Four years ago today I saw Sherlock for the first time. A month later I put my first story online. Since then I’ve written well over 600,000 words of John and Sherlock tales.

This summer I pitched a book of Sherlock Holmes stories to a publisher. He said yes. The book (new stories!) comes out in January. (Amazon UK / Amazon US / Book Depository).

Above all things please know that you can do what you dream of doing. It usually doesn’t happen quickly, and that’s why so many folks stop trying.

Don’t stop trying, please don’t stop trying. You can do the thing you dream but you must do it and do it and do it.

Thank you for helping me do by reading my stories and sharing ideas and saying beautiful things. You are magic.

Now, go be your own magic. Go and do.


"East High is a place where teachers encouraged us to break the status quo and define ourselves as we choose. […] East High is having friends we’ll keep for the rest of our lives, and that means we really are ‘all in this together’. Once a Wildcat,  always a Wildcat!" ~ Troy Bolton 


SCANDAL; “Eikou Festival 2014 / Hokuriku Gakuin University” blogpost by RINA☆

Hokuriku Gakuin University「Eikou Festival 2014」, it’s been a cool school festival! To be in the school grounds where there’s a really good atmosphere, an atmosphere created by people. The added energy was awesome.

For yourself, for others; The university students are working hard for the future while looking at their dreams and hoping for everyone to watch the live. That was the school festival live in which we haven’t done since 4 years ago. Could it be, I never would’ve imagined everyone chorusing together. I’ve gotten to know…it’s just 4 years but it’s completely different.

I’m really glad to have gone to Hokuriku Gakuin University! I’m looking forward to the day where I’ll meet all of everyone from today again! Besides that, the title is wonderful. Eikou Festival, may the next day also be the best day ever!

※ Extra: Thanks for today as well☺︎


Zambia turns 50 » AFRICA IS A COUNTRY

Zambia, the country its young people fondly call “Zed,” is the next in a number of African countries to turn 50–they are the firstborns of the first wave of African countries to gain independence in the 1960s. Zambia’s turn came on 24 October 1964, a day chosen because it was United Nations Day.

That kind of symbolism is indicative of a very Kaundasque decision. Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s first president, always had his eye far on the horizon–Zambia being but a small part of first the continental and then the global stage on which he would perform what he believed was his vocation: being called to greatness. It was at that level that he sought a place in history – sometimes messianic in its dimensions, as would be seen in the huge role Zambia was to play in freeing the rest of the region from colonialism, white supremacy, and apartheid.

In retrospect, we can see that he would make a statement, even with the choice of date for our Independence Day. Children born soon after Independence like myself grew up in a wonderful Zambia. Service delivery was at its finest, funded by flowing copper resources. We had free schooling – good schooling too – from birth to whatever level your grey matter allowed.

At primary school, we had free milk and biscuits at break (well, it was chocolate milk for the fancy “formerly whites only” schools, and regular old milk and buns for the others). Kaunda had even promised an egg every day for each citizen. And boy did he try hard to deliver on this one. It was one of his many intentions to make Zambia paradise.

But sometime in the ’80s, when it was clear heaven was getting further and further away from Zambia (the copper prices having crashed and oil prices shot through the roof) he tried to cajole the copper price up and oil prices down via a Transcendental Meditation project named – yes you guessed it, “Heaven on Earth.” Suffice to say, this trick was whacky to the extreme, second only to his attempt to turn grass into oil with the aid of some international conman.

Ed’s note: Read the rest of this memoir today, Zambia’s 50th birthday.

Our first TES wedding

A month or so back a couple of our fans messaged us to let us know that they had met through interacting over our page and subsequently married and that today is the second anniversary of their meeting. They apparently met over a post on bioluminescent plankton, so we posted some glowing fungi in their honour yesterday (see…

They also requested us to post something simple to mark the event, so we present you with a lovely heart formed from the opaline silica skeletons of radiolarians that gathered as ooze on a long gone ocean floor, below the depth at which carbonate skeletons are dissolved into the deep ocean waters (a level called the carbonate compensation depth). As the ooze turned into rock, the beautiful heart shaped pattern formed from the redistribution of iron by percolating fluids after the ancient sea floor had been uplifted back into land. The rock in question is Mookaite jasper, and we did a post on it before, available at

We at TES wish you both all the best, may you live long and prosper.


