New Wine in New Bottles


Every August and January, we wake up to the sound of glass against glass as our wine gets bottled – and it continues for the rest of day - for an entire week. Over the years, as I have become accustomed to this sound and begun to understand the process, it is less discordant and more musical. This week, we are bottling over 5,000 cases consisting of 12 different wines from the 2010 vintage.

Bottling, the last step in the winemaking process, is an exercise in organization and synchronization. Months in advance, label designs are finalized and sent to the liquor board for approval. As soon as this is received, labels have to be ordered from the printer, press-checks scheduled and shipping arrangements made so the labels arrive in time for application. Simultaneously, the glass bottles, cases and corks are selected and ordered. For each, there is a very rigorous quality control process…and the road is not always smooth.

With all these variables in the mix, bottling preparation requires constant communication between departments. Marketing designs the labels, accounting submits them for approval and the winery sends them to the printer in addition to ordering all the bottling supplies. When things go wrong, tempers flare and the Lynmar life can become a tad stressful. The liquor board rejects a label or the bottle, which was perfect when the vendor presented it, does not have the exact curve we specified, making the applied label look lopsided. This year, the press broke just as the last batch of labels were being printed, causing an enormous amount of stress for the bottling crew. Nonetheless, we go on and the wine gets bottled.


A relatively mechanical process for the people on the line, bottling is nerve-wracking for the winemaker who must watch every step with an eagle eye to make sure that the product she so lovingly crafted is treated with the greatest care and presented exactly to her specifications. Bottles are removed from their packaging and nitrogen is injected to remove the oxygen. Then, the bottles are filled, corked and the capsules are applied. Each bottle is manually checked to make sure it is filled exactly to the same level and the capsules are even. The labels are applied and the bottles get packed in cases, sealed and palletized to be sent from our care to the warehouse where they will age for almost a year before being released.

By the end of the day, we will have bottled more than half of the 2010 vintage. There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction seeing our precious wine in the caves ready to go. With them, they take the blood, sweat, tears and love of the entire Lynmar team.


Meanwhile, the preparations for another harvest are beginning….

❤❤❤❤❤ with Olive, Mala, Adinda, rindy, Melany, vinnie, noppa, Komang, Ayunda, Sassa, Anthi, Anisya, and Putri at Sekolah HighScope Indonesia – View on Path.

Grateful for the Sum of the Parts

Posted by Anisya Fritz, Proprietor

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. - Francis of Assisi

This Thanksgiving, Lynn and I are filled with gratitude for all that we have access to. As Lynn said last week, Lynmar is a confluence of great serendipity, good fortune and an indescribable energy. The original property was acquired six years after Lynn first saw it, on a day he set out to find a weekend home in the Russian River after a family illness that sobered him. That it had some of the oldest Pinot Noir wines in the Russian River, was good fortune. The additional properties that came about over the years, were defensive acquisitions. That Don Bliss approached Lynn when he was ready to move to Texas, was fortune borne out of more than two decades of neighborliness. That we went to Butchart gardens and saw the magic gardens can inspire in people was serendipity. The beauty of nature all around us from the Summit to the Laguna, the gentle rolling of the hills, the majesty of the Bliss oak and the dignity of the Redwoods all around, is good fortune.

Yet as beautiful as Lynmar Estate and Quail Hill Vineyard are, it is our Lynmar family that we are most grateful for. Each day, our vines and gardens are tended with passion and expertise beyond what is necessary. In the cellar, our winemaking team meticulously watches over a huge array of barrels, each filled with slightly different occupants, depending on the clone and block, sun and shade from whence they came. At the Tasting Room, our hospitality team joyfully receives guests with a seamless integration of training, process and personality. Upstairs our accounting, wine club and communications staff manage huge amounts of data with exceptional competence. Our estate and housekeeping crew, make sure that the lights are on and the spaces are spotless.

Five years ago, the Lynmar we are today, was impossible. To an impossibly great team, and family of our heart, you live our motto “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” - Happy Thanksgiving.

Meet you there, good friends 😉 with Yosea, Yonas, Riyad, Cordella, Jimmy , Gemilang Haifa, Anindhita, Vardian, Ayu, Chalten, Zulmy, Dikki, Firdha, Egendd, Vanny, Gresia, Nina Septiani, merrie, Efadua, Ayu, Dlaify, Mardi, Anggaa, AngeLiQue, Olga Inviolita, Ethly Jo, Amitia, Pramesywara, Ardi, Ririn Prameswari, Septy, Zacky Syasli, Vynna, Winda, Arya Ondrio, Hendita, Teddy, Tulus, chintya, Padhina, Ranitya, Rudy, Rifki, Anisya, Arafat, Nina, Adinda, Olivia Diana, Neo, and Neo – View on Path.

