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I think Tom ships Annie/Kat too tbh. but idk Annie doesn’t seem to be into it :( YES ROBOT AND SHADOW ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER OMG. WHAT KAWAII BABIES

I’ve been noticing subtle AnnieKat bits for the last little while, but I think you’re right. Annie doesn’t seem to notice, or she doesn’t feel like that. So I agree about Tom shipping it. Silly creators and their ships that even they don’t make happen. :P They just need to love each other forever and ever. :c ROBOT/SHADOW IS MY SUPER PRECIOUS KAWAII GUNNERKRIGG OTP FOREVER.
ghostfodder replied to your postbluuuue let’s talk about gunnerkrigg. I’VE NEVER HAD SOMEONE TO DISCUSS UPDATES WITH. what could be going on with annie, it looks like she’s dying! it’s gotta be some mental/astral thing or else zimmy wouldn’t be there…. we weren’t given any context though, she’s JUST SUDDENLY IN A COMA.

I think zimmy is talking about how everyone thinks kat is a lesbian because she’s a tom boy? oh I completely forgot about that bird! it looks like it is voicing kat’s thoughts, but where the hell did it come from???

I think you’re right. That’s what my suspicions were about Zimmy’s words. But you know, I actually almost ship AnnieKat. Its like, I wouldn’t mind it happening, but at the same time, I don’t want it to become a huge part of the story-line either. *shrugs* 

As for the bird, I was thinking the same thing. And yeah, that’s my question? Bird.. Bird where did you come from and how can you talk? 

Also, can I just say how much I LOVE AND ADORE Robot and Shadow??!! I just.. UGH! Those two are so freakin PRECIOUS.