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A cake I made for a couple’s 8th anniversary. They met working at the Capitola Mall and were engaged at Seascape Resort. I replicated their wedding rings with fondant and poured sugar diamonds.

The cake is a snickerdoodle cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing and the cake sand is made with the snickerdoodle cake as well! :)

Layde Cakes

It’s been one year since I started doing these sound comics and I’m so so so so grateful for all your support.

The response has been crazy and I can’t thank you all enough.
If you’ve ever reblogged, liked, followed or even just looked at any of my posts, then you’ve got a big ol’ space in my heart.

I really love doing this every week and this blog would be nothing without you

Here is a picture of a happy birthday cake.

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P.S. I’m told the German one should say GUTE not gut. My apologies!

                                           2nd anniversary !!

this blog has finally grown 2 years old! im so happy ! uwu

thank you all for following me and encouraging me to keep this blog going! being a heaping 6,551 of y’all, you’ve been fans of a mediocre blog about the daily life of the queen solar sovereign of Equestria! 

               /clinks wine glass hERES FOR ANOTHER GOD DAMN YEAR OF NO UPDATING

Lady Bird and Lyndon “Commit Matrimony” — 80 Year Ago Today 

Lyndon and Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Taylor met in early September 1934 in Austin. On their first date, Lyndon Johnson proposed, and for the next 2 ½ months the two exchanged approximately 90 letters.

On November 17, 1934, Johnson and Lady Bird drove to San Antonio to “commit matrimony,” as she would later describe it. 

LBJ didn’t have a wedding band and asked Dan Quill, friend and Postmaster of San Antonio, to get one. Quill bought a wedding band at the nearby Sears, Roebuck & Co. for $2.50.

Lyndon and Lady Bird married on November 17, 1934, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in San Antonio. They honeymooned in Mexico and remained married for 39 years. 

To celebrate what would have been LBJ and Lady Bird’s 80th wedding anniversary, the LBJ Presidential Library is serving cake all day (as long as it lasts!) today in the Great Hall starting with a 10:30 a.m. cake cutting by their granddaughter, Nicole Covert.

The Driskill Hotel, the site of LBJ and Lady Bird’s first date, will be preparing the cake. Come and join in on the wedding celebration!


Newlyweds Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson posing in a boat on the Floating Gardens.  Honeymoon in Mexico after Nov. 17, 1934 Wedding in San Antonio, Texas.

-from the LBJ Library 

Becausebirds turns 1 year old today! Thank you to everyone, and a big SQUAWK to all the birds in the world for making this blog possible! ♥

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