Close Encounters - A place for all believers, abducters and abductees to come together and discuss probes, space travel and tin foil hats.

The first neighborhood deco I placed in my magical/paranormal hood was the spacecraft crash site, so naturally I had to build an alien fanatic hangout right across from it! Now my aliens and alien lovers have a place of their own. :)


Maggie Magrat. Another witch for Ankh-Morpork. This one brewed an especially strong batch of Polyjuice and turned herself into her kitty. Being a witch she is, of course, totally and utterly insane.


I tried to recreate Mila and Sukie from my old neighborhood as androids :>

"Over-indulgent and experimentalists, androids are raving, hyperactive, pleasure-seeking and a little nuts. After years of servitude as non-sentient robots, they discovered emotion and senses after the Great Liberation and haven’t looked back since."

Zinnie Appreciation/Obsession. I don’t have any gameplay with her yet and I haven’t unwrapped my other two gifts hehe, don’t have the time tonight, I just wanted to play around with this adorable little zombie before bed. ^____^ She’s going to fit perfectly in my hood!


Okay, this is about as far as I got on that lot before I decided “Maybe I’ll save this for when I attach a Downtown hood” and scrapped it. So putting the image up for reference later. Onto starter homes and residents! WHEE.


And I’m gonna put the custom townies I’ve been making in bodyshop up for download under a “Adopt a Freak” page, though being mostly goblins and ghouls and warlocks I doubt they’ll be of much use to anyone but me haha.


A couple of townies for Ankh-Morpork. Gwyn Goblyn (blue hair) and Úrsula Fridwulfa. I wrote a small overview for all the species in my hood here and I thought I ought to make a few townies for each group.


Goblins of Morpork are snide, gossiping fashionistas - they are obsessed with their looks and possess a wicked tongue - which they use to deflect attention from their goblin stench and batlike ears. They are exceptional stylists however. The hair salon on Little Shop of Horrors Lane is run by goblins.


Gift Unwrapping - Part Three! Another inhabitant for Ankh-Morpork. This one (by bonnypixels) I christened John Wayne I5-29.

The aliens adopt their “human” names via the Earthling Culture Database, then take their assigned unit code as a last name. Johnny here is the second of two aliens to arrive on the I5-29 pod. :>


Billie stops to smell the…cacti? Don’t lean in too close, honey! Oh and dear, perhaps you could point that telescope somewhere other than the neighbour’s bathroom window? Oh well. I think my resident extraterrestial ambassadors are settling in nicely.


Amos and Cedric.

20 years old. Were off hiking when it all took place. Watched the blast from the mountains and returned on a mission to take back their home town.


Ambitious | Artistic | Slob | Schmoozer | Mooch

Turn ons; Red hair & Creativity - Turn off; Cologne


Neurotic | Loves the heat | Good | Workaholic | Daredevil

Turn ons; Hard worker & Cooking - Turn off; Full face makeup