…and the question becomes how do you reconcile being in love with someone who might be: completely honest, completely reliable, completely loyal…you know…incredibly smart and logical. But also, to a fault, someone where suddenly maybe logic supersedes other things….”  - JJ Abrams

…Spock’s journey in this movie is learning how to be accountable to the people he cares about and loves ultimately.- Zachary Quinto


“Mr. Spock: The brain of the Enterprise. The incredible strength that secures success. But a deeper look reveals something that doesn’t fit with the outside. A man torn between two worlds. Torn on the inside. He lives permanently between what he thinks, and what he feels. What does he do? Does he ask his head with his father’s understanding, or does he ask his heart, knowing that the emotions that he can’t control could destroy him?…” (x)


Romualdo: Non credevo che un rospo mi fosse stato tanto a cuore!
Fantaghirò: Di quale rospo parli?
Romualdo: Di quello che ho baciato?
Fantaghirò: E perché baciare rospi quando puoi baciare me?

And why do you waste your time kissing toads, when you can kiss me?”

The Cave of the Golden Rose; Romualdo and Fantaghirò