Courteney Cox Was Actually Kind Of Jealous Of ‘The Rachel’ Haircut

Coincidentally appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on the 20th anniversary of the sitcom’s premiere Monday night, the star opened up about co-star Jennifer Aniston’s iconic haircut, “The Rachel.” Courteney Cox really wanted “Friends” fans to rock “The Monica.”

Charmed Anniversary

In two weeks, it will be the anniversary of the first episode of Charmed. October also marks the time when the 10th season comic books come out.

I say we make it a web wide celebration. Remind the world of how awesome the Charmed Family is.

Starting Sept.30th, let’s tweet, blog, and post as much as we can about Charmed for the week leading up to Oct. 7th. Get really creative about this.

I want to see Charmed trending worldwide. We can do this, my friends.

How? Well, we need a universal hashtag. One that we all agree on.

My suggestions would be #charmed, #forevercharmed, #somethingwiccathiswaycomes. Let me know what you think.

If you guys don’t mind, I hate to ask this, but share this post as much as you can. 

Forever Charmed, Always.

Вот и настал сей день… даже не верится,что прошло так много времени!

Ровно два года назад,23 сентября 2012 года,я стала частью брони-фэндома,и…ТА УКУСИ МЕНЯ ЕЖИКОУТКА,Я ОЧЕНЬОЧЕНЬ РАДА! Столько чудесных и невероятных вещей произошло за все это время!Хотя,были и ужасные… к примеру,война.Но главное то,что брони всегда меня веселили,вдохновляли и также поддерживали в трудные времена.Да,вы самые дружелюбные и просто ВОСХИТИТЕЛЬНЫЕ!И сам мультсериал ничуть не хуже!А если бы не “Friendship is Magic”,я б даже никогда не знала вот этого наичудеснейшого в мире человека,та и всех вас :3 Я еще хотела многое сказать,но уже забыла,хотя неважно.

Вот так вот~

P.S.Запилила бы что-то намного более годное,но я чуть подзабыла об этом дне….

Watch on

3rd September 2012, Suzuka Circuit 50th Anniversary (Koudai Tsukakoshi driving the MP4/5 and Takuya Izawa the MP4/4)

One must love the Japanese!!! The Honda museum McLarens are probably the last ones that still have the Marlboro adverts! Plus they keep them in running condition! CLASS!!! And turn the volume up ♫

On 23 September...

…in 1215, Kublai Khan was born;
in 1920, Mickey Rooney was born;
in 1926, John Coltrane was born;
in 1930, Ray Charles was born;
and in 1949, Bruce Springsteen was born.

In 1980, Bob Marley performed his last concert;
in 1983, Gerrie Coetzee knocked out Michael Dokes to become the first African heavyweight champion of the world.

All good to remember, but best of all is that on the very same day in 1983, my wife and I became married.

We’re still married, 31 years later. That’s a testament to her patience and tolerance. She’s my rock and I love her.