Rurouni Kenshin week

Day 2 - Friendship or Family

Mechanical pencil sketch of my favorite anime couple comforting their offspring~

Conveniently it was also a Father’s Day somewhere around the globe yesterday so also, happy Father’s Day, Kenshin!


More fanart of Ayezur’s brilliant Kenshin AU fics. This time Invictus, the fic that broke my heart over and over again~

Mechanical pencil rough sketches.

Fanart of one of my favorite Rurouni Kenshin AU fanfics Vaster Than Empires by Ayezur / thefullmooninautumn. <3

  “Lord Himura was sprawled out underneath the tree and her sisters were using him as a pillow. Ayame was cuddled against his side and Suzume had nestled in the crook of his good arm. They were asleep, all three of them. The girls were clearly worn out, little more than puddles of sleepy child, and Lord Himura looked – like he was actually resting. There was no tension in his face, no weary crease to his brow or slight frown drawing down his lips. In fact, it almost looked like he was smiling. There was some kind of fruit juice smeared on all their faces, and the tree above looked remarkably devoid of plums for the season.

  There were flowers braided in his hair: anemones and daisies and dandelions, and Kaoru put a hand to her mouth to smother a laugh.”