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Paperman (Animated short film)

Another animated short film that has been nominated for a 2013 Oscar under the animated short film category.  Created by Disney, I really enjoyed this one when I saw this in the theaters.  Hopefully, you will too.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! =)

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Watch the Oscar nominated Disney animated short, Paperman and try not to cry a little.


A day in University

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Head Over Heels (A Short Animated Film)

Nominated for an Oscar for the 2013 Short Animated Film series.  View it and you’ll see why.  Thank you again Wadley for the referral! =)

Scroll down a bit towards the middle/end of the page and you’ll see the video which you could click to start immediately.  

I REALLY loved this film.  I have an admiration for short films because it really proves that you don’t need much to tell a strong story.  Short and sweet.  Simple yet profound.  This is a video clip for ALL to enjoy.  Happy holidays everyone!  The winter solstice is fast approaching =)