A friend of mine is just started New Love Rescue. They are currently looking for foster families and volunteers, so please check out their Facebook page!

If you are interested in learning more about any of these babies you can email us at newloveanimalrescue@gmail.com or fill out an application athttps://newloveanimalrescue.wufoo.com/…/adoption-applicati…/

If you are interested in fostering for New Love, you can fill out our Foster application at https://newloveanimalrescue.wufoo.com/f…/foster-application/

This tiny baby Hare (a leveret) was found a few days ago.

Mother hare leave their babies in the safety of a patch of long grass while they go off and feed. 9 times out of 10 the babies should be left alone. They are not abandoned. The mother will come back.

Sadly, in the case of this chap, the field was being ploughed and he was in great danger of being injured as he was doing as he was told by his mum and staying put! He is now safely in the care of our specialist orphan feeder Angela. Massive thanks and good luck Angela.

Please call for advice if you find baby rabbits or hare, don’t pick them up, they are very difficult to hand-rear and it is a very specialized job. If the area is dangerous, sometimes we can gently and carefully move them very nearby, where they will be out of danger, but still able to find mum. Babies are always better off with their mothers.

When the anti-poaching team of ‪#‎WildlifeSOS‬ rescued ‪#‎Kamli‬, she was a broken spirited bear. She was an undernourished cub weighing only 2.6 kilos whose future would have been the grim prospect of a dancing bear leading her life at the the end of a four foot rope.Almost 6 years old now, she is a young and healthy resident of ‪#‎AgraBearRescueFacility‬ weighing 113 kilos!


I just realized I saved my fair share of animals in my day. Here’s some photos of just a few. 

Robbie v my little crow.

Bowie the kitten.

Danzig the baby blue Jay. 

And Antoinette the mourning dove.

Robbie stayed till he could fly,Bowie was adopted,Danzig grew up and flew off and Antoinette did the same when her wing mended. I may be a jerk to most people but animals touch my heart. And at least their grateful for my kindness.  People on the other hand……


'Big teddy bear' losing hope after 1 year at shelter

Beautiful Moose has waited for more than one year at the shelter - and after his rescue fell through, he’s hoping that someone will read his story and save his life. Moose is a three-year-old boy whose body bears the scars of his prior life, but this big sweetheart just wants to love and be loved. A volunteer stated: “This big boy is sweet as can be. I love, love, love him. He’s a good boy who loves everyone and loves to get belly rubs.”

After he was treated for heartworm, Moose was supposed to go to a home, but no one ever came for him. The volunteer added: “He’s ready to leave. He’s getting so sad. I promised him that he would get his chance… And I feel like I’m letting this big, sweet boy down.”

Moose has spent more than one year at the shelter and he has started to lose weight - let’s not let him lose all hope, too. According to the veterinarian that saw Moose, his cherry eye is only cosmetic and he’s healthy and ready to find love.

Can you please open your heart and home to Moose? He has waited so long to know love.

If you’re interested in adopting this sweet boy, he’s waiting to meet you at Lee County Animal Shelter in Bishopville, South Carolina. If you are interested in him, please call (803) 428-2077 or (803) 428-7536.

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********* Update (hopefully people see this and stop asking me the same questions that I’ve answered a hundred times), Goya was fostered almost immediately after his story spread like wildfire, and is safely awaiting adoption. From what I’ve seen there are hundreds of people filling out the adoption applications. The NYCACC does in-person adoptions only, so we’re lucky his story reached a lot of people in the area. Good job everyone. ***************

My heart is breaking. This is Goya, 4 y/o pitbull male who was literally dumped in a high kill shelter in Manhattan. He is a therapy dog who detected seizures for a disabled child & alerted the family (he would even lay on the ground to buffer the child’s fall!!!) and the family abandoned him like FUCKS. He is extremely confused and has not stopped crying. He’s also extremely sweet, loving, and great with other animals/children. He’s likely to be euthanized very soon and is already catching the kennel cough. I would literally drive there right now if I wasn’t in California. Please ask around for homes for him if you can!!! Or if interested text 845-536-4134, his ID # is A1024494


This is Smeagol. Today I am going to write about Smeagol. I lovingly call him my “broken doge.” I have another dog that I have had since she was a puppy, who has been my best friend through everything, but it’s easy to love puppies (that grow into well-behaved adult dogs). It’s much more difficult to bring home a rescue dog. But bringing home this rescue dog ended up meaning more to me than anything else I did in the last year. So today is Smeagol’s day.

I brought Smeagol home from the SPCA just over a year ago. I sometimes think that I didn’t have a choice in the matter. The two of us were meant to find each other. I first stumbled across Smeagol on Kijiji. He was going by Bates at the time, dubbed so by his first rescuers. He had been dumped and left to die in a ditch out of town. The Kijiji ad detailed the little known of his story and offered him free to a good home. I was drawn in by his story, but I didn’t act. 

