anisau-deactivated20111225 said:

is it hard for you to not eat for 3 or 4 days at a time, cause honestly i dont have the self control to do that, i hate eating, and when i do i jsut feel like a piece of shit, so i throw it up, honestly, seeing your tumblr makes me have the self control to do so, from now on, when im hungry, ill only think of you, and how much self control you have. do the hunger pains go away?

hey there~ well I do eat, just very little (I try to stay under 150 a day)
But if I decide to fast then I usually find it easier than when I eat anything at all so no, its not hard. As messed up as it sounds, I like the hunger pains and I really panic when I’m not hungry… but yes the hunger pains do go, especially after the 3rd day, but this is really bad for your body as I’m sure you know.
Ah it makes me sad, to hear you say that sweetie; I can understand how you feel but I do not wish to help anyone that kind of self control to harm your body, so I do hope you can get some help and eat normally ^_^