Lily and Jamie in the German magazine JOY

"Like Edward and Bella"

LILY COLLINS & JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER The two have made it just like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. In the theatrical version of a best-selling fantasy series, they gave a loving couple and become it private too. Even when filming "City of Bones” flown sparks between Lily (24) and Jamie (24). “Their eyes were clear in the audition,” says Cassandra Clare, author of the novel, “I experienced live, how they fell in love.”

The We-Love-The-CoB-Cast-Video

We all know that at the beginning there were many people who don’t like the cast of City of Bones. Now the movie is out and many of us already saw it and I think we’re all in love with the cast! Their interpretation of the characters is perfect and we should tell/show them how much we like/love it.

So I had an idea for a video.

What you can do for helping out/joining?

  • Videos – with opinions about the movie or messages for one of the actors or the whole cast.
  • Photos – dressed as a shadowhunter or with a text message in your hands.
  • Voice Recording – with messages you want to tell them.

You send this to me. And what I will do?

  • I put all of it together.
  • If there – for example – are many messages for Jamie, I will do a special video just for him. But also put some messages in the video for all of them.
  • I will upload it up on YouTube, put it on Tumblr and send it to Jamie, Cassie and co. per Twitter.

You want see the updates?

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You have any questions? Just go to my askbox, send me a Tweet or an e-mail.

Please send me all your stuff to this e-mail:

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I hope there are a lot of people who will join! I think it’s a good way to thank the cast and the crew for everything. This is opened till the end of the month and then I will check how many things I got sent in.

Now go ahead, Shadowhunter, and send me some stuff!