Image credit: Outback Mining


SCANDAL; “Eikou Festival” blogpost by MAMI☆

With the change of date; Yesterday was…Regarding Ishikawa Prefecture’s Hokuriku Gakuin University’s「Eikou Festival 2014」, we went and did a live there!! It’s been about 4 years since our last school festival live! 4 years ago, we were just about around all of the students’ age. To once again see a different view since being on the stage that time, I was happy☺︎ Everyone from Hokuriku Gakuin University! Because I was really looking forward to this, I couldn’t stop grinning in midst of the live☺︎ Thank you to everyone who’d come!!

I ate churros from the refreshment booths☝︎ It was fun!! We’ll go have fun again at Ishikawa Prefecture starting from January’s tour!! 3/22 (Sun) Honda no Mori Hall! Please, let us meet again☺︎

And then! Somehow! After the live…coming from the staff, we celebrated our 6th year anniversary since our debutー!! A surprise, I’m happy (;_;) It’s already the 6th year; No, no, it’s only the 6th year! Things are just happening from now on right! The candles that are placed on this cake will increase every year, making me want to bury it all within the cake☺︎ We shall work hard! Everyone, please do look over us from now on as well☝︎

Today was also a blissful day! Tomorrow, we’ll intrude my home town • Aichi prefecture’s Fujita Health University!! I’ll give it my all tomorrow tooー!!

The Proposal - Niall Imagine (Part 1)

It was your two year anniversary today and Niall wanted to make it extremely special, he planned everything a week in advance, constantly calling to check up on one thing or another and you noticed that he had become extremely irritable over these past few days, since he had been busy and you had been marking past exam papers of the children you taught, you both hardly had the time to talk to one another. You let out a sigh of relief as you marked the final paper, setting the pen down on the table as you rested your head on the back of the chair, closing your eyes in tiredness, you wanted to stay home and have a warm night in but Niall had other plans so you got up in order to get ready.

Just as you were about to step into the shower, the doorbell rang and you skipped down the stairs and threw the door open to find Lou standing there. “Lou?” you asked in confusion and she shot back a smile as she stepped inside. “Babe. I’m here to make you look so hot that Niall just won’t be able to keep his hands off you” she stated with a wink and your eyes widened at her bluntness. “Ummm… okay then Lou, come in…I guess?” you said warily, still unaware of what Niall had planned.

Lou pulled on your wrist and dragged you upstairs as she sat you down on a chair, instantly working on your makeup. “Hun… shouldn’t I take a shower?” you asked amusingly. “Oh right… yeah… I forgot” she answered sheepishly. You laughed a little at her forgetfulness and grabbed a towel, a robe and underwear as you made your way to the bathroom


“HURRY UP Y/N WE DON’T HAVE ALL DAYYYYYY, WE ONLY HAVE HALF AN HOUR AND THEN YOU HAVE TO LEAVE” Lou shouted from the outside of the bathroom as you began put on the robe and stepped out. You calmly opened the door and stepped out and sat down on the chair, awaiting Lou to work her magic. She walked over to you and picked up your foundation. “Right… Niall’s seen all sides of you Y/N, but tonight, it’s the innocent side’s turn to have fun” she said with a wink, leaving you flabbergasted and left you to ponder in your thoughts of what this date would be like.


