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Normally I wouldn't comment on someone elses dream unless asked to; but that bee dream seems to be a powerful one. The bee, the bargaining, the acceptance, and the fact that you and the bee seem to have a genuine animistic love for one another. Please listen to it; meditate on it, as it means many things. I have a whole new respect for you as a person.

Perhaps one of the most special experiences happened shortly after I woke from that dream :) I went outside to eat breakfast on the back porch and a bee was lingering a bit abnormally. I said a good morning {as well as an apology for my dad’s dog who tried to eat it multiple times} and it ended up sitting itself on the top of my head for a few moments. It actually plopped onto my head — right on my head! The meaning of the dream made itself more and more clear as the day went on, the message being something I needed to hear. Thank you for the kindness xxx

Ethiopia,  hamer-tribe :  african hairdressing for woman

The Hamer tribe (sometimes called the Hammer People or Hamar tribe) live in the Hamer Bena Woreda District of the Omo River Valley in southwestern Ethiopia. The Hamer are primarily pastoralists, tending cattle, around which their society bases their existence. In addition, the Hamer people are famous for their “bull jumping ceremony” in which young men are required to jump over a line of bulls in order to be accepted as adult members of Hamer society. Officially the Hamer tribe is Muslim. However, in practice they are animists, believing that plants, animals, and even inanimate objects have spirits that can supernatural powers over human beings. Many of the more traditional African tribes practice animism similar to the Hamer tribe. The population of the Hamar tribe is approximately 43,000 people.

A mausoleum in Tikala village, Tana Toraja regency, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The photographer explains its cultural significance thus:

Christian and animist traditional elements mix freely here; the site is an exemplar of the modern Torajan cultural synthesis. The Christian mausoleum, with its modern hyper-realistic effigy, is associated with a traditional standing monolith, photo right, and a traditional boat-shaped bier, photo left. In Torajan funerals, the wooden bier, upon which the corpse is carried to its final resting place, is kept at that place of final interment until it eventually disintegrates to become one with the elements.

(Photographer: Michael Gunther)

Indeed, since the Council (Vatican II) launched the novelty of “inter-religious dialogue,” the “representatives” of precisely those religions characterized by a “magical view of the world and… superstitions”—literally everyone from the Animists to the Zoroastrians—have received personal invitations from the Pope himself to form motley assemblies with Catholics and Protestants at Assisi in order to “pray for peace.” At the same time, precisely as a long line of pre-conciliar Popes had warned—warnings the Council resolutely ignored in its almost fatuous proclamation of the “joys and hopes” of “contemporary man”—former Christendom has completed its descent into the “silent apostasy” even John Paul II was forced to recognize after decades of hailing the “new Pentecost” of Vatican II.


Communion on the Moon: The Religious Experience in Space

Our secular endeavor of space exploration is flush with religious observance. Why is that?

Do you think space draws the wonder out of people?

Read more: Communion on the Moon: The Religious Experience in Space

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part 1 : So as I was reading your animist rest ritual I got carried away and imagined what kind of door I wanted and stepped through it. I was still reading and didnt think I was actually doing the ritul. (cont.)

part 2 : After reading and rereading the post I saw the part that said invite other entities and I laughed and said I’ll call on Gandalf the gray jokingly. A very large dark figure appeared and my first thought was the door.

part 3: and so I brought my door up and ran out. I was very very afraid. I shut the door and the dark entity slammmed against it but I held it closed. I then locked it with several locks and bolts. (cont.)

part 4: could I have unknowingly stepped into my inner temple and summoned this thing unintentionally? or is this obviously just my imagination. i felt real fear. and if real, what do I do? what problems could this cause? how do I clear it?

You accidentally summoned a spirit. 

“Jokes” don’t matter when it comes to magic. You said you would call upon a spirit, and a spirit came. GOOD JOB keeping the spirit inside. Under no circumstances can you allow that spirit to leave the door - TRUST ME. Letting out such a spirit is how I got my astral scarring. 

Be aware that part (or all) of this spirit’s consciousness is now trapped within one of your astral temples. Now that you have it locked in it is impossible for the spirit to escape. 

Unfortunately for it, you are going to keep it trapped there. 

Can you envision that astral space as a little space inside your mind? Viewed from the outside it is just like a grey sphere with a door in the wall. You are going to take that entire sphere and get rid of it far away from your house.

Drive, get a ride, or figure out a way to go as far away from your house as possible (a 45-60 minute drive will do). Try to go to nature if you can, like a lake, pond, or forested area. Stand alone.

Envision the sphere that contains the spirit. Be aware that it is a real energetic thing inside of you. You will probably know what part of body this room is in; whether it be your brain, solar plexus, or somewhere else. Call it forward to your throat and spit it out. Seriously just spit it as far as you can.

IF YOU WANT, you can bargain with the entity so it can be freed.