I saw Smeagol again a month later. He had made his way to the SPCA and was up for adoption on the SPCA’s website. I didn’t have the money for the adoption fees at the time, so I didn’t act. He disappeared from the site, and I assumed he had been adopted. 

Two weeks later, Smeagol was back. This time he had been rebranded Mr. Pugsywugsy, but I recognized him. I still had no money, but I had to save this dog. I borrowed the adoption fee from my mom and drove down to the SPCA with Ali (my other dog) in tow to meet him. 

At the shelter, I was greeted by a notice stating that all dog adoptions were currently suspended because of a parvo outbreak. I went in to find out when the quarantine would be up, so that I could come back, but it turned out that Smeagol was in fostering, so I could take him immediately. He hadn’t been neutered yet, so I would have to foster-to-adopt, but I could take him home. He was simultaneously excited and very scared. He seemed fairly indifferent to Ali, so we figured that they would get along in time. 

This is Smeagol on the day we brought him home. He had already been in care/fostering for almost a month, and this is how skinny he still was. 

Shortly after we arrived home, the mixture of excitement and fear he had been previously exhibiting, turned to complete terror. He spent most of the next couple of days curled into a tight little ball in various corners of the house. 

This was him in a “relaxed” state. He spent his first nights with us curled up on the couch by himself. 

We very quickly noticed that “Mr. Pugsywugsy” (he was still going by his temp name at the time) was not going to be an easy dog. 

He earned his new name on the first day of his stay. In addition to his skin and bones look, Smeagol had a habit of alternating between tentatively friendly (complete with shy tail wagging and grin) and extremely aggressive (snarling, growling, snapping) in exactly 0.01 seconds. You could almost picture him hissing “PRECIOUSSSSSS.” He became Smeagol.

While he was only vocally and not physically aggressive towards us, he started lunging at Ali if she came near him. My boyfriend was worried for Ali and wanted me to take him back. He believed that Smeagol was incurably aggressive and that we couldn’t keep him. 

I watched him carefully and noticed that he did not go out of his way to show aggression, he only reacted aggressively when he felt cornered or threatened. I determined that his aggression was fear based and suggested that we at least wait out the foster period before we made a decision. He tested the limits of my relationship in those two weeks, as the aggressive episodes continued. 

The next thing we noticed was that Smeagol did not know how to live in a house. He had accidents in the house. He was confused by furniture. He was confused by the TV. He  was confused by affection. Everything seemed threatening. He would often climb on the couch or a lap and stand there like he didn’t know what to do now. He would stare awkwardly at you while standing completely stiff legged, ready to bolt at any sign of trouble. This was no affectionate, loving dog. His name proved more and more fitting, as I felt increasingly like I had invited Gollum into my house and Sam (in this case, boyfriend) was trying to convince me that he had to go. 

His lack of attachment was punctuated by his daily escape attempts. The woman who had previously fostered him had warned us that he was an escape artist. We weren’t too worried, because there are 3 doors between our suite and the outside. This didn’t stop Smeagol from running away 3 times in the first week. He would watch me for a moment of weakness (i.e. bending down to scoop poop or deal with Ali) and yank his leash out of my hands. He would then sprint for dear life with leash dragging behind him, me trailing slightly behind that. The only thing that let me catch him was his desire to pee on all the things. 

Despite all this, I still felt drawn to this dog. I wanted to keep him. Maybe at that point I thought I could “fix” him. Maybe not. Either way, I loved my “broken” dog. And increasingly, his moments of brokenness were overshadowed by moments of hesitant affection. He was trying. About a month after we brought him home, this happened: 

And then this:

Now, this isn’t the story of a “fixed” dog. A year later, and he still reminds us of his namesake on a daily basis. I suspect he has some level of post-traumatic stress. 

He still has accidents in the house (although they are lessening). He is still stiff and stressed and awkward. This was him trying to figure out his new bed just a few days ago:

But I don’t need him to be a “normal” dog. We have made room for him. Ali looks on him with toleration and (when we aren’t looking) affection, but snaps at him when he is being Gollum to let him know that isn’t ok. (He’s actually slightly afraid of her tiny self). I enjoy the moments that he is able to relax and give affection, but I also love his weirdness. 

Smeagol came to me in a year that I felt weird and like a failure. But whatever I didn’t manage to do last year, I saved this dog, and he saved me. 

He also showed me that brokenness does not equal unlovable. He’s a wonderful, lovable, broken dog. He provides me with daily reminder that mental illness does not equal unlovable. I might question why someone would want to be with me or be friends with me because of my ADHD and my weirdness, but i’m with Smeagol and it’s worth it. He reminds me to stop questioning. 

I wouldn’t trade him for any other dog. 

This ‪#‎WorldWildlifeDay‬, let’s join hands and spread awareness about elephants such as ‪#‎Asha‬, who spent most of their life walking on tar roads in the scorching sun ferrying tourists on their back.
Share this picture far and wide and show your support.
Take a pledge with ‪#‎WildlifeSOS‬ today!

