You are THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU FANDOM, more affectionately known as the TWEWY FANDOM. You had SWAG before it was COOL. Your SENSE OF FASHION is FABULOUS due to the FASHIONABLE NATURE of your GAME. You have been paddling along leisurely for the past FIVE YEARS, but have recently experienced a WIDESPREAD RESURGENCE due to the release of both the latest KINGDOM HEARTS GAME and the release of your iOS PORT. You were left CONFUSED AND BEWILDERED after seeing a STRANGE GIRL in the SECRET ENDING of said remake. Until there is news relating to WHETHER YOU WILL HAVE A SEQUEL OR NOT, you will wait somewhat impatiently while making TERRIBLE MSPAINT EDITS.

So I made another Fandomstuck design.

TWEWY Fandom is a girl. Just because.

Ectobiological daughter of the Final Fantasy Fandom and sibling of the Kingdom Hearts fandom, she has swag that transcends swag and switches between a PINKIND and PLUSHKIND strife specibus. Her hobbies include Tin Pin Slammer and frowning.