Family Visits || Aneirin

Mary was relieved that the plague was over.  She then looked out as the gates were raised and a horse and carriage was brought through.  Francis was on the horse. He was alive.  Why had he gone and left her here with the repercussions of the fall out of the plague to deal with it on her own.

Her eyes took to a horse that rode behind them.   One that she knew the rider well.  Her cousin from Ireland.  Her nickname for him was Anir instead of Anirin .. Little easier to remember. 

As she greeted her husband she hugged him then saw Lola come out with the child.  She gave the child a glare then softened her gaze. This was her best friend they were talking about.  As her cousin’s horse came to a stop she went to him. Hugged him and walked with him and Francis to their chambers.”Anir…its good to see you again. I am sorry you have had to come at a time like this.  After a trying time as the aftermath of the plague.”She added


Francis didn’t know if he could trust this man. Even though Mary claimed he only was family.  “Mary,   are you sure he can be trusted. “He asked. “Yes, he is family…Francis”She said glaring back to her husband. “I wasn’t the one who left me in charge while the plague was going on?”She rounded as she saw him get angrier”MARY, YOU ARE MY WIFE…I HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO SEE TO THAT MY CHILD…MAYBE MY ONLY CHILD IS SAFE FROM THE PLAGUE…AM I WRONG IN ASSUMING SO?”she heard him yell before she looked down wishing..this scene was not being played out in front of her cousin. 

"No, you are not…"she added seeing Francis leave the room and she went over silently to the window looking out at the countryside which was now clear. where as if you were to look out the window the past month you could see blackness of the flames of burning the bodies of those of the infected.