10.000+… thank you all for following my annctart blog.

I started my primary tumblr [seen by annct] in 2010, collecting likes and sharing my own work [pretty much when i started my journey as an artist].

From early on, there have been always others with encouraging words, supportive reblogs and so much more. 

To mention just a few [and my apologies to the tumblrs I don’t mention].

529, Leslie Avon Miller, felixinclusis, Sam Weinstein, Michael Chase, Travis W. Tucker, Lee Woodman, Nini Baseema, Tassia, Paolo Tedeschi and so many others! Thanks for your words. 

With creating annctart late 2011, i finally have one blog dedicated only to my own work.

Thanks to editors on tumblr, putting my annctart on the spotlight, as well as having work tagged ‘art’ & ‘artists on tumblr’. 

Posting my work on tumblr enhanced my exposure - as a result i was featured with my work in nu-mode magazine [on tumblr here], sold work and last but not least feeding my tumblr became also an opportunity to see my own progress. 




Events you want to be part of: The Santorini Biennale


After hearing Ann CT (annctart) has been chosen to participate in the 2nd Biennale of Modern Art, I noticed that not a lot of artists know what the Biennale is or why it is important. 

This years Biennale artists were asked to create peace mechanisms, and study why humans lean towards violence. It will take place in Santorini at various venues between July 5th to October 5th of this year. 

Curated by Kikos Papadopoulas (founder) and Gregory Frangos, the Biennale’s mission is to promote emerging artists and established artists of all disciplines. Their vision is to “surpass the traditional (and perhaps limiting_ concepts of classicism, modernism, contemporary, and applied arts.” (x

With the proper support, and understanding - the Biennale is an amazing opportunity to bring together artists, art lovers, critics, and expose artists to an international audience. 

Overall, 55 artists will be participating: 

Afrodite Papadouli (Greece), Ahmad Ali (Syria), Anas Homsi (Syria), Andrea Chantal Barthélémy (France), Andreas Makariou (Cyprus), Andreas Paraskeva (Cyprus), Andrew Petras (Greece), Ann CT Braunsteiner (New Zealand), Antonius Kho (Bali, Indonesia), Benal Dikmen (Turkey), Cella + Klaus – KNOLL, MFA Team (Honolulu, Usa), Charalampos Demetriou (Cyprus), Charis Paspalis (Cyprus), Christos Diamàntis (Greece), Christos Papageorgiou – IATIS (Greece), Daniel Kukla (Usa), Daniele Bongiovanni (Italy), David Bartholomeo (France), Demetris Makariou (Cyprus), Dimitra Skandali (Greece), Dowa Khaled Hattem (Egypt), Elena Kyrtsi (Greece), Emma Papadopoulos (Greece), Fabrizio Passarella – Retrophuture (Italy), Gulsah Mursaroglu (Turkey), Hans-Joachim Bauer (Germany), Hans Michael Bittner (Austria), Hela Ammar (Tunisia), Helen Vlachou-Tsotsorou (Greece), Immanuel Rodriguez Mazon (Mexico), Ioni Gliati (Greece), Ippokratis Alexiou (Greece), Irini Andritsi – Titania (Greece), Irini Drossou (Greece), Jelena Jovancov (Montenegro), John K. Melvin (Usa), Jonathan Ikpoza (Nigeria), Julie Nakazi (Syria), Junichiro Iwase (Canada), Katerina Ioannidou (Greece), Kiki Gerontaki (Greece), Liliana Papadopoulou (Greece), Lynne Roberts – Goodwin (Australia), Marilena Argyropoulou (Greece), Marina Dimitriou (Greece), Marouso Laouraki (Greece), Mariam Fadaei (Iran), Nellie Gavroglou (Greece), Nina Sumarac Jablonsky (Serbia), Nikos Koulakiotis (Greece), Nirit Zer (Israel), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand), Sha Feng (China), Sophia Tsoumaki (Greece), Xristos Cesarios Antoniadis (Greece), Yiota Ioannidou (Cyprus). (x)

Please take it upon yourself to learn how to participate or possibly contribute in the next Biennale. 

If you want to learn more about Ann CT’s art, or hear more about her experience in taking part in the Biennale, make sure to visit her page. She has recently posted her brief and abstract for the Biennale, which explains her process and vision for the work she has created.

A link to this post can be found in "Social Media Tips" on the DearMirah home page.