And I will tell you why you might want to.

You fucked up - and I am sorry to use that harsh language. But you did. You summoned an entity to an inner plane without understanding the consequences of doing so, and now because of your mistake a being has the potential to be trapped in a spirit prison for a long, long time. 

You can never go inside that room again. So instead, imagine that the walls are transparent and you can communicate to the entity within. Make it swear to you that it will not harm you. Tell it that unless it gives an oath, it will be trapped in this cage forever. If it swears to not harm you and totally leave your life, you will free it. If you get a clear signal from the entity, and you know in your gut that you have secured your oath, continue on to driving to nature and spitting out the room. However, once it has been released, imagine the room dissolving away to nothing so the spirit may exit.

Making part of the room transparent without allowing the spirit to escape may be tough for you. If you can’t do it, don’t do it.

If you are planning on releasing the entity wear your most heavy-duty protections, as well as protecting anyone else who is with you and the vehicle you are in (if you are driving). Take a different route home if possible - you may have to spend a long time driving or changing busses. Get to your home and immediately do a full cleansing and protection as well as a personal cleansing.

Then give yourself a gold star for surviving your first real witchcraft disaster.

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I have a question about precolonial religion. I know some of the kingdoms were Buddhist-Hindu, and if that was the case, why didn't they build temples? Also, if the Kingdom of Maynila was an Islamic kingdom, did they ever build mosques?

I actually answered a similar question here back in 2013.

Basically because we are still Animists for the most part and revered nature. Our temples and shrines were out in nature, by the rivers, forests, caves, not enclosed stone buildings. Also there was no large empires. Yes there were small kingdoms but none large enough and when you have an empire or large kingdom you will have temples either built in the rulers honor or the ruler dedicating it to the gods or a specific deity.

Islam was still fairly recent when the Spaniards arrived and it was done through marriages between the royal families of Tondo and of that of the royal family of present day Brunei. The 5th Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Bolkiah, took control of the Kingdom of Tondo and Maynilad (as well as Sulu) in the early 1500′s and this history is still spoken of among the Tausug and Malay who refer to Manila as Seludong, the Islamic name for present day Manila. One of his sons, Gat Lontok, married a princess of Tondo, Dayang Kalangitan, the daughter of Rajah Gambang who was a previous ruler of the Kingdom of Tondo. This union further strengthened the two kingdoms and thus the once Indianized state became an outer Islamic state of Brunei. Soon after the Spaniards arrived as Islam was still new to the area and was a mix of the indigenous Animistic beliefs and Islam, creating a unique syncretic Folk Islam belief system.

Could have there been a mosque? Possibly, but I doubt it as Islam was still fairly new to the Tagalogs and again they still did worship their native deities and practiced their indigenous beliefs and practices alongside Islam and their temples were, again, out in nature or in the home. 

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Who do pagans worship. Who are their Gods ?

Well, that first depends on if pagans are polytheistic. A lot are, but there’s also your animistic ones. And (Neo-)Wiccans who may be duotheistic. And Christopagans who could be henotheistic, or simply monotheistic. Heck, you might even happen upon an atheist pagan! Pagans don’t share a theism, but individuals among them do.

The deities that any given theistic pagan works with depends on their belief system. That link in the first paragraph gives a decent summary for (Neo-)Wicca. Christopagans worship the Abrahamic God, and work with one or more deities if henotheistic. Heathens work with Germanic deities, Hellenists the Greek, Kemetics the Egyptian, theistic Luciferians and Satanists their interpretations of Lucifer and Satan, etc. And then there’s (theistic) pop culture pagans who work with or worship most any figure from fictional media. And there’s also eclectic pagans like me who may work with a god from that pantheon or a character from that show or…

The key thing to keep in mind with all this, is the matter of closed cultures. Not every pantheon is ripe for the ‘picking’ as it were, especially for white people like me. Indigenous belief systems, initiatory religions, and the cultures and practices of marginalized peoples (i.e. Voodoo, Santeria, etc.) are majorly off limits. 


There was an Indian School in Mount Pleasant, MI that was around from 1893-1934. Native American childeren were either forcibly taken from their homes or sent here under the idea that they would be getting an education. Over 200 children died and were burried there. They’d routinely endure beatings at 4 and 5 am as part of their “purification”. Sometimes it was to punish them, sometimes it was to purge their animistic beliefs. I’ve stopped there a few times. It shakes me. I am part Ojibwe, but only enough where I am mocked when I mention the fraction. It is strange how people would rather see me a certain way. I get it though, it was not something I grew up with and only after hours of research and questions and phone calls did I find out. My family turned their back on it before even my grandfather, the last one who had any native semblance, was born. It was like a little secret that they’d hope would slowly dissolve. I still struggle with believing it is okay for me to say. Of the 200 children who died, not a single was given a traditional burial. In a cultural so deeply reliant upon and steeped in the transitions of nature, there is nothing more appalling. I think of this when I sometimes feel stressed and overwhelmed to remind myself how lucky I am. It’s something I need to remember right now. The circumstances I’ve worked for are desirable to almost everyone else who has ever existed.

