It was my girlfriend’s and I’s One Year anniversary (still not quite sure if it was when we met, went out, or changed our Facebook status, but regardless, a year has passed together) So I decided to make her a “Year One Anniversary Box” that contained pictures of all the little trips that we went on, as well as highlights from the last year.

The box itself was  alot of fun to make, and I think it turned out well. I used wood strips that I had cut for the Kayak I am building, a collection of Walnut, Golden Oak, and Red Oak.

The Parachuting Bunny was something that Megan had drawn up when we were on one of our first dates, we had been talking about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we both came to the conclusion that if they airdropped bunnies, that would solve all the problems. Who can fight with cute little bunnies coming down all over the place? Right? I mean, really, airdrop bunnies, the big floppy eared ones. Problem Solved. It has since become a logo of hers in her design work. I really like it, it has a fun story.

I took a proof of the image, and used carbon paper to transfer the image to the top, and then took out my carving tools…. and a week passed while I worked on it. I then used oil paints to color the image, and then used epoxy to cover and protect everything. I want this box to last a Very long time.

The rest of the box was pretty self explanatory, I laid out a pattern, and interlocked the pieces for reinforcement, and proceeded to sand for  another week, story of my like, sand, repeat with higher grit, and once done, Cover with epoxy and hope it doesn’t run.

On the interior lid of the box, I wrote a letter to Megan, then photocopied it onto transparency paper, and inlaid it into the lid, and of course covered it with epoxy. I had done something similar when I built my telescope, and I really like the effect, it looks like the letter was printed directly onto the wood.

And Finally, I went to a drugstore and printed off 580 pictures from over the course of the year, and had a bit of sticker shock. It had been years since I had actually gotten pictures developed, and now I know why…

I am really happy with the final result, Enjoy. See, not all the stuff that I make is for me. I can be a sentimental little girl sometimes, but its fun.

Come get some


Loot crate had some of their older boxes up to be bought and I decided to get their anniversary box. Most of the items didn’t really catch my eye, but the  Joker Batman was too lovely to resist getting it. No regrets! At least not much. I also loved the comic that came with it. The box design was also very cool but i’m not sure how I’d display it properly in my tiny room. The other items I’ll see if anyone I know is interested in them.

[[ Includes KH3D, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, along with a protect cover and twelve post cards, all in a special box. ]]

Things like this made me hate myself for not waiting to buy the 3DS TT___TT for once I don’t want it to come to Europe xD

Would you buy it?

Pump-Pump-Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics and 1st Anniversary Box (Memebox Superbox #80 and #81 Unboxing)

Hello there! It is 23rd Dec, are you ready for X’mas? Here’s an unboxing post on the much loved but not hyped up Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics box!

I have ordered the Meme Anniversary box with this Pumpkin pie box in a bundle. Since Memebox has been biggin’ up the Anniversary box so much, for it being the best box ever. I was not too bothered with Pumpkin Pie Box. HOW WRONG CAN I BE? This box contains…

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Han’s anniversary gift-

The box is small, with a large blue bow, but feels heavy in her hands. Lifting the lid Leia reveals a shining golden chain with…a small rock? Maybe some rare element?

“It’s…its a piece of Alderaan,” Han’s voice is soft in her ear, gentle. “A few asteroids were found recently…I thought you might…might like a way to keep it with you always.”

Leia’s breath catches in her throat and she slowly, almost reverently runs a finger over the pockmarked stone. A single tear ran down her cheek. Her whole planet, her life, her memories…

“I’m sorry…” Han lays a hand on her arm, “I didn’t…I didn’t want to upset you..”

“You didn’t,” Leia’s voice is low but firm. “It’s beautiful, Han. It’s more of Alderaan than I imagined I’d ever see again. Thank you”


Artist: Toshihiko Horiyama
Album: Capcom Music Generation Rockman X1~6 / 20th Anniversary ROCKMAN SOUND BOX


This month was roseyposeysunshine and my’s one year anniversary, which is really kind of amazing as far as I’m concerned! ♥

So today I went to get the mail and had a package notice so I wandered up to the postal outlet–and she had sent me this box of anniversary gifts. SO MUCH WATERMELON STUFF. (I got disproportionately excited over the watermelon jello.) And I literally said “MOTHER FUCKIN’ WIND CHIME” out loud when I unwrapped that one because I collect them and HELL YEAH. XD

I have no idea what I’m going to do with the watermelon bowl, but I will figure that out. And the earrings and necklace are SO PRETTY. >w<!! Also two huge bags of cat treats, which the kitties say thank you so much for~! <333

Happy anniversary, baby! I love you! Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go make some jello post haste.

P.S. One of the little rose fairy’s wings got cracked in transit, but I repaired it and you literally can’t even tell it was ever broken to begin with so it’s all good. :P

Bulgari VIP Experience Kit by Karen Hsin

Bulgari VIP Experience Kit by Karen Hsin

It’s one thing to design an elegant package for Bulgari, but when it’s for their Anniversary Book that includes a letter from the president to VIP clients, you better make sure to impress!

That’s exactly what this custom box achieves, designed by A. Marcus Group in New York. With structural and manufacturing help from Taylor Box Company, this opulent box is pure sophistication and magnificence.

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