today was a pretty windy day. actually there was such a severe wind that i feel it in my legs. i only biked less than 50 kms but it felt like as if i was riding in honey sometimes… in the city, the blocks made the wind churn and whirl and when you’ve got cars passing by 20 cms, a gust of crosswind is not really funny. but the air was clear and the sun was warm :) and the sky looked awesome all day!


Because no one ever said saving the world would be easy. Get ready to slay every witch and soldier of Darkness that stands in your way… and look fabulous while you do it, too!

After getting such awesome feedback from my Sports Anime Workout Routine, I decided to make another one - this time, inspired by the kickass magical girls of the anime world!

Just like before, you don’t need ANY equipment for this routine! No gym membership required - you don’t even have to leave your room or put on real-people pants. (Bless.) If you’re more advanced and want to bump it up a little, add some 5-15 lb. weights on some of the moves, but otherwise, all you need is your body!

Here’s how it works: Queue up all of these songs, whether it’s in iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, or another music player of your choice. Hit “Play.” Your goal is to get through all of the designated exercises before the song is over. If you don’t make it, replay the song until you’re done! Then move on to the next one. Try to rest as little as possible between each exercise (and each song!) for the best results.

If you’re struggling and want to give up, keep pushing. It’s when you want to quit that the magic starts to happen. Believe in yourself and your own abilities. True power comes from within, after all!


Cardio: Sailor Moon Crystal - "Moon Pride"
Arms: Puella Magi Madoka Magica - "Connect"
Legs: Princess Tutu - "Hall Om Mig"
Core: Card Captor Sakura - "Platinum"

As always, if you still (somehow) have energy left after all of that, burn it out in the bonus cardio round:

Cardio Burnout: Revolutionary Girl Utena - "Rinbu -Revolution-" (Updated 03.01.15)

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