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After many delays, my graduation film. It’s about two best friends who explore a city floating in the air, where an unexpected discovery puts their friendship to the test. If you liked, comment, like, reblog, whatever, it would be highly appreciated. :)


Sock is a sweet but somewhat unstable teen who commits suicide after the accidental murder of his own parents. In Hell he meets Mephistopheles, the amicable manager of the underworld, who offers him a job: Sock is to become a demon, tasked with haunting humans and driving them to suicide. At first this seems like Sock’s dream job—a way he can finally act on his desires without consequence—but after meeting his first target, a disinterested highschooler named Jonathan, he finds himself with another desire that just might be stronger… and just might have a consequence.

Welcome to Hell (2013)
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The thing I’ve been working on on and off for the past few months.

After working a year on my really sad Senior Project

Now that this is finally done, I can jump into some paintings and draw a hundred things that have been waiting. I have to stop coming up with ideas for animations, being a one-man animation band it can take 1 billion years to finish something.

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The Usual-Nicole Stafford

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Duet - Glen Keane, 2014

"Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks" (Animation)

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Directed by: Shawnee & Shawnelle Gibbs (The Gibbs Sisters)  | Written by Rene Rawls

Please enjoy our animated film, Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks, a spirited celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and humanitarian message.
Sule’s the recipient of the Best Animation award at the Montreal International Black film festival, and an official selection of the Chicago International Children’s festival, The Langston Hughes Film Festival, The New York International Children’s Film Festival and the Pan African Children’s Film Festival. It will screen this weekend at the 40th annual Newark Black Film Festival.

It was a real pleasure for Shawnelle and I to direct this inspiring tale. We hope that you enjoy it!

Above are a few production stills from Sule and a shot of us working in the studio on our next project, The Invention of E.J. Whitaker, a steampunk comic with art from the talented Sule storyboard artist, Mark Hernandez.

Direct animation link: (Brightcove)

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Death Buy Lemonade

What happens when you meet Death and he ruins your lovely lemonade stand? Found out in this cute animation by Kyu-Bum Lee.

Subscribe to her on youtube for more fun animation!


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My first year film!

I hope you enjoy it and all of the other wonderful films made by my amazing classmates! <3

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Well here it is! The finished film in all its glory.

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義足の Moses
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Assassin’s Creed Unity presents: Rob Zombie’s French Revolution

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