Congraduation, Novia Aldila, SE!!! with Damar, Novia, Yulie, Anisya, Jihanita, and Nurul at Hotel Permata Krakatau – View on Path.

Veiled Vines


The delicate veil covers her visage, almost touching the ground. Beneath, her frame stands still. Her arms outstretched, she faces the setting sun. Its gentle warmth penetrates, giving sweetness and color to the gift she bears. She stands stoically with her sisters, surely aware of her importance in the creation of exquisite nectar.


A graceful vine, a witness to forty seasons, she is a treasured inhabitant of our oldest vineyard. Over the years on this earth she has extracted wisdom from the soil, her biography reflects deep conversations with the sun and moon, and she has known the cold touch of the west wind. All this is captured in her fruit.


We salute this lovely lady and pledge that we will honor her precious fruit with the respect it deserves. After all it bears her unique essence.


tiba tiba kangen bngt sama sahabat yang satu ni,sahabat yg slalu nemenin disaat susah maupun seneng. dia selalu ada disaat aku membutuhkan bantuan. 5 tahun bukan waktu yang singkat. bnyak kisah yang udah dilaluin bareng bareng. mulai dari ngebubur bareng hampir tiap hari sampe akrab sama yang jual,haha. terus kalo bosen langsung caw “manere-manere kama hati sanang” tanpa peduli punya uang apa engga.nongkrong di jatos ber jam -jam, karokean, tibo pangana ka banduang pai langsuang. kalo ngobrol ga pernah khabisan bahan, terlalu banyak kenangan..

"persahabatan tidak terjalin secara otomatis tetapi membutuhkan proses yang panjang seperti besi menajamkan besi, demikianlah sahabat yang menajamkan sahabatnya".

sekarang terpisah jarak dan waktu. tapi aku berharap tanpamu aku bisa mandiri neng. mudah2an kita bisa bersama lg mnjalani hari hari…selamat melanjutkan perjuangan sahabatku “Anisya Putri”

Daily Dose Of Inspiration


Anisya Alexander


Demi Vera


Demi Vera shooting Sunny Vasquez

Ahh.Yesterday was heaving breaths of fresh air. The ladies shot some footage for  their next collaborative project which will be featured in the upcoming INSPIRATIONINTHECUT show. The name of the project is yet to be announced. 

There is a crazy synergetic energy radiated, reciprocated, and trancended visually and viscerally within these ladies. The personality range is an interesting collision, the way they work together is nothing less than absorbing. Once they got the room set up there was a seriousness yet lighthearted feel ambigulously present. The work they intended to get done had a time limit of 1 hour, gathering their materials, setting up, and fixating their mental mode onto another project within that short time, yet they still laughed, played, and danced their ass’s off. Background music was crazy Janet Jackson, TLC vibes. Each taking turns Infront of a constant loop projection, Demi and Sunny taking turns behind the camera. As mentioned before the girls differ greatly in character, but one chief common denominator is confidence in their body which they embody in their movements, and their genuine appreciation for being infant of a camera. The way’s they twisted, turned, dipped, and straight up just boogied charmed my soul, Watching them manifested in me powerful feelings, feelings of Womanliness, Courage, and Devine love. 

In The Vineyard


With all the rain, the vines have been rapidly expanding up and across.  The grass between the rows has also grown unchecked, creating a haven for gophers that have reproduced and are apparently lactating. Gopher management is the bane of a farmer’s existence and a frequent topic of conversation between Lynn and Jason, our vineyard manager. The garden crew has a gopher trapping competition that is ongoing and our vineyard, like many around us, is a network of connected gopher tunnels. No matter what we seem to do, those darn gophers seem a step ahead of us! 

Last year we invested thousands of dollars in owl boxes (owls are their natural predator) and we were told that a single family of owls could destroy up to 1000 gophers a year. A year later, not all the boxes are inhabited – apparently it is a sellers’ market in the owl real estate world. Our other would-be natural defense is the family of feral cats that live on property, but alas they are being secretly fed by our cat lover Stacy, who cannot be persuaded that gophers are a balanced diet for feral cats.

As the crew works the vines, they separate and position the shoots between two wires in three layers: bottom, middle and top. This obviously demands a careful, yet firm hand and great care not to damage the small clusters of just-formed grapes, delicately joined to the vine with the equivalent of a gestational umbilical cord. One by one, the rows go from looking like a group of unruly schoolchildren; slouching, undisciplined and facing every direction, to a group of well trained soldiers; smart, upright and proud to march between the lines.



But then, the beauty of wine is that it is a communion of the land, weather and human effort. Handcrafting begins in the vineyard, as skilled hands deftly train vines, trap gophers and ply the tractor between the rows, theoretically in anticipation of the weather, but in reality, in response to it. This week it has literally been all hands on deck with the winery staff joining the vineyard crew in a race against time.