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l0chn3ss asked:

'xcuse me dwells? im looking for a screen cap with the derpy soul and maka candid shot where maka appears literally skirtless in the background in the cafeteria in SEN. I want to show konata-okami that screenshot because of the hilarity but i can't seem to find it, i was hoping you'd be a better seeker than i am?

Now go read this discussion.

demonmirrortezca: you already successfully re-illustrated one controversial Soul Eater NOT scene—now you get to give Maka a decent pair of pants.

anonymous asked:

What kind of Deadman Wonderland tattoo are you getting? For example like a character or a quote?? Whatever it is I bet it would look badass. Cuz This anime/manga is freaking amazing. I love it !!

It will probably be something about Shiro because her character is incredible! Most likely a quote and art of her :)


So when I was selling in Artist Alley this weekend, these Tangled cosplayers came by my table so I gave them my Rapunzel/Flynn print AND THEN THEY DID THIS FOR ME OH MY GOD I CRIED