGBTQ, which is neat.

Firstly, there is Selina Kyle, who officially came out as being Bi within the comics a short while ago. Her long time friend and replacement Catwoman Holly Robinson, meanwhile, was established as a lesbian long before taking up the role (her reintroduction by Ed Brubaker onwards), while the most recent woman to wear the costume, Eiko Hasigawa, is also Bi.

Admittedly Holly might not actually exist in the post-reboot version of DC, but I still think that this is a neat legacy there.


It’s been a long day, and I have no doubt that it’s gonna be a long night.

Still annotating 20 pages for English…
Lately I’ve been wondering wether this was a realistic task to finish under 24 hours. Who needs sleep anyways?

A friend and I have a thing where I send him books with my notes in it and he’ll send it back with his notes. I just got Damned by Chuck Palahniuk back. I am the black ink, he is the blue. I am offended on behalf of all licorice.

how to write a final paper

-open the proposal, the annotated bibliography, and a new doc on drive

-leave those tabs open for like 3 days without even looking towards that corner of the browser

-eat everything in the house


-suddenly become way more interested in tumblr 

-blog abt how stressed out i am without doing any work to help the stress

-think abt dropping out


-start making list posts on tumblr

-light candles

-pray for the earth to swallow me whole

-buy more snacks



The Hic & Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humo(u)r Volume II: The United Kingdom

edited by Joe List & Lizz Lunney

Published by Hic & Hoc Publications

Edited by the always jocular Joe List (The Annotated Weekender, Freak Leap) and Lizz Lunney (Depressed Cat and many other titles from Top Shelf Digital), the second volume of an anticipated 196 volume series of the best of funny comics throughout the world features the likes of Becky Barnicoat, Gareth Brookes, Stephen Collins, Joe Decie, Luke Pearson and Philippa Rice, and boasts a sweet, sweet cover by Jon Boam!

72pp, 7x10.5″, b&w, perfect bound

Publication date: October 2013

Order here

Distributed by Birdcage Bottom Books

reading annotated versions of oscar wilde’s work is a fucking trip though bc like character a will say something Witty and Biting and Devastating about character b and then you get a footnote thats like “wilde notably used this very insult against so-and-so, one of his many nemeses, irl” like holy shit dude you gotta slow down a bit there!! !



self-lacing-nikes and everyone who ships Pyro/Scout 


a shin-ah playlist by oinawarrior // listen 
check the annotations for lyrics

i. tales of blue dragon // akatsuki no yona
ii. blue moon // beck
iii. breathe me // sia
iv. hide your eyes // halfnoise
v. monochromatic // mary lambert
vi. the light // the album leaf
vii. when the day met the night // panic at the disco
viii. air // alone in kyoto      
viv. you are the moon // the hush sound                    

Daughters of Sappho

We are the daughters of Sappho
reading poetry in coffee shops
with crusted eyes, leafing through
stained pages and scrawled annotations;
sharing half smiles over steaming
Americanos as customers come and go.
We are the daughters of Sappho
who smile as we find ourselves
pressed between the pages
of Greek translations
like a long forgotten note
or a pastel flower
pressed into the pages, inking
them with colour.


“Hong Kong’s house is engulfed in a smog so thick that you can’t even see across the harbour at its famous sightseeing spot. Since there isn’t much they can do about it, it seems like they employed a drastic solution where they prepared an huge image of the harbour on a clear day, so it’s like at least you can take a picture or something.” [x][x]

(more at annotated-hetalia)

Eminem talks about the inspiration for "Rap God"
  • The hook was the first phrase I thought of when I heard the track. I thought “Okay, this has something to it and might be catchy but — I’m a “rap god”? Why? If I’m going to say that, I need to validate that.”
  • I don’t want to say it’s the crutch, exactly, but the theme of the whole song is; "this is the only thing I know how to do". I don’t know how to do anything else, aside from play a little bit of basketball. Except if the Lions called me. I’m down to be receiver or something, or a running back. I’d be good for that.
  • About the line "School flunky, pill junkie. But look at the accolades, these skills brung me", Eminem said; I don’t ever want to be too braggadocious. If I’m going to brag, let me pull it back with lines like “school flunky, pill junkie.” I’m a fucking waste of life. I’m a waste of sperm. I am a fucking outcast of society, I am a piece of shit. But I know how to rap. Other than that, I’m a fucking scumbag. I’m worthless. Or this is what I’ve been told.