Really awesome news today!
3-year-old Camebert was taken to a high-kill shelter when her owner passed away. This sweet blind kitty was on the “to-be-destroyed” list! We pledged $200 to the rescue that saved her and Anjellicle Cats Rescue, Inc. pulled her from the shelter! We hope our donation helps with her care and she finds a forever home! Thank you again, Anjellicle Cats!

Please consider donating to Anjellicle Cats Rescue!

50% of our sales are donated to rescue groups and shelters that help cats like Camebert! Check us out here!


These two seniors have been dropped off to die at O.C.A.S. in Orlando, Florida. They are both scheduled to be euthanised on the 6th March. PLEASE consider adopting or even fostering one, or both, of these seniors to save them from being killed. Help show them that not all humans are as cruel and incompetent as their previous owners. Florida is a large state. There has to be somebody out there willing to take these dos into their home, even if it’s just for a short while until they find forever home.

If you are interested in saving them then call O.C.A.S. on 407-836-3111, or email Jacqueline.Nanni@ocfl.net. If nobody shows ANY interest in them then they will be killed. If people show interest but can’t adopt or foster them straight away then they will give them some extra time!

Animal ID: A311968 Room No.: WD25
Hi, my name is Clay. I am an approximately 8 year old red and white male. I am friendly and I tested heartworm negative. I weigh approximately 60 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Saturday, February 21, 2015.

Animal ID: A311969 Room No.: WD25
Hi, my name is Luke. I am an approximately 9 year old white and black male. I am friendly and I tested heartworm negative. I weigh approximately 59 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Saturday, February 21, 2015

Here are their threads on Facebook: Clay. Luke.

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Hey guys! Just a little PSA.

This is my cat Sage and I adopted her about 6 months ago. I’ve been struggling since moving out of state for college (and dealing with mental illness) and moving in with a parent of whom I realized I hated and of whom is making my life miserable. She’s the little light that I have in my life.

I went to the animal shelter with the intent of adopting a kitten but they had a cat room and how could I resist visiting all of the kitties? As soon as I came into the room and sat down, Sage approached me and leapt into my lap. Right off the bat, she was extremely affectionate and cuddly.

I came to the shelter to visit her again and she remembered me, doing the exact same thing. At that moment, I knew I had to adopt her. She was the sweetest damn thing I had ever met. Some that were volunteering at the shelter made some remarks about Sage’s attitude towards me. “She picked you” one of them said, and they were absolutely right. Sage adopted me.

Sage is 6 years old and as you can see, her ears are partly missing. She had only been in the shelter for a year and I’ve been told that her ears are missing due to frostbite (that makes sense in Wisconsin!).

You see, when I first saw her I did notice her ears, I mean…they’re kind of not there! Regardless, this didn’t change the way I felt about Sage. She chose me for a purpose.

I encourage all that wish to adopt not only to rescue from shelters and humane societies, but also not to discriminate based on appearance. I hate to say this but I genuinely believe she had been in the shelter for so long because no one wanted a kitty with torn ears. No one would give her a chance. I did and it was the best decision I had ever made.

Please rescue, please do not buy. Please do not choose an animal because of the way it looks. You never know who may steal your heart.


As a child, I was allergic to cats. I had a lot of allergies, really, and I was lucky enough to receive therapy for them, but I spent a lot of my time having severe allergic reactions to cats, because my parents could not convince me to stay away from them. What can I say? I love cats.

I recently got married, and after more than 10 years without a significant reaction to one, I was determined to get a cat now that I had a stable living situation in a pet-friendly home. Things kept coming up, though, and we kept having to put off our plans to visit the local rescue. It was frustrating - I was so ready for the cat I’d waited 25 years for, but life kept getting in the way.

I’d just gotten back from a trip around Christmastime, and a friend brought up a cat their family was fostering via the Humane Society. He was apparently very sweet, and friendly with other animals, but their other cats didn’t like him, so they were looking for someone else to take him in. I asked to meet him.

He was perfect.

Spud is the cat of my dreams, and I’m so glad I get to spend the next several years with this handsome, vocal, affectionate, playful creature. At night, he sleeps next to my pillow. During the day, he reminds me that I am good. He’s made our little family complete, and I’m so glad I had to wait for him.

This girl is scheduled to be euthanised TODAY, Tuesday 3rd December. She is located in O.C.A.S. in Orlando, Florida. PLEASE consider adopting or even fostering this lady to save her from being killed. Florida is a large state. There has to be somebody out there willing to take this dog into their home, even if it’s just for a short while until she finds her forever home. If you are interested in saving her then call O.C.A.S. on 407-836-3111, or email Jacqueline.Nanni@ocfl.net. If nobody shows ANY interest in her then he will be killed. If people show interest but can’t adopt or foster her straight away then they will give her some extra time!

Animal ID: A305406 Room No.: WD16…
Hi, the Shelter named me Butterball. I am an approximately 6 year old brown and white female. I am friendly and I tested heartworm negative. I weigh approximately 69 pounds

Here is her thread on Facebook:


Here is a video of her:


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