In Nigeria women wear a head wrap called the Gele. Gele is the Yoruba word for the Head wrap, while in the Igbo culture it is called Ichafu. Here is a video to show its sub-cultural influence.

It is a large rectangular cloth tied on a woman’s head in a variety of fashions. The material used to make the Gele is usually of a stiff, but flexible nature. These materials come in a wide array of colors, patterns and textures such as Aso-oke (thickly woven silk), Brocade (cotton) and Damask. 

Gele tying is an Art form that takes practice, patience and often times a well-toned arm, but once tied, a Gele can make any woman look regal. Every Gele is unique and there is no true formula to achieve the exact look twice.

Temi adebayo and I then realized men didn’t have a complex hat of that nature. The head gear worn by Nigerian men are usually simple and made very easily. This inspired our five panel, a complex hat to make by hand since the components are extremely hard to source. Reinventing the head gear for Nigerian men. Side note, this is the first 5 panel made in Nigeria. Might not seem like a big deal since its been made everywhere else but this is progress for me in my country in hand made goods. Stay blessed.