My thoughts towards Equality for ALL species.

After spending time researching information for art about the Native American Indians and finding a sacred speech by a famous Chief called ‘Sitting Bull’. I started to dig deeper and deeper into the beliefs of many of the Native American tribes. What I found was absolutely amazing. The ties that these inspirational people had with the land was truly unexplainable. We now know them to be animists (animism) as one of the strongest beliefs they had was based on the spiritual idea that the universe, and all natural objects within the universe, have souls or spirits. 

“Animists believe that souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in animals, plants, trees, rocks and all natural forces and and phenomena such as the rain, sun and moon. The term ‘Animism’, or animist, is most commonly applied to hunter gatherer groups and tribes. The idealist teachings concerning the life force is a fundamental basis of animism. The term 'Animism’ is derived from the Latin word “anima” meaning breath or soul. The belief of animism is probably one of the oldest beliefs of man, with its origins probably dating back to the Stone Age.”

I for one believe so strongly about this and believe in every way that this is true. This is an extract from Sitting Bull’s speech which opened my eyes and connected deep down with me and my spiritual, moral and ethical beliefs.

Every seed is awakened and so is all animal life. It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being and we therefore yield to our animal neighbours the same right as ourselves, to inhabit this land.

Bringing me back to the equality of EVERYONE that inhabits this earth. WE ARE ALL EQUAL, every animal, no matter how big or small, wild or tame and so on. We all deserve the right to inhabit this earth, and be treated with equality. Why are some animals pets and others food? Why are some animals hunted and others abused and kept in captive for our entertainment? These animals have feelings, thoughts, families, emotions and rights; the same as us humans to be treated as equals. When did us humans put ourselves above the rest and turn our ECO in to EGO. 

These systems are fucked. We should be following in the foot steps of those before us, who only TOOK WHAT THEY NEEDED and in fact worshipped these animals and believed that nature is all alive and every object is controlled by its own independent spirit. Spirits inhabit the sky, the stars, the sun, the moon, the rivers, the lakes, the mountains, the woods, the trees, the animals and so on.

We all have the right to inhabit the earth and we are all equal. So why must be still continue to believe that we are better then them all and have more of a right to life then they do? 


“Don’t be silly! I’m—”

“–Deactivate fragment projection.”

The blood red crystal that sat in the metal fastener along Equenn’s coat flickered before the static blue video cast on the back wall of her chambers distorted and collapsed. A disgusting heat built up in her mouth before she forced a sigh, watching smoke and sparks shoot out and drift up to the blackened ceiling. 

As her teeth grit, flames began to lick along the edges of the many openings in her deformed head, until the low growl in the back of her throat was a loud animistic bellow. A molten fist smacked her desk, notes instantly catching fire and the stone glowing red from heat.

There was silence afterwards as she wheezed. Slowly. Surely. Her iron grip loosened, the only remaining sounds were idle grumbling noises now that the smell of burnt paper filled the room. Any krewemates nearby to hear it knew her outbursts were semi-frequent occurrences, and they knew better than to disturb her.

“Wouldn’t want to wake the ‘dragon in its cave’.” They’d remark snidely.

She did a few cautionary taps against the crystal hooked to her coat, checking the fastener before turning and leaving the lab, wordless.

So I did some doodles in French class and this happened

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I ID as animist, not pagan, because for every serious, respectful pagan blog that's on Tumblr, there's a dumbass fluffy ranting about the burning times, an ethnocentric elitist recon, and some immature Silver Ravenwolf wannabe behaving like a mega-bitch. No one expects a phd with every blog, but can't we set the bar just *slightly* higher than 'christians stole our EVERYTHING!' ?


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As far as witchcraft is concerned, what's the issue with using artificial/lab grown crystals? Are they not as potent or react differently?

Personally I feel like the issue only comes about when you’re led to believe or require genuine crystals but instead are sold lab grown by dishonest companies since that’s not a good component if you need a genuine? But besides that I’m both a Chaote and an animist so I think everything has some kind of spirit whether lab grown or not that connects to that herald spirit or oversoul of that item

I guess it depends what your aims are in the end

I just definitely support people knowing what they are buying

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What kind of Pagan are you?

hey bud! well, that’s kind of a complicated question but I’ll keep it short

I’m a polytheist and I worship from multiple pantheons, tho each is connected to my cultural background. I’m also a witch but those two things don’t usually run together (unless it’s reading tarot, which I do feel is often divinely guided). Alongside that I’m an animist and I believe in an ultimate, universal energetic flow which sustains, destroys, and brings forth everything but is not exactly relatable or personified in the way that deities are