7 great paula deen quotes you can use this weekend

My love of Paula Deen just keeps growin’. After I saw her at the 92Y, I bought her cookbook and read it cover-to-cover, like a novel. Which is a fitting comparison, because with novels, there’s no expectation that you will re-enact what you just read—I cook so rarely that my New Year’s resolution was to make dinner once this year. (Nailed it!)  Also, you can appreciate a novel for the prose and the sassy POV, which is why I loved this: 

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cool things i saw this week

I’m fired up because I’m going to eat Chinese food in Flushing, Queens with Anne and Aarthi tomorrow! I hope that you have a good Friday and an even better weekend. Here are some things I’m liking this week:

1. Want some no-nonsense writing advice? Read this.

2. Glenn Greenwald attacks the myth of Obama’s wussiness and inspired me to be a raging cynic of the media.

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