More of my oooold character Travis in his early days before he looked like this over time and got an attitude problem lol
oh jeeze my old characters, as rediculous as they are, I still have a special place in my heart for them. He was abused by his father physically, sexually. And forced to dress as a girl some nights at home.
He was made when I was like…15/16. My bab.


Talking with my good friend Rinselli@tumblr about our old smackjeeves webcomics and I really miss my characters! I dont draw humans enough and these characters were my first real babies.

This is Travis, he used to be a sweet loving boy till he joined a group of Annarkists and totally changed. I love him a lot Q H Q <3333

Thank you Rin for talking with me about the old days! It’s always so much fun!! ; v ; yay <3


Grioa will forever be the only rapper/hiphop act that I like. Most of you won’t understand a word, but he wrote the most beautiful lyrics.

du duger vid födseln jag skulle inte hävda nåt annat med en Luger mot pannan.

Wo0t! Zombie stickers from The Zombie Series. I had to cut them using scissors because i cant afford the die-cut. The actual stickers arent printed as good as what ive expected because they came out with tiny dots on gradient parts. Oh well, one day, im gonna print them again and they will come out excellent with good printers. :p

This is just a test. I am giving some of these stickers to some of my friends who like them.