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opinions on promcrossing?

Sounds like fun~ It doesn’t seem to be very organized so far, but hey it’s just coming together and I’m sure it’ll be great! Not gonna lie though I’m super excited to like pick out my dress and everything LOL especially with all these fancy QR codes available. At my school, my homecoming dresses were always pretty drab because I didn’t like shelling out big bucks because I was such a cheapo OTL Plus animalharbour is going with Tom Nook…can you say dream couple? /drools/

Almost 500 followers, Wallpaper Preview 2

Hey there followers! We’ve got our biggest wallpaper blowout super mega post coming up soon. We’re almost at 500 followers! Thank you guys so much. Aaron is working hard trying to fulfill a lot of the requests you guys sent in. Here’s a little preview of what is coming. And don’t worry there are even MORE characters not shown here coming too!