Thirty minutes later, you were fully ready from head to toe and Lou finally allowed you to look in the mirror and you gasped at the outcome. Your makeup was simple, yet flawlessly stunning, the (appropriately chosen colour) eye liner really bringing out your y/e/c eyes with a pop, the neutral eye shadow making your eyes appear simple yet sophisticated and the red lip colour really defining your plump lips as they stood out from everything else. Your dress was a floor length gown, peach in colour and embroidered in silver stones and diamonds as it fit your figure perfectly, defining your curves completely and making you look slightly taller. Your hair was done in a beautiful updo, classy and elegant with a few strands hanging from the sides as they lay on your cheek. You wore absolutely no jewellery aside from the silver Cartier bracelet that Niall had given you, which he still held the key for. She then handed you the most beautiful pair of silver sandals you had ever seen as you slipped them on your feet. She handed you a peach clutch bag with a large (probably fake) silver diamond in the centre.

“This already has your keys, your phone and you know… a few condoms in case he feels like it tonight” Lou said suggestively. Your jaw dropped to the floor at her comment and she threw her head back in laughter. “I’m kidding girl! But seriously. I. Want. Details.” She said affirmatively, you nodding instantly after.

You both made your way downstairs and a car horn honked three times before Lou shot up. “Before I forget, I need to do something”, you looked at her in confusion, wondering what she had forgotten. Your question was answered when she pulled out a piece of black cloth, putting it over your eyes, covering all of your vision completely. “Lou! What the hell!?” you exclaimed in shock. “Hush child… this is all a part of the plan” she said calmly. Plan… what plan?

A knock on the door broke your thoughts as Lou probably went to open it, her and that person were speaking in hushed whispers as you tried to eavesdrop. Your plan failed when you heard footsteps make their way towards you and a hand grabbed your own, pulling you up from your seat.

“Who are you and where are we going?” you questioned as you heard a deep chuckle… Harry.

“Calm down love, I’m taking you to Nialler” he said with an amused tone. Taking me to Niall… but why a blindfold?

He took your hand and guided you outside as he opened the door to a vehicle and helped you sit down before removing your blindfold. A limo… outside the house…

“And a blindfold was necessary because?…” you trailed off. “Just for fun” Harry said as he smiled down at you, that’s when you noticed he was in a black suit, and held a white rose in his hand alongside a card.

He handed you the card and the white rose and made his way back inside to where Lou was, shutting the door of the limo once you were inside.

My beautiful princess,

This rose symbolises the first time we had a fight… over nandos and we didn’t speak to each other for about three whole hours! I died inside. Ahh well, I love you. Now hand this over to the driver and he’ll know exactly what to do and where to go, I can’t wait to see how you look princess, you must be smiling at this now…am I right?

I love you

Nialler xxx

He was right… you were smiling, both at the card and reminiscing over the stupid argument you had about which nandos dish is better… he thinks it’s the chicken, you think it’s the spicy rice, you’re still coming to terms with that.

You handed over the card to the driver, who’s face you couldn’t see as he nodded his head in appreciation and began driving you to an unknown location.

So…. You like? Tell me if you want a part 2!!  xox

anonymous said:

Is today ikon's anniversary or something? i see people on twitter trending #365days. i thought their anniversary date is when they debut officially on stage

it has been a year since the show “win” ended (25th october), in which our babies lost against team a (winner), so yep, its our anniversary ^^
I know its confusing but thats how it is haha =))




An article on George Harrison’s surprise pub appearance/jam with Gary Moore at The Crooked Billet, on 25 October 1992; found via the pub’s website [x]

"George Harrison made such a din at a late-night jamming session in his local pub that neighbours complained.

The ex-Beatle was playing at a birthday party for guitar hero Gary Moore at the Crooked Billet in tiny Stoke Row, Oxford.

Nearby residents begged police to get the volume turned down as millionaire George, 47, and ex-Thin Lizzy star Gary played on into the night. The pals agreed to tone down their playing and later apologised to locals.

A regular at the Crooked Billet, near George’s mansion in Henley-on-Thames, said yesterday: ‘I don’t think they realised who was playing. If they’d known it was George inside they might have come down rather than complained.

'George thought it was funny - it's not often he gets told to stop playing.'” - The Sun by Piers Morgan