This is the beautiful Sollux cosplay that I missed when I was sitting in the convention center lobby. I was sitting on the floor near a pillar, waiting to hear from Knives about the Masquerade, when my Captor senses started tingling I looked up and saw the wings from across the hall, and then instantly fell in love with the beautifully-designed footwear. Hoping to be able to get a closer look and perhaps a photo, I attempted to stand up and found that my foot was completely asleep! As I fought with shaking my foot awake and attempting to stand on it, other people stopped them for pictures, so I was hoping I could get moving in time, but I wasn’t quick enough. A single tear rolled down my cheek as the wondrous cosplayer exited the lobby, and I expressed my infinite sadness on tumblr. I’m only kind of exaggerating about that.

I eventually made my way to the Dealer’s Room to visit saccharinesylph being an adorable deer loli at the Medieval Midwest Lolita Collective booth, and I watched the exhibition match at the “beat your fellow otaku with a foam sword” exhibit. Just as I was chatting with a friend and pondering whether to go back to the Hyatt, I saw Sollux again and got so excited I almost fell out of my chair trying to flag them down!

I finally got to see this GORGEOUS cosplay(er) up close, and the pictures I took don’t even do any justice to the craftsmanship, because the care taken in making the cloth ragged (with a heat tool - BRILLIANT!) and the clean lines and construction of the boots and wings are just magnificent. The button closures for the horn openings are tiny Doom symbols too - one black and one white. I was probably emitting visible floaty hearts because I just… just overjoyed at this excellence.

It turns out we met at SoyCon last year, and they were inspired by my Sollux cosplay! We exchanged tips and chatted a bit, and then Knives called so I had to go.

purpledragoncaptor - I cannot even possibly give you enough kudos on the excellent job you did bringing this design to reality. Your cosplay really turned out to be fantastic!


my favorite part about this is how after the dramatic pause, everyone started cheering while rabbit sang about everything dying in a pit of nostalgia and it’s semi beatlemania and semi darkly hilarious to me for some reason. iloveitsomuchomgomgomgomgomg


ATTENTION HOMESTUCK AND SNK FANDOM!!! This is a very important announcement! On July 4th 2014, two fandoms came together. The Attack on Titan fandom and the Homestuck fandom made peace. The legendary handshake ( shown above ) was made by Levi and Karkat, at Anime Midwest. Afterward there was a celebratory dance party. If anyone recalls anything or witnessed this history moment, DO NOT HESITATE TO SHARE IT WITH THE PUBLIC. This moment will go down in history.