Please stop thinking i’m not a Klainer anymore if i have a strong disdain of S6 right now… I just think that Karofsky was the worst character to bring back considering his past. Nothing can make amends for death threats in my book. Nothing.

Klaine forever, bitches! Just not a S6 enthusiast!

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Some happy and sweet fic recs

You’ve probably read these first two, but if you haven’t, you must!

This one is incredibly informative and gorgeously descriptive about winemaking and the California wine country of Sonoma and Napa Valleys:

Here’s a fantastic example of a really well-written and inventive story that also involves a collaboration with a fan art illustrator.   Amazing.   It’s called “Jitters.“

I love it when fans all organize events to write together.  If you didn’t partake of this last December, here, have some Christmas in July!  This brilliant idea was organized by last December:

Check out all of them!

The idea was for everyone to write a short drabble of 100 words (or more if desired) from a one-word prompt that would be revealed each morning, from Dec. 1 - Dec. 24.  Some people took those prompts as a challenge to write EXACTLY 100-word drabbles each day and weave them together in 24 days to create amazing stories.  Like this one:

That was the only time I’ve ever dabbled into this arena, and I used the idea to experiment with the multi-format world of tumblr posts and links pulled into the telling of a story.  I mostly took my own photos but also linked to some other media as well.  The first part was long (setting it all up) but they became short after that:

If you feel like it and have time, will you send me links of some of the recs that you get from people tonight?  Only if it’s convenient and you feel like it and you actually get some recs from other people!  Thanks!!!