Anna Bates | Keep Breathing 

Alternative title for this video: “Why Must Julian Fellowes Torture My Favorite Character” 

WARNING: It starts off pretty angsty, but have faith. The purpose of this video was to show how Anna is able to “see only possibilities” when problems arise (; 

I hope you all enjoy it (: 
(and don’t forget to watch it in HD!!!) 


May 23rd, 1927 ~

What beautiful weather we are having these past few weeks!

I can see from my office window that William and Anna are enjoying their day outside once again. That boy can’t get enough of his wooden horse, Nelson, as in Lord Nelson. The mighty steed on wheels was gifted to him by his Godfather, Lord Grantham. I might add, it came already named. William simply calls him, Nels.

Our spring garden is in full bloom now - daffodils, lilacs, clematis and we have a couple of lovely magnolia trees.  Anna’s still teaching me the all of the names.  My favorite flowers are the beautiful, brightly coloured tulips!

Just this morning Anna pinned a deep pink tulip on my lapel to remind me of her throughout the day. As if I need any reminder! She was glad to see that I was still wearing it when she came for lunch. I will leave it on until I go to bed. Everyone was complimenting it too.  Mmm, Anna had tucked some lilacs into her hair. Lovely…

Now that I’m back to work I bring the journal with me every morning so I can write during the day, and Anna writes before bed. We agreed on that and I think it’s going to work out well. I’ll admit I scoffed at her plan of keeping a journal when she first suggested it, but now it’s become part of my routine and I believe it even helps me to arrange my thoughts. It’s become a place for ideas and dreams. My darling Anna is always right, and yes, I’m well aware she’s reading this.

You already know about Sarah and Caleb, but there’s another member of our staff I should mention. Samuel Welbourn, or Big Sam as he’s called, our bartender in the pub room of the Grantham Arms.  Sam, as his nickname implies is a big, hardworking man of indeterminate age, mid-sixties if I had to guess. He’s been the bartender here since long before we came, in fact, he was here when I first came to Downton, and we would be lost without him.  

Sam, who has never married, lives in the back room behind the pub and hardly has a life outside this place, other than fishing in the stream that runs behind the hotel. So when he asked me for the afternoon off tomorrow I happily gave it to him. As a subject of conversation I asked him if he had any plans or it was indeed just a well deserved rest? 

After some hesitancy he confided in me that he was thinking about going up to the Abbey to visit Mrs Patmore. I think he might have a soft spot for her! He also asked me if he could invite her for tea in the gardens one of these days. I told him that would be lovely. I am quite fond of Mrs Patmore and always look forward to seeing her.  And just maybe we’ll be seeing more of her if everything goes well with Big Sam. Anna will be so happy about this turn of events! 

That means I’ll be tending to the pub tomorrow afternoon. I don’t mind. It’s a chance to socialize with the good people of Downton Village. Anna will have a chuckle at the idea of me socializing but in truth, a perfect life with her has brought me out of myself over the years.

Oh, I almost forgot. Anna wrote up an advertisement for a full-time cook and I placed it in the area newspapers. We are really in need of one, as we want to start serving dinners again. The last owners had stopped when their cook quit, serving only sandwiches and boiled eggs for lunch. And that’s what we’ve been doing too, but now we think it’s time for us to expand our little business, bring in more couples in the evening. So soon we will start serving every meal of the day for our locals and hotel guests.  With any luck, by the end of next week we’ll have ourselves a full-time cook.

I should be going now. An owner can’t rest for too long. I had enough of that already.

~ John Bates

Mrs P and Big Sam?!  I never would have imagined such a thing!  That’s all I’ll say for now.  I don’t want to jinx it!

If only it could be Spring all year long… I have the windows open and ah, the wonderful smells coming from the lilacs bushes! Lilacs have always been my favorite and as I left my hair down and plaited today, I added a tiny bit of the flowers to my braid. John could hardly keep his nose out of it at lunchtime.

William and I had such a lovely day outside again. The garden is looking the picture and William and Jack played most of the day. As John mentioned, William does love his Lord Nelson on wheels, but isn’t that the silliest name! Still it was sweet of Lord Grantham to give it to him. I suspect it might have been his own when he was a child and that’s why he was so insistent on keeping the name.

William was so tired after tea that I almost had to run to put him to bed, although he begged ‘No nap,Mummy! No nap!’ all the way up the stairs. Even so, once I’d put him to bed and sang him a lullaby he seemed to settle in for his nap… I thought.

When I came in from taking sheets off the line, I found the little rascal sound asleep in our room, in one of the Moses baskets we’d brought home for the twins. His long legs were hanging over the end and he was sucking his thumb, no less! Something he hasn’t done in months. I hope he was just curious about the baskets and not gearing up to be jealous of the babies.

I mean, I’m sure he will be at first, that’s only natural. Two babies at once take all of their parent’s attention, but John and I are determined to take any free moment to spoil him, within reason.  I still remember when my sister was born…I was a bit jealous …and she was only one! Poor William. But he will understand and I’m sure he’ll love his siblings so much. When they’re old enough and can all play together it will be the most fun, I hope. Believe me, we didn’t ask for two babies at once, but we couldn’t be happier about it!

John is still wearing the tulip! It’s a bit droopy by now but the colour suits him so well. He looks positively cheery. I see he wrote that he’s going to work in the pub tomorrow, I think he secretly enjoys that. I will see if I can leave William with Sarah for a few minutes and run in to spend some extra time with him. He’ll love it!

He’s reading to William now and I believe it’s that new Hardy Boys book, The House on the Cliff, of all things! John bought it thinking to entertain himself as much as William. Our son loves anything daddy reads to him. John has a way of telling stories, with all the voices and sounds. I must confess, I love it too. I could listen to him reading all night…and maybe I have. I can hear William chatting away and asking questions and I want to join them. I can’t miss any fun with my husband and my son.

Will write soon.  

~ Anna


by Handy & Terriejane