Throwback Thursday to a few Anime Bostons ago. I’m missing all of these people like crazy right now, and since I don’t have any cons planned for this Summer, I’m not sure when I’m going to get to see everyone next. I guess a road trip is in order! I love all of these amazing, talented, and fun people so, so much <3

Photos by the ever lovely gertysk (Eiko)


Left: my quick sketch when I first came up with the idea to cosplay Usagi. Right: my Sailor Moon cosplay brought together and worn for Anime Boston!

One of earliest memories is coming back from pre-school and watching Sailor Moon on TV. Usagi has been one of my all-time favorite characters for as long as I could remember, and to get to cosplay her has been a really amazing experience. I could have never anticipated how well received my cosplay would be!! 

(Photo credit: mblaqq, click for full-size!)


My personal Anime Boston highlights! I had such an amazing time with my friends, and a brilliant time cosplaying Sailor Moon and Link!! I got approached just about 50+ times over this weekend alone of people recognizing me from Tumblr, and like triple that for amazing people who came up to me and talked about how much they liked the cosplay. The support was really overwhelming, I can’t put into words how much it meant to me and my friends who also cosplay in hijab– but Im getting too mushy rn. Look at me being a fuckin geek.

(hijabi) Zelda hestialis // PHOTO CREDIT AND HOT CHICK IN 3RD PHOTO mblaqq // Lucina mako-symptoms


#yowamushipedal adventures at #animeboston on Saturday.

( sanchansenpai is THE GENIUS IN THIS VINE. )


Anime Boston 2015 Part 1 of 3 // BH6 AF….. i was so excited to see all the bh6 cosplayers– everyone was so sweet and amazing!!! ;v; (please message me/tag yourself for credit or if you’d like your photo removed!)

zenkotsu (tadashi) + lyssinfinite (gogo) / thedevilandhisfiddle (uptown-funk!tadashi) + call-me-elizabum (uptown-funk!honey) / mayonnaise-solo (fred) + leechbat (baymax) + here-comes-speed-racer (hiro)