howdy hey everyone it’s me again! i’m nell and i’m a poor qwoc who likes dead things. however that deadness does not extend to myself, who would very much like to live, and in order to afford necessities like food and rent (and luxuries such as a mattress and soap), i need to make a little extra money! i’ve got a job right now but once i go back to school in the fall it’ll be a while before i can get back to working– and besides that, even with my current retail job, i still don’t make quite enough to cover rent. 

so i’ve been selling jewelry on my storenvy! i’ve restocked a bunch of stuff and added some neat new things and i’m in the process of adding even more, so keep an eye out if you’re interested. :)

please check it out and reblog! 


“Bobcat Jaw & Turquoise Necklace” by Woelbeast
This is available in the shop

Made from: Bobcat jaw, turquoise, bent wire, metal chain, and beads, on a sterling silver necklace. 

I’ve seen a lot of necklaces recently extremely simalar to the necklace above (which I made) and I’m not upset, I don’t think anyone’s “copying me.” The thing which does upset me a little bit is that these other pendants are clearly poorly made. Clearly there was minimal effort put into them. They’re with broken bones and cheap wire and materials and cracked crystals. Yet being sold for $50 and more. I know plenty of small scale shops owners like myself who scavenge all our own materials. And put love and genuine effort into making a necklace that maybe 15 people tops will see. It just bums me out is all… so here. This pendant is $17 dollars in my etsy shop. Guaranteed to last and guaranteed to be made with love and patience and sturdy materials.
To all the jewelry makers with REAL passion.


Finally made it into my studio to whip up some new pieces. These reliquary necklaces are made with fabric I hand marbled, resin, and ethically sourced bones/cicada carapaces.

My first pieces are always for friends but once my grad school schedule lets up a bit I’ll be able to make these to sell in my shop. I currently have resin pendants (some with bones) and animal bone pearl necklaces