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Holaaaaa chicos!!! :D mil años sin ver un pony T-T los extrañaba u.u Saludoss!! espero que ustedes aun vivan n.n (nina)

Estamos invernando aun para la S5…  Asi que vivos pero aburridos…

Conectese al Chat o Disqus de la pagina y aporte, animece y participe :D

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Whats animec? What happnd

Anemia is a condition in which the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. Since, red blood cells provide oxygen to body tissues, this is a problem.

I went to the parlor and the guy clamped my lip and got the piercing through. We took a while to get the other side of the jewelry screwed on, and that’s where I don’t remember anything. I seized up apparently, and the tattoo guy came over and woke me up somehow. If you ask greeneyesthatlie, she can give you more detail about me apparently creepily looking at her and shit. I’m good now, though. I’m really happy with how it looks :)