“Pwede ba kitang makunan ng larawan? Kahit isa lang para merong ala-ala ang ating nakaraan.
Ngunit mayroon kang ibang minamahal kung kaya’t ako'y di mo pinapansin.
Sa larawan na lang kita mahahagkan. Sa larawan na lang tayo magpakasal.
Sa larawan na lang baka pwedeng legal dahil dito sa mundo bawal…
Paano ba kita makalimutan. Kay rami na kasi ang pinagdaanan.
Ipagpatawad mo kung mahal pa rin kita.”

Larawan by Eevee


I was scanning my LYRICS notebook that I made way back in my elementary years. And I found myself reading this song’s lyrics. And I eventually remembered my high school days. Way back when it felt so good to fall in love. I remembered the person who liked me back. COINCIDENCE? I don’t think so.

This morning, I have dreamed about him. He was talking with someone. Looking so handsome, as usual, in his business suit. And I was kind of feeling invisible, passing by, looking so intently at him, wondering if he is real. I reached out my hand, hoping to feel his essence in the tip of my fingers. I almost leaped for joy when I felt the silk of his pants (pants tlaga! hahaha) and that’s when he looked in my direction and smiled. I remembered I was almost at 4 ft. distance when he noticed me and I did not hesitated to smile my biggest smile. I even mouthed the words “I miss you” and he blew me a kiss. hahahahahha! and I woke up.

This dream have eventually led me to fall in love again to CENT. :3

And I was thankful because all through out the day, whenever I get to see Jericho, I will always remind myself of the dream and Vicente’s handsome face.

This song is dedicated to Vicente Gamalo Villacorte. The boy I had exchanged love letters with. The boy who…

The problem with writing fiction that coincides with real life...

I applaud my wonderful cousin in writing a fiction (a romantic short story of sorts) so believable I thought she was getting a boyfriend for real. And a handsome one to boot.

It was written in such a way that I would’ve thought actually happened.

Because life is predictable but at the same time is not because nobody is sure if their life will still remain the same in the next moment you have.

Whether the scenario you have in life at the moment be good, bad or just plain boring and ordinary, you would never know of what would happen next.

She wrote it in such a way that anybody can have such a moment. The scenario was not mind boggling or fairy tale romantic. It was the typical plot of having a bad day and the silver lining to it is meeting someone you’d not expect to meet in such a situation.

Really, itoko-chan, I’m so proud you’ve written something that actually made me believe you would’ve gotten a handsome boyfriend. hahaha… :)

Went out today☺

I had a nice time with Carmille today. Nothing special, really. My mom gave me money to buy a dress for Ate Issa’s wedding this coming Sunday at Sta. Fe. Mama was chosen as a ninang and since she told me that ate Issa wanted me to come, then, I must go. You know the feeling when a person wants you to do something and you cannot say “no” because you are fully aware that it is something important to them? Yeah, this is just kind of like it. And I’ve known ate Issa since I was high school and back then she was still a student assistant, and now I am on my senior college while she is now working as a regular in the same office where mama’s working. 

Well, I needed to go with someone. And that someone must be person that I am totally comfortable with, someone that when I’m with them, I am not afraid to be someone but myself. And no one can do a better job than my late-discovered distant cousin, Carmille. wahahha :) itoko-chan! I am so thankful of her you know? Friends like her are priceless. Those friends who would do anything for their friends. She is like that. I am always lucky with the friends that God is continuously giving to me. And I know my friends were never lucky to have me as their friend. lololol. :D 

We searched on the Gaisana Central area, and it really took us 3 hours to find my type of dress and the one that suits my budget. What I had in mind was something like this:

Simple and beautiful. I really love ruffles, ya know? It seems they suit me well. I was waiting to see this sort of, kind of dress. But I never did. I was hoping to fell in love at first sight with a dress but I never did. Because in choosing things to buy, I always prefer this LOVE-AT-FIRST-SIGHT notion. And if I ever found one, I know it will be very expensive and the only chance of me getting to buy something like that is in the ukay-ukay. But I don’t have enough time left. So I have settled in  buying this instead:

A sun dress. For 297 pesos in 578 @_@. It was nevertheless, in good quality and was nice. Cute. 

And I also bought a White lace bolero. Just like this:

For 255 pesos. sigh* 

At the very least, I have a new dress! :D

It was enough for me, even if it was not what I have expected it to be. It was nice enough to wear in a wedding. :)

And I must also consider that I have company and she might be already tired. 


So, that was my day. 


