Oh snap, snap! Spark, spark!
It’s time to light up the diggy-diggy dark!
I’m the Flame Alchemist and I’m gonna be Fuhrer
My beats are hot and my rhyme’s are purer!
I like the ladies in the miniskirts
I’ll be posing in the mirror without my fancy shirts
I’m gonna set your heart on fire, whoosh whoosh!
And, you know my heart burns bright, too! Kaboom, kaboom!
My firepower tonight is feeling just right. Kablam kablam!

  • Imagination

Yureru kagerō suberidasu ase
hibikiau koe hatakiau kata
aketa mado kara sora ni tazuneta
oretachi kono natsu dō nandai nē Mr . future

Oh come on
wazuka demo chansu
Oh come on
tsunai de Oh

itsu datte dare datte soko ni tachitak te
machigatte iya datte mogakitsuzukete
Never give up kono mama owari taku wa nai
kono imajinēshon o kakagete
otte wa iku yo Oh Oh

kyōkasho ni aru kotae yori motto
button da kandō o hoshi gatte ita
komiagete kuru ‘ku wā’ tte nani ka ga
ano koro shinjireru subete datta

Oh Hello Hello Hello
kikoeteru kai
Oh Hello Hello Hello
ansā Oh

butsukatte korogatte tsuyoku nari takute
ijiwatte tachiagatte kurikaesu kedo
Never give up kono mama hashirasete kure yo
kono imajinēshon no saki e to
otte wa iku yo Oh Oh

maketa toki kara tsugi wa hajimatten da
ima wa nigaku shibui aji de mo beibē
itsuka kitto

itsu datte dare datte soko ni tachi takute
machigatte iya datte mogakitsuzukete
Never give up kono mama owaritaku wa nai
kono imajinēshon o kakage te
otte wa iku yo Oh Oh
ā otte wa iku yo Oh Oh

First episode and I’m already in love with this song

I’M BACK! Did you guys miss me? Sorry I had to sacrifice tumblr time for cosplay time, but I think it was worth it! LOOKIT ALL OF MY NIFTY COSPLAYS FROM CTCON ‘13!!

I was Sober Gamzee, Bad Batter, and Cancerpool! If anyone can find any pics of me then I will love you forever!! :3

Even though I side with the Assassins over the Templars any day of the week, I would 100% work at Abstergo if given the chance, only because of the chance to use an animus.  I’d like to say I’d look for a way to “bring them down from the inside” or something, but nope, for me it’d just be using the animus.  Don’t care who kills who, as long as I get to be my ancestors for a while.

Watch on daribenetka.tumblr.com


Watch on dplepage.tumblr.com

Animusic: Pipe Dream

tulipsandtourniquets said:

Hey, you. You with the fancy machine thing. What is the plural for 'Animus'? Animuses? Animus'? Animi? Animooses? This is a question that needs answers. -- Thanks.

Bro, the plural pronunciation to Animus is simple.

Obviously the plural form of Animus is Anime.