My official 1yr Post Op Top Surgery 🎉🎊🎉🎊with Dr. Daniel Medalie double incision. My chest looks amazing and my scars are basically non existent. I did the all natural method with aloe Vera and coca butter. Best decision I ever done and it was completely covered by medical insurance! First pic is was 1-week drainage removal, second was 2 months post op and 3rd pic is 1yr! #anniversary #mychestlooksgreat #FTM #Transman #Topsurgery #dreamscometrue #lovemyscars #handsomeMan #shirtless #noshirtsinwinter #allnatural


I hope that this time of celebration shall be very wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey to you.


Happy anniversary to my beautiful partner

I love powerlifting and without this woman I would never of had the courage to compete.
It’s cliche but she really is my rock, even at the deepest darkest depths of my depression she is there to support me and has never walked away when it would of been the easy option. 

We all love training (I presume you do if you follow me) but don’t neglect life outside of training.
We are currently living 6500 miles apart over 7 time zones but we manage and are over 3 months into the 12 months of it before we reunite. I see her in 4 weeks though in Australia for two weeks and a second time 4 months later in Hong Kong for two weeks. 

Sorry for being off topic and cheesy. I hope you all find someone who does the same to you.