Always Come Back to Your Love by Samantha Mumba

Dangg!!! I miss this song. :)

Night mare June :)

The only thing that I remember in my dream was that part were Echo was there. There were three of us sitting in the mattress.. and he was beside me. In my dreams, I still acted indifferent towards him like the way I treat him in real life. But he was so persuasive in this dream.. He grabbed my right hand gently, eyeing the ring I’m wearing, but I immediately moved my hand away from him (hahaha. so funny how mean I am to him in the dream). As usual, I avoid looking at his direction, not wanting him to have the wrong idea. And that’s when he placed both his feet on my tummy. WTF? This is so senseless in real life. hahaha. Dreams are so weird. But he almost felt my boobs, and surprisingly, he moved his feet away from the sensitive area. LOL. and that was all..

This was senseless and insignificant, but at least it had told me something… I still like this guy, no matter how much I try to deny it. I am totally hating the fact that I am still vulnerable when it comes to him. I don’t want anything to do with him. If I could, I’d shut him out from my life. Unfortunately, fate is not with me on this. I always see him at school. And my school only has limited male students and most of them, even, are gays (whispering). hahahahha! FML. I could use some handsome guys to help me shut him out. But, yeah. Handsome guys are out of my school’s vocabulary, they only know HANDSOME GAYS. hahahhahha. Okay, my essay is quite illogical now. :D  You see what he is doing to me? He is turning me into a sarcastic bitch. hahahhaha.. I’ll stop now. 


“It’s The Way You Make Me Feel”


It’s the things that you do,
So physical,
It’s the things that you say,
So flammable,
You know I can’t resist,
Boy it’s such a shame,
Do you belong to another,
I don’t wanna hurt nobody,
But my heart just can’t hold back,

It’s the Way You Make Me Feel,
The way that you make me feel,
Spinning my world around,
Tell me how can I walk away,
I don’t care what they say,
I’m loving you anyway,
It’s the way you make me feel

I’m going to make you mine,
It’s not impossible,
Got t9o let you know,
I’m irresistible,
Baby can’t you see,
You’re the one for me,
But you belong to another,
I don’t wanna hurt nobody,
But my heart just can’t hold back,

It’s the Way You Make Me Feel,
The way that you make me feel,
Spinning my world around,
Tell me how can I walk away,
I don’t care what they say,
I’m loving you anyway,
It’s the way you make me feel

When I look into your eyes,
Everytime you smile at me, 
Oh I go weak inside,
Baby I just can’t hide my love,

It’s the Way You Make Me Feel,
The way that you make me feel,
Spinning my world around,
Tell me how can I walk away,
I don’t care what they say,
I’m loving you anyway,
It’s the way you make me feel 

- - - I was like “wtf” when I heard the phrase “you belong to another”.

Gnsearch gud dayun an lyrics and tadaaa! I can totally relate with this song.. C:

Hugging in the Rain scene
  • Boy:Do you hear my heart beating?
  • Girl:Yeah, you're alive.
  • Boy:(Sigh) Yeah. Living for you...
  • (Silence)
  • Girl:Too bad you can't hear mine, flagpole.
  • ( wahahahaha..Hugging a tall guy is my DREAM. Especially if that tall guy is Jerrald. XD)
am just a very insecure girl. that is all..

Here I go again.

Kailangan pa tlga igyakan ni mama nga mahusay an cantor han community ni JOE?!?

kay amu tlga adto an ngpaduroi nak kabuysit yana nga gab-i. aaaargggh!!!!

bisan gud anhun dri tlga mawawara tak insecurity ngan pgkaprejudice ha iya. Bagat normal and natural nla para ha ak. Ngan trying hard tlga ak ktaun kun makgsmile ak hit nga tawo. 

ok. “ooi.. kmumusta ka na?” pero ha sakob, nga tae ka! kay anu mo hea gn-asi?! ng smile ka pa? Plastik ka man gud.

pydi mg-inenglis liwat? :D


this just kills me, ya know? :’(

I don’t deserve this feeling, but it just keeps crawling up into my spine. Like cancer cells slowly killing me. Destroying every organ in my body until I become a full pledged skin and bones human. Oh-kay. Not really a relative example, is it? Doesn’t matter anyway… you get the idea. Maybe the me inside is not happy with the me outside acting differently what my brain is demanding me to do exactly. Like a coward. Afraid to stand up for what she feels. Afraid to stand firm to what she believes in. And eventually, the core of this problem comes to show up like a billboard sign. That I am so afraid to believe in myself.


I feel better now. 


thanks tumblr for listening to my internal monologue. :)

I miss Ian so badly.

It’s killing me.. (drama)

♥ the distance is breaking my heart.

♥ he already has someone and that breaks my heart (though surprisingly I admire the girl, she’s so pretty. I bet she’s sweet. He deserves someone like that)

♥ our situation is breaking my heart.

♥ the thought of his smile is breaking my heart.

♥ our past (aw kay may past XD) is breaking my heart.

♥ he told me he loved me, he misses me… and those lies are breaking my heart.

and I am so like:

I know I’m gonna be:

oh maaaan!!!

and when asked about my love life, I know